May Tournament Report

Tournament: Pew Pew PewThe tournament this month at the LGS was a 2K one but with a twist. You had a 1,500 force and two 500 sideboards. You combined the core and a sideboard and it had to stay in the force org. Once you knew the mission and your opponent’s main force you both picked which sideboard you’d use. When this was brought up after last month’s tournament I tried working out a list this way and wasn’t happy with it. A few days ago I finally put together something I liked but it was not play tested. Trial by fire. Be warned, this report is way longer than my usual ones. Feel free to skip to the wrap-up section if you like.

Here’s what my core force was, the 1,500 part:

* Monthu (counts-as Shrike)
* Librarian w/TDA, storm shield (null zone, might of ancients)
* Assault Termies x 5 w/Land Raider Redeemer
* Tacts x 10 w/plasma, las + Sarge w/c-melta, fist + Rhino
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, MM + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino
* Assault Marines x 9 + Sarge w/storm shield, fist

This was the first sideboard:

* Ironclad w/s-hammer + melta, hurricane bolter, HK x 2
* Scouts x 5 w/camo, sniper rifles, heavy bolter
* Pred w/auto, las
* Vindi w/siege shield

And the second:

* Scouts x 6 w/camo, sniper rifles, heavy bolter
* Land Speeder x 2 w/typhoon
* Devs x 5 w/ML x 4 + Razorback w/HB

Game #1
My first game was against a young kid who is still pretty new to the game. He was playing Vanilla Marines with a pretty hodge-podge list, using what he owned. The list itself wasn’t terrible, the unit choices, though not great, but his wargear was all over the place. A fist on the Dev Sarge, no power weapon on the Captain, stuff like that. Again, he’s fielding what he has and couldn’t be more than 11-12 years old.

The mission was Attack and Defend, get more scoring units in the enemy deployment while having more in your own. Pitched battle deployment with night fight turn #1. I opted to use my first sideboard; he only had a 2K list, no sideboard. I got first turn and set up heavy on the right flank with good firing lanes, the left being obstructed by a huge landing pad. He set up pretty well straight across the board. I infiltrated Monthu (counts-as Shrike), and ASM on the left flank near the Storm with Scouts.

I advanced Rhinos and Land Raider centrally while leaving my tanks on the right flank. ASM moved up to the Storm. Night fight prevented much shooting but the ASM assaulted and destroyed the Storm. His shooting didn’t fair much better than mine. He did land a Pod near my left most Rhino but couldn’t hurt it. He charged his Scouts at my ASM. The Scouts were taken out but I did lose a Marine.

The ASM advanced towards the center with my Rhino and LR moving to the board center. Tanks continuing to do their thing, and the Scouts trying to do theirs. As I like quick reports, here we go. I cleared my deployment of the Tacts and their Pod. My ASM took out a Tact Squad, a combat squad and we were left with Monthu (Shrike) facing his Captain, my ASM gone. Monthu had two wounds on him and in the end the Captain killed Monthu. My Ironclad tied up a Tact Squad near the left center for the rest of the game. My Termies and Librarian took out the Honor Guard and Calgar.

The game ended with me only taking a minor victory. I had more scoring units in my deployment zone but none in his. He had none in his own or mine. The game was tougher than I thought it would be. I made the mistake of holding back a bit too much. I should have pushed my Rhino and Land Raider full speed towards his zone but I wanted a few rounds of shooting to pop his rides, which I kept failing to do. I got bogged down in the center for my hesitation and couldn’t get through.

Game #2
Second game was an old Adepticon mission with a diagonal dead zone, corner to corner, so funky spearhead deployment. Holding the center in your player turn got you 1pt and was the primary goal. Secondary was kill points with tertiary being remove the enemy’s most expensive HQ, and I believe without losing yours. I was facing Ming and his Ultramarines. His force was relatively meched up and I had taken the same sideboard as game #1.

Ming got first turn and deployed pretty well along the dead zone line centrally with a Combat Squad back behind it all, two Speeders in reserve and a Drop Pod with Sternguard to arrive on turn #1. I built a vehicle perimiter around my LR in case the Pod wanted to melta it, infiltrated the Scouts far left flank and Monthu with ASM right flank near his long edge mostly hiding.

Again we had night fighting and the first turn for both of us was a lot of nothing with shooting. His Pod did land on the objective in the center with the Sternguard combat squading. My ASM charged a Predator and got nowhere with it. My Ironclad charged some Sternguard and the one guy left broke and ran.

The next few turns had me sweating. I lost both Rhinos, had a stun locked Vindicator, my ASM wiped out by his Assault Termies (though Monthu broke and ran), and my LR immobilized. He had taken 2pts from holding the center and I knew getting the center would be tough, so I aimed to deny it to him while working on kill points. My Termies charged Sternguard and a Drop Pod. The Drop Pod was wrecked but the Sternguard held on. My Librarian got out, joined a weakend Tact Squad and charged a Predator and destroyed it.

Things were looking up but I wasn’t going to be easy. The Speeders arrived and kept my Vindi locked up. My shooting was focused on easy targets and I pulled ahead in kill points. Monthu regrouped and joined the Termies and they kept holding the center, destroying (eventually), a Tact Squad and a Combat Tact Squad with the aid of my Librarian and two Tacts. In desperation Kantor got out and had joined that central assault before it was over, however he was taken out.

The game ended with Ming taking the primary but me taking the secondary (KP), and tertiary when I destroyed Kantor, so I took a minor victory with a few bonus points.

Game #3
Final game was against a foot Eldar list. This player is a really good player and often fields really nasty lists that the great list makers out there would approve of. However he opted to goof off a bit and throw down the Footdar. Nothing against Footdar, it’s just not this player’s style at all.

The mission here was table quarters as primary and KP secondary. I got first turn and set up my gun line in my quarter, spearhead deployment, and was also using my second sideboard. He setup two 30-man Guardian Squads to buffer his Wraithguard, Wraithlords, Avatar and Fire Dragons, Eldrad having joined the Wraithguard. I infiltrated Monthu and ASM on the left flank behind some rocks and the Scouts got up on a building on the right flank.

I knew I had to hit him hard and hit him on turn #1 so that’s what I went for. LR moved up and Termies got out, Librarian hanging out in the LR. ASM moved up also, both units in charge range with fleet. I thinned down some Guardians in shooting and charged ASM into one Guardian Squad and Termies into the other. I won both combats by a fair margin and he lost a handful more from fearless saves.

My ASM were charged by a smaller Guardian Squad and a Wraithlord, who was after Monthu. I destroyed the squad I orginally chared, took a few from the new unit and Monthu made his invulnerable save against the Wraithlord. My Termies cleared out the unit they were locked with and moved to aid Monthu and the ASM. They charged in, all but one on the Wraithlord. I lost a few ASM, took out a few Guardians and my Termies cleared off the Wraithlord.

If that wasn’t fun enough, the Avatar jumped into this, replacing the Wraithlord. At this point I only had 1 ASM left, Monthu, and 4 Termies. Monthu continued to defy the odds but was left with only a wound remaining. The Avatar cleared everyone out with Monthu running.

Monthu regroups and hides. My fire power is focused on a Wraithlord and the Avatar, eventually clearing both out before they can do anything. He has his Fire Dragons camped in the back left corner and Wraithguard moving near the center. I turbo boosted my Speeders into the quarter the Fire Dragons were in, though way out of shooting range, and we checked to see if the game ended, which it did. I held two quarters, to his none and I had more KP, giving me a massacre victory.

For the first time ever in a tournament I went 3-0, god damn amazing. I knew I was in the running but wasn’t sure where I stood exactly. Once all the results were in third place went to an Ork player, I took second and the Templar player took first, beating me out by 3pts. That was my best ever showing in a tournament. I take that back, I once won a tournament but it consisted of five of us, so I don’t put a lot of merit behind that one.

I’m very happy to see my improvements. A bit over a year ago when I fielded my Marines for the first time at a tournament I went 0-3. I had some ups and downs after that but always making steady progress to getting better. I know I won’t see 3-0 as a consistent result at tournaments but I’m glad I finally saw it once.

  • Anonymous

    Great job again, Thor. That Templar army was nasty, I faced it round one. Quick question. Did you run the two typhoon speeders separately or squadroned?  

    • I run them in a squadron. It’s sort of six of this half-dozen the other when you only have two. Run them separately and give up two easy KPs or make it harder as a squadron but more likely to lose one. I always end up going the squadron route though. They hang back to use that 36/48″ range and with my in-your-face units forward, they tend to get ignored. If I did break them off though I’m sure I’d see a stray las or missile shot their way for that easy KP.

      • Anonymous

        I had pretty good success with them this weekend. I ran two single ship land speeders with missiles and heavy flamers. I know the dicotomy in weapons is a little odd, but I feel they did well. I only lost one speeder in 3 games and they accounted for alot of infantry/rhinos between ’em.

  • Anonymous

    Nice report my friend, and well done :)  Not a result to scoff at at all!

    Especially with the Marine codex- you don’t see people rocking the Marines at tournaments lately, or doing well with them if they do.  Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you sir.

      We have a fair amount of Vanilla Marines at the LGS. There’s three of us and then there’s a handful of others who swap between them and the Chapter codices.

      • ming from b&c

        Hey….we might build out of the generic codex….but we ain’t vanilla….

        • I do prefer chocolate.

  • Turon

    way to go!

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