March’s Team Tournament Report

First let me say that the team tournament was one of the funnest tournaments I’ve done. Having four players on a table just adds a whole new dynamic to the game and the mood at the tables was light and fun.

So to re-cap. The team tournament was random partners and each partner fielded a 1,000 list using a modified force organization chart: 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-4 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack and 0-1 Heavy Support and you could double up on one Elites, Fast Attack or Heavy Support. I fielded my Necrons as follows:

Lord – resurrection orb, phase shifter, phylactery, chronometron and warscythe

Warriors x 12 – gauss flayers
Warriors x 10 – gauss flayers

Fast Attack
Destroyers x 4 – gauss cannons
Scarabs x 9 w/disruption fields

Heavy Support
Tomb Spyder

I got a Tau parter, Dave whom I know personally outside of Crossroads. His list, I’m bad with some Tau stuff, had a Commander with a bodyguard (plasma guns), 3 more Crisis Suits (flamers & missile pods), 3 x 6 Fire Warriors, and 2 Hammerheads (railgun & ion cannon). I got paired with the one army I didn’t want. I was hoping on a partner who could handle assault. That being said, I have no complaints now and we did well.

Our first game was against Dave, one of the employees there who was stepping in as a swing player. Dave fielded Grey Knights and Sisters for his two armies. Dave, my partner, and I controlled most of the game. Really we just set up an effective gun line and shot the hell out of everything. The opponent only fielded two transports and we knocked one out early on to leave him on foot. With the objective being kill points he had to come to us to get them because he was not going to out shoot us at range. I did assault into some Sisters with my Warriors and attached Lord to hold him up at the center late game. I destroyed that unit but was charged by more Sisters who did me in, however my goal was done and we pulled out a massacre win.

The second game was against Space Marines (vanilla flavored), and Imperial Guard. This time we had to move since we needed to claim quarters so I used my Warriors to that end while the Tau gave cover fire. The highlight of this game was when the Valkyrie decided to ram’s Dave’s Hammerhead and it wrecked itself doing so while immobilizing the Hammerhead. No biggie, the railgun has a 72″ range, we’ll live. The Marines were very mobile, each having a Rhino, but between our shooting and his own decisions, he was mostly on foot for the game and we were able to contain them to pull out a massacre win.

The last game was against Tyson (another personal friend), and Nate (a regular at the shop), fielding Orks and Space Wolves respectively. They were afraid to deal with out fire power and us of their assaulting. This mission was dawn of war deployment and we got first turn. There were three objectives in the center of the board and we set up with my Warriors between two of them and basically everything else giving fire support. They, however, opted to not deploy anything…ug. We brought on the rest of our stuff and I shuffled my forward units back a bit to not be assaulted when the opponents arrived. The Orks were all in vehicles with a Big Mek using a kustom force field. We poured as much fire power as we could into the Orks to remove their speed but with the KFF and some bad rolls we just couldn’t do it. In the end we got overrun, my Necrons phased out and Dave barely held on. Tyson and Nate took the massacre win going 3-0 for the tournament.

No surprise but Tyson and Nate took best overall in the tournament. I did win best painted army for my purple Necrons. One of the newer 40K players, Luke, took best sportsmanship that day. It was a ton of fun and I really hope to see more team tournaments in the future.

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