The Mind Astray: Thinking about Orks.

Hello all,

I’ve been working on the Rebel Grots for a while now and there have been quite a few game changers for me since I started them.  First was the updated Imperial Guard codex (or Astra Militarum if you prefer) followed immediately by 7th edition.  Not long after that came new books for Orks and Space Wolves.  Since I own both of these armies I found it impossible to resist the Stormclaw box.  With all of those new minis sitting on their sprue I have been trying to ignore the itch to switch.

I’ve enjoyed blasting things apart with my Grots and thier tanks but I sometimes find myself missing the headlong rush into a proper brawl.  Space Wolves and Orks are both more aggressive and I feel a pull toward both almost equally.  I am leaning more toward the Orks though because they aren’t as well represented locally.  So here’s a basic list I’ve had floating around my head:

Warboss in Mega Armor

Big mek with bike, kff, klaw

19 shootas, nob with choppa

12 sluggas, nob with klaw, Trukk

12 sluggas, nob with klaw, Trukk

5 nobs with ‘eavy armor, banner, 2 claws, bp
Battlewagon with deffrolla, planks

5 bikes, nob w/choppa

5 buggies with twin-linked rokkits

4 koptas with twin-linked rokkits

Battlewagon with 4 big shootas, ram, planks

This speed freek list puts me around 1500 points.  The basic idea is for the shoota boyz to ride in one battewagon to keep up with the nobs.  The boss rides in one of the wagons while the mek joins the bikers and keeps the wagons in KFF range.  This provides the big fist to slam into the enemy while the trukks, buggies, and koptas provide harrassment and grab objectives.  That’s also a lot of rokkits!  The klaws in the trukks may or may not work out.  The initiative drop isn’t a big deal, nobs are only I3 to begin with so in most challenges they’ll be going second.  Klaws are expensive though so they might be trimmed out later to make room for other goodies.

This can be mostly built with models I already have so it would be an easy step back into the codex.  From there I could tweak things as I build new units.  I really like the mobility of this list and I think it will be fun to play.  Over time I would probably work some walkers and maybe artillery in there (Speedmek, as Thor would call it.)  My favorite thing about the orks is the chaotic swarm of ramshackle devices so I’m not as interested in the horde approach even if it is a bit more reliable.

So that’s where my head is at right now; the holidays always leave me a bit distracted!  What do you think about this list, and what experiences have you had since the Orks’ update?

  • Orks can get rokkits like nobody’s business and for dirt cheap. It’s one of the things I really like about the new codex.

    I’d be concerned with the smaller squads, the 5-man ones. The new Mob Rule proves interesting to small units and with a few games under your belt you’ll see it in practice and can adjust as needed from there. Also, give that Warboss Da Luck Stikk. Having a 2+ re-rollable is just amazing. If you don’t need it on the saves then use it on to-hit or to-wound. The +1 WS to the unit is pretty great as well. It’s just an awesome piece of gear to have.

    • Mob rule is a risk I’ll have to take. The koptas are max 5 anyway, the nobs and bikes get pricy fast though I could add more when I scale the army up from 1500. Being under 10 actually makes them less susceptible to the mob rule and more likely to just fail morale. If they do take the wounds it is potentially damaging but d6 S4 AP- wounds aren’t as scary with T4 or T5 and 4+ armor.

      Da Lucky Stikk is worth a try. The nobs already have +1WS from the banner, with the Stikk I could boost the shoota mob too!

      • There isn’t much you can do about the Mob Rule; just something you have to get used to is all.

        Da Lucky Stikk is great. I used it a few times and just felt dirty with the Warboss re-rolling the 2+ saves. Using it for re-rolling invulns is great as well when it’s do-or-die.

        • Yeah, the new mob rule is definitely more punishing than the last version but at least it’s orky.

          I’ll definitely go with Da Lucky Stikk. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  • Exchange the nobz for mega nobz. You are overpaying for the nobz. Give the warboss in mega armor a lucky stix, then he makes them all WS 5 regardless! (and he gets rerolls on his 2+!)

    • I do want to pick up some mega nobz but I don’t have them yet. I agree that mega nobz would make a better bodyguard for the mega boss. However I don’t think they’re flat out better than regular nobs. Mega nobs can’t run so they don’t benefit from the Waagh, and they can’t sweep. That means regular nobs are easier to get into combat. The nobs without claws are about half the points of mega nobz so you can put out more attacks for the same points. Against large blobs, walkers, or terminators I’d rather have regular nobs. Against non fist/axe power weapons and when being shot at I’d rather have mega. Plus the regular nobs can give themselves WS 5 with a banner allowing the Stikk to boost another unit!

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