March’s Tournament – Team Play (Retake)

On second thought, my often neglected Necrons will see the field in this team tournament. Nobody fields Necrons in the tournaments I’ve attended or on the regular Wednesday night 40K nights. I only know of one other person with Necrons and I know he won’t be fielding them. I figure let’s throw something out there nobody will expect…well unless they read my blog but I’m sure none of those guys do.

I did just get together my 1,000 list. I almost forgot how damn expensive Necrons were and the 1,000 mark came damn fast. It’s not the most exciting list but once you fill out your compulsory choices you’re already usually sitting at 560pts. The real fun will be using my undead robots with a teammate. Here’s my list as it stands:

Lord – staff of light, resurrection orb and veil of darkness

Immortals x 8 – gauss blasters and disruption fields (I had points left over)

Warriors x 10 – gauss flayers
Warriors x 10 – gauss flayers

Fast Attack
Destroyers x 4 – gauss cannons

That’s it, 33 models comprise 1,000pts worth of Necrons. My plan is to basically be the one who holds the flank and any near objectives with the Warriors. Immortals will do what they do well and advance up laying down cover fire for my teammate. Destroyers will also do what they do well and harass the enemy with their 36″ range. I gave my Lord veil of Darkness in case I either need to quickly redeploy my Warriors or if my Warriors are fine then he can join the Immortals for some deep striking goodness.

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