List Idea for Khorne Daemonkin & Formations

BloodletterI’ve had a rough go lately with my Khorne Daemonkin. I started off great with them and had a lot of awesome close games but the past four weeks has seen the poor followers of Khorne abused. Blood for the Blood God and all that but putting models on the table to only systematically pick them up isn’t ideal.

I started thinking I need to change how I’m approaching this; to play to the strengths of Khorne. I began looking at formations and wrote some lists using them but I came to realize I just don’t care for most of them. First you have the Blood Host Detachment, the combination of formations. I love the concept but as I was putting together lists I found myself wanting to include things I couldn’t get, at least not without setting up a CAD and the points just aren’t there for it. Though, now I think about it, I suppose I could do it by going Unbound but more on that in a moment.

I also looked at the Slaughtercult, small enough formation considering the benefit. The benefit being when you spend points on the Blood Tithe you can get a second result of lesser value (no more than 4), that is applied to the formation. This was easier to work into a list but it has that Possessed tax. I know some players accept the tax for the benefits but it bugs me to have to do that. I would be spending at least 150pts on a unit I don’t want. Do the gains outweigh the cost? Probably. I like Possessed conceptually but it’s such an expensive unit and I feel my points are better spent elsewhere.

Now, I did try out the Charnel Cohort formation. Basically, it’s all Daemon units and the HQ becomes a Deep Strike beacon, units gain Counter-Attack and Fear tests are at -2. The thing I didn’t realize at the time, and learned in my game, is the HQ beacon effect is only for units in Deep Strike Reserves. Meaning, summoned units from the Blood Tithe do not benefit and that was a big reason I took it.

Ultimately though, the reason I have a hard time getting behind the concept of formations is the lack of objective secured on the troops. Objective secured has played a huge part in many of my games and not having it seems like a handicap to me. Furthermore, as much as I enjoy Daemons, they are damn fragile and the formation isn’t small. It took up a majority of my list. That put a huge chunk of my army rocking an amazing 5++, IE: they died in droves. It just did not work out well for me at all.

There are formations I do like though, the smaller ones on units that aren’t troops. These formations see the units lose nothing and gain a nice bonus. Again, I’m not a fan of unit tax, so there are only a few that fit the criteria for me.

This brings me to the list I plan to try out tomorrow.

Disciples of Twilight: Khorne Daemonkin – 1,850


  • Daemon Prince – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor


  • Chaos Space Marines (10) – Meltagun x 2
    • Aspiring Champion – Meltabombs
    • Rhino
  • Bloodletters (15) – Banner of Blood
    • Bloodreaper
  • Cultists (9) -Autoguns, HeavyStubber
    • Cultist Champion – Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Raptors (10) – Icon of Wrath,Meltaguns x 2
    • Raptor Champion – Meltabombs, Power Sword

Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils
  • Land Raider – Twin-linked Lascannons, Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Dozer Blade

Brazen Onslaught Formation

  • Terminators (5) -Combi-melta, Heavy Flamer & Assorted Power Weapons
    • Terminator Champion
  • Bloodcrushers (3) – Instrument of Chaos
  • Bloodcrushers (3)

JuggernautThere’s a bunch of experimenting going on with this. First up, the approach. The Bloodletters should live long enough at that size, starting on the board, so their icon comes into play. Bloodcrushers deep strike in, first unit pulling in the second with the instrument and both land within 6″ of the icon to not scatter. This lets me put the expensive fragile units where I want them. The Brazen Onslaught formation gives those units +1 attack if they are outnumbered in combat, which will be most of the time.

Terminators will ride in the Land Raider and be used to fill any gaps in the line and fire support. The Chaos Land Raider gets dumped on, by myself as well, but every now and then you have to test stuff.

Raptors are a unit I want to love and so I’m giving them a shot under Khorne. I think jump units are seriously under-appreciated but it can be hard making them be effective. Still, a fast moving unit with two meltaguns should do something…right?

The list features a ton of AP3/AP2 options: Daemon Prince, Maulerfiend, Bloodletters, Blood Crushers and Terminators. I love Spawn and Hounds but their inability to cut through armor has been rough in a lot of games. I haven’t written either of those units off but I think going forward I will only feature one unit that lacks ranged options and doesn’t ignore armor. Raptors, for example, at least get ranged weapons to help offset their mediocre close combat ability. Hounds and Spawn just have their claws and I don’t need two tar-pit units in my lists.

We’ll see how this goes tomorrow. It might prove terrible, it may do well but if nothing else it’s me trying out more stuff to get a better grip on the codex and I love experimenting.

I’m curious. What is it as an opponent to Khorne that you see across from you on the table that concerns you? Is there a unit that you see and just think, “Crap, this is going to be rough.”


  • Jack Shrapnel

    I’ve been using the Slaughtercult and a CAD and it has been pretty amazing thus far. I use the chaos lord on juggernaut with the axe that lets him turn into a thirster when he dies and put him in a giant khorne dog blob from the CAD along with two additional jugger lords. Once he takes a couple wounds I can either turn him into a prince (as he keeps the axe) or let him become a thirster. (the dogs aren’t ablative wounds – HE is!) The possessed aren’t as bad as you’d think, as they just run forward with everything else, and are generally ignored for the most part (as people are WAY more concerned with the dog star, D thirster and quadrouple soul grinders rushing forward) and the possessed can be pretty brutal when they do finally hit combat. I NEVER use the blood tithe for summoning, I use +1 attack and FNP every turn I can (normally turn 2-3 onwards)

    • Hounds with three Lords is definitely a tough unit. Definitely makes them a far more effective unit.

      I’m sure I’ll get around to giving the Possessed a shot. I want to like them but the price is hard to overlook. Still, I agree that they’d be ignored in favor of larger and faster threats.

      I also love the cheaper Blood Tithe stuff. Having FNP up on the entire army is pretty damn amazing. I mostly use summoning when the situation warrants it, like I need to snag an objective I can’t reach. It’s not my focus but it’s useful in the circumstances.

      • Hounds on 50mm bases create a massive footprint allowing you to dominate the table top by controlling where your opponent can and cannot move.

        • Yeah, I need to update my bases as right now they are all on the bike bases.

  • I think it is going to be a very interesting list for you to run, but I would caution expreimenting with too many different things at once, just as it makes the results harder to seperate.
    Only surprised you haven’t gone for more maulerfiends, even just using proxies to try them out. I always thought they would be a great fit for that force. But I am glad to see the raports out and about, I do like my jump pack models.

    • I keep meaning to and forget when I make a list since I’ve been focusing on formations and stuff.

      • Very easy to forget I’d imagine but you could get some real interesting stuff out of it.

      • Elantris

        Did you try just using the Magma Cutters for your Maulerfiends? I generally find them much better than the tendrils – but am I missing something for Khorne Daemonkin? Please enlighten me, faithful of the Brass Lord :)

        • I tend to favor the tendrils because it lets the Mauler hunt down monstrous creatures and other high attack models because of the -2 attacks. If I ran a second one I would use the cutters on him though.

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