My First 6th Edition Game

6th Edition ShootingLast night I finally got in my first game in 6th edition and I have to say that I like it. I figured I would, as I liked what I was reading, but experience can alter your perception. Thankfully it just reaffirmed my interest in this newest edition.

I ran Chaos for the game. The list itself wasn’t so much built to win a game but more for trying out things of interest, such as Typhus. It was a 1,500 game and normally I wouldn’t drop the points on Typhus but with the changes to the 4(5) bit, FNP and the new psychic powers, I had to throw him in there. I also took a Sorcerer for the same reason. Those two ran with Terminators that, with the changes to power weapons, I wanted to try. Plus, Chaos Terminators are now truly relentless. That was backed up by two Plague Marine squads, wanting to see how the new FNP rules hold up there, some Lesser Daemons (had spare points), and some Obliterators.

What I faced was a Tau list with a lot of Fire Warriors on foot, a Crisis Suit team, some Broadsides and allied with Blood Angels. The BA were being played by another person who has a small force as he’s getting back into the game so it was the perfect opportunity for him to play with what he had. He had Death Company led by a Reclusiarch, a Death Company Dreadnought and a Furioso Dreadnought.

I knew 6th edition was going to be a shooting edition and it was no more apparent than this game. Fire Warriors on foot were devastating. Having an entire Tau army firing on me every single turn while they moved hurt a lot. The halved rapid fire range gives Fire Warriors a 21″ kill zone (6″ move w/15″ rapid fire).

The Blood Angels worked well as an alliance here as they were used to provide an immediate threat to my army, a threat I had to deal with. While I was dealing with BA the Tau just kept advancing to get to that sweet rapid fire range. When threats were cleared it was time to get pounded by Tau shooting again…brutal.

On my end I got to try out fiery form and telekine dome with Typhus and then inferno with my Sorcerer. Fiery form was a great power on Typhus giving him a 4++ invulnerable and +2 strength. This meant, as man reaper is a force axe, that Typhus was S7 with this power up and had a 2+/4++. A bit overkill against Tau but fun regardless. Telekine dome I used once. It gives the 5+ invulnerable from shooting and reflects shots. Inferno I did get to cast a few times. It’s a small blast that’s S4 and has the soul blaze rule (set dudes on fire). I managed to set one unit on fire during the game, much to my delight. However, overall I felt the power was a bit gimmicky.

The changes to FNP I’m really liking. The 5+ means I’m more likely to lose bodies, or wounds, to small arms fire but I’ll also be getting it almost all the time with Nurgle based units, and that I did in this game. At one point my Plague Marines were charged by the Furioso Dreadnought with blood talons, normally the end of that unit. However, since I was able to take FNP rolls, I was able to shut it down while only losing half the squad. My fist then finished it off.

Plague Marines were also later charged by Death Company, another situation that tends to end poorly for me, but I was victorious here as well. The defensive grenades meant that Death Company was not getting the +2 attacks with rage. The changes to FNP meant I got those saves. It was a fight of attrition that went in my favor.

So, those are the more notable experiences in my first game in 6th. Overwatch of course came up a few times in the game but nothing brutal happened with it, luckily for me as I was charging large squads of Fire Warriors. The game itself was a blast. I did get tabled by the end of turn #6 but I didn’t care, I had fun. I got the chance to try out some new stuff, see the rules in action and get some experience to begin determining how I want to approach 6th; no complaints.

  • BenitoSenence

    That’s cool, our game last night was the same. Seeing a lot of effects working in the new edition. I walked away surprised that vehicles were more resilent than I was led to believe. So many models in my collection will be able to see the light again!

    • Resilient? hah! Dave mentioned you said that too him as well but from what Dave was telling me it seems you either misunderstood vehicle effects or he just relayed the conversation poorly.

      Anyway, I found quite the opposite. Striping hull points isn’t hard and you only need to remove a few before the vehicle is a wreck, barring things like Land Raiders anyway. The bonus for AP1 and AP2 weapons just makes being penetrated that much more brutal, plus you’re still losing a hull point.

      Overall I was not impressed by vehicles.

      • therhino

        I think any army that has krak greandes or their equivalent, or solid S6 shooting will find vehicles easy to destroy. A unit of 10 marines will wreck a vehicle with AV10 rear in a single assault based purely on hull points, barring abyssmal dice.

        • Happened last night. Landed some krak grenades in assault on a Dreadnought to glance/strip some hull points and then my fist cleaned it up all in one phase.

          • JustHippie

            Try that on a Soul Grinder AV13 with 4 HP!

            • AV13 makes a huge difference.

              • Lukas

                Now imagine an army, where all of their vehicles were AV13, and were skimmers, thus gaining a 5+ cover when they move……
                Dear god

                • BenitoSenence

                  Trust me I was in line when reading the rules. Then when we played with the cover vehicles can grab [better than squads] and the penetrating table now you are relying on glancing so you need weapons or units that shoot a lot. A Vindicator took four squads of shooting at it in the open with a rending squad of heavy bolters and was damaged but lived. My Psyfleman Dread penetrated the back of a Rhino and the effect was immoblised because I only got 2 shots through. In 5th it was dead for both vehicles but they withstood it. Yes a lot of things can pop a 11 AV transport but a tank at 13 and some of those transports seem like they can still be revelant in the game. I’ll know more when playing my IG

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