Mistakes – A Learning Experience

This past Friday I got in a Battle Missions game with my skumgrod Tyson (skumgrod = favorite enemy). I have no idea what it was but both of us kept forgetting stuff, be it moving a unit, shooting with one or making an assault move. If it weren’t for the fact we were both forgetting this stuff then it could have easily swayed the game. The thing is that whenever I play a game if I forget to do something then I stand by it, same with Tyson or anyone I play really. By that I mean if I’m moving models for assault and realize I forgot to shoot with a unit then it’s tough luck, I’m on to assault and have started making those moves. Even if someone offers to let me shoot with the unit I forgot I will pass. The idea is that I’m going to learn and won’t forget to do whatever it was again. If I get a free pass each time I mess up like that then I’m not learning and I’m not holding myself to a standard that allows me to grow as a player.

There’s also those tactical and strategic mistakes we all make. In the same game I made a huge mistake in strategy and it ended up costing me the game. I had a very strong opening in the game and things were well in hand, I was controlling the battle. Then this mistake of mine took all that control from me and I had to begin reacting and when you’re in a position of having to react then things are not going well. The thing is I took this mistake to heart and have learned. I could easily have passed the game off as a bad night with my forgetfulness or just getting beat by a better opponent (no offense to Tyson), but then I’d be lying to myself. If you can’t be honest with yourself and evaluate where your mistakes were or what you could have done better then you’ll never get far. I honestly believe I’m a far better player for all the beatings I’ve taken and will continue to take. Even when I win a game I look at what I could have done better. Winning doesn’t mean I did not make any mistakes, I just didn’t make any critical ones that cost me the game.

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