Monthly Tournament Report: Playing for Fun

Tournament FunThis past weekend the LGS hosted its normal monthly tournament. This month it was 1,850 and as a test run for the event we’re hosting in November we also incorporated sportsmanship scoring and painting scoring. As a result I opted to bring my Space Marines but I wanted to do something different and field a more ‘fun’ list. Here’s the list I brought:

My first match was against Amberclad and his Black Templars. The game was The Long Haul and I got first turn.

My first real mistake was my deployment. I set up fully expecting first turn. I put a combat squad of Tacts and my Devs as close to a trench as I could so they could get into it on the game start. My ASM infiltrated close but in the open. He deployed his ranged AV hidden with the large squads up front and then stole the initiative.

I promptly lost 4 of the 5 Devs and a few of my ASM. My Ironclads came in on the back of his lines and took out a single Typhoon, ug. One Ironclad was charged by his Termies and that combat lasted a full 5 turns before the Ironclad crumbled. Because of my failure on keeping first turn, or more specifically my failure to plan for it, I played a mostly defensive game. I kept the pressure on his back lines with a podded Tact Squad, trying to keep him tied up there, but it failed. My Termies arrived on the last turn, of course, but their arrival allowed me to win the secondary objective. Amberclad came away with the primary and tertiary objective, and a few other points from the quaternary, giving him 22pts to my 10pts.

My second match was against a Ultramarines player playing Defensive Onslaught. He castled up on my right around a ruined building. I hid what I could behind a building to wait out the first turn. I infiltrated my ASM with Monthu (aka: Shrike), behind a building on my right, out of sight and near the objective.

The first turn is foggy but when my turn came I put down both Ironclads mid-field behind their Pods and they popped smoke. The idea was to survive a round of shooting and then move out with the ASM to push his lines. That did not come to pass as both Ironclads went up to melta fire. I learned a lesson there on better placement of the Ironclads when you’re trying to hide.

Losing both of those was a huge blow to my game plan but I kept my focus. My Tacts arrived from their Pod mid-field and right side so I rushed up the right flank with my ASM and a Rhino to snag an objective. I took down his Razorback there and the ASM cleared out those Marines. He retaliated by charging my ASM with his Command Squad while his two units of Termies pushed for my back left objective on foot as I immobilized his Land Raider.

The rest of the game saw me clear out the right combat with the arrival of my Termies and push into the quarter he deployed everything in and clear it out. I was able to dodge his slogging Termies with my Tacts as they had a Rhino and the game ended with me claiming the primary and secondary, taking away 24pts to his 4pts.

Final game was against Necrons playing Special Ops. I got first turn and took up firing positions centrally to cover as much of the board as I could. He deployed his phalanx with Nightbringer up front to deter charging into the horde of Warriors. I infiltrated my ASM to the left of his lines 18″ away and he infiltrated Flayed Ones on my left flank behind a hill.

Both Ironclads arrived on his left flank and one roasted some Scarabs. I wanted to charge his flank with ASM but he bubble wrapped the Warrior Squad with Scarabs so I instead advanced taking cover. His Scarabs came for an Ironclad and eventually they were downed, though taking longer than expected.

My ASM continued to advance his right flank and eventually took down a Warrior Squad but retaliation fire saw them reduced to just 3 ASM and Monthu. With the protracted Ironclad vs Scarab combat and my dwindled ASM Squad I had no choice but to withdraw a bit and take cover.

He continued to advance for the board center and my Termies arrived and later charged a Warrior Squad and the Monolith. Terrible rolling only saw one Warrior die and nothing on the Monolith. The failed combat meant they were charged by Nightbringer after, losing 4 of the 5 with the last one breaking away. I now had to take up a game of denial and kept a steady retreat going and got into combat with the Flayed Ones, which I eventually forced to run but it was another combat taking longer than expected.

The game ended and we calculated what we achieved based on what we took for missions. The final result was him winning by 2pts, so close and a well earned victory for the Necrons.

Not my best showing at 1-2 for the day but I went in to have fun and not take it too seriously having just failed at the prelims for ‘ard Boyz a few weeks earlier. The results for the day were calculated and best general went to our top Eldar player, best overall to an IG player (his first placement in a tournament ever), and 2nd overall to me. I did well enough in my games to not get stomped and take away some points and my sportsmanship scores and painting scores pushed me up to the top for overall.

Another great tournament and three great matches. Next month will be another trial run of sorts for our November event but at 2,250. I’m not a fan of normal games over the 2K mark personally but oh well.

  • Todd the Goalie

    I find it hilarious that he’s crowing like mad over a 2pt victory. lol

    • It’s because he knows I think Necrons blow right now, and rightfully so. Thus, any victory he gets over me regardless of margin is him proving me wrong. Ah well.

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