Know when to hold em

Last Wednesday I got a 1500 point game in against Amberclad. I brought out my Grey Knights and he fielded his Dark Eldar. You may not know this but Amberclad is kind of a big deal. I will also tell you that I have beat him, more than once. However he won this game. By that I mean he beat me like a school girl and I cried.

Now this is what I took from the game. Know when to hold your cards. I cant blame my list, the dice, the codex, or Amberclad.  However if could blame one of the previously mentioned items, rules or player I would choose Amberclad.

You see, this is really a problem that I have in life. A stock behavior of Stealthy Stealth. Impulsive! I say things with out thought of how it may sound or how people may react. Moved across the country several times because it seemed like a good idea. Blog at 3:43 am and now I am just throwing Grey Knight Terminators out there all willy nilly. You can not just throw Grey Knight Terminators out there all carefree like jiggly jig.

This brings me to the truth. I am going to have to change the way I play and who I am. To master the center board game. I will have to learn how to know when to hold em. Years of knee jerk reactions will be telling me to drop on turn two and bring the pain. How will I do this.

  1. Work out. I am going to add running plus other physical stuff and things to my daily routine. Those people that are healthy say that aerobic activity gives you a since of clarity.
  2. Meditate with a candle and envision the battle field over and over. Until each move and dice roll becomes a symphony.
  3. I will get a new block of dice to symbolize my change and self-actualization.
  4. Diet, yes I will cut out sugar and caffeine and go as far to only eat fruit! Me a fruitarian.

I am half way there already.

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