My Road to Redemption: The List

My Road to Redemption: The ListSo I’ve reached that point where I feel like something has got to give in regards to 40K and my gaming ability, such as it is lately. In short, 6th edition is kicking my ass. It’s not the rules I have a problem with. I’ve got those down pretty well. It’s everything I’m facing in combination with what I own and my ability as a gamer. I’m not going to sit here pissing and moaning about it, instead I’m going to make a conscious effort to improve as a gamer instead of making excuses.

A game of 40K begins with list building so it only seems appropriate to start here in my road to redemption. Now, not to make excuses, but there is only so much I can do in this arena. Chaos is my favored army and again getting on the table more lately, so it will be my focus. My collection of Chaos is pretty limited however. I’ve forever been waiting on the new codex so I can begin investing in the army more. For the moment I’ve stuck to the safe purchases like troops and HQs. I don’t have the models to change-up my lists much at all, if at all depending on the game size. That being said, I can still work within my limitations and that’s where I have to begin.

One thing I find that I do very poorly at with list building is accounting for how many kill points (KPs), I’m giving up in a list. I know this only accounts for 1 in 6 missions in 6th but at my FLGS we often practice during the month for the monthly tournament and that often means using the tournament missions. The tournament missions have KP, some even victory points, in varying degrees and so it needs to be something I pay more attention to. For example, last night I ran a 1,750 list with 2 x 5 Lesser Daemon squads. At that point level having two small squads like that was just giving up easy KP and I should have made it a single unit of 10. Likewise, I often run a 5-man CSM squad for home objective stuff and lately without a ride (my two Rhinos are being used by Plague Marines). The 5-man is fine in smaller games but again, at 1,750 having five dudes without a ride hanging out is just an easy KP.

Another element I often struggle with is appropriate choices for appropriate point levels. The two examples above regarding KP are examples of this as well but not exactly where I’m going with this. Take Daemon Princes. I love them. Big Daemons flying around smashing things just appeals to me. However, I’ve found in larger games having a Prince or two bouncing around doesn’t usually accomplish much for me. In games of 1,500 or under I find they do amazingly well but once you get beyond 1,500 their effectiveness diminishes. At that point I should be looking into other HQs that I can hide, like Sorcerers or Lords (more likely the former). It can just be damn hard to curb your hobby/nerd desire to put down models you really enjoy. Every unit has a place and I need to learn where that place is.

Those two things are by far my biggest weakness with list building and where I’ll start this process. I do not expect this one change alone to turn it all around for me, it’s just one step in the process. It’s time to re-work my 1,750 list and see next week how it goes and evaluate from there my next steps.

  • JustHippie

    No doubt those expensive guys are rarely worth the points. My record suffers for the same reason, I play what I like more often than not. I did bring the ‘Cheese’ for FoB qualifier but don’t feel right playing that same tough as nails list every time I play.
    I also try to put too much elite, fast and heavy and sacrifice my troops with smaller units. The plan is to kill everything so they can hold objectives but it doesn’t always work. Table quarters makes me feel like I need 4 troops but really I just need to kill the enemy troops.

    • I assume you mean Princes? Fortunately mine aren’t as pricey as yours are but two of them is still an investment that’s just rarely paying off. As I said, in 1,500 they do amazingly well as it’s hard to focus them down because it means ignoring everything else. Much beyond 1,500 and it’s very hit or miss.

      • JustHippie

        CSM princes are not as pricey but when Plaguebearers are T5 with 5++ and FnP at 15pts each. Crushers are 40 pts for 2 wounds @ T5 w/ 3+/5++, so comparatively those MC T5 wounds are VERY expensive. With new Rapid fire rules and overwatch I see MC’s going away in 6th edition. FMC’s now have a chance with swooping but get knocked down too easy for the points cost, IMO. Flakk missiles will even make that worse than it currently is.

        • BenitoSenence

          I believe what you need to focus on is cohension of your forces and the roles they all play when deployed. As a Tyranid player this is paramount in their success. What this means is what units control home objectives what units seek enemy units to destroy. Those that seek usually need a pairing to accomplish this and their chances improve. Dedicated assault units need fodder troops to draw overwatch so they can assault without taking casualties or they may need an opponents transport opened. Think about how often are your MC alone when you play etc. It should help.

          • Very good point. It’s how I plan to build out my force when the new codex drops. Meanwhile I’m working with what I have and trying to make the best of it.

  • ming

    You will be stuck in limbo till the new chaos marines codex comes out. Until then be patient.

  • EvantheNoob

    With anti-infantry fire becoming SO much more deadly in 6th, MSU is pretty much dead unless you’re sporting some A)seriously beefy units like Deathwing or you have a way to keep ’em safe like Necron flying circus.

  • Warhammer39999

    I presume princes don’t work well in larger games because there are just too many answers to them?

  • TheRhino

    Same here. I’ve taken a bunch of detours lately, and the most recent one is kicking out an Aegis Defense Line and an anti-air turret. While there may be our little clique of players who enjoy playing he models we like, there’s the other clique who only play what wins, and right now it’s flyers. I need some sort of anti-flyer apability in my armies now. As much as I hate it, I have to have that ADL now to stand any chance of having an enjoyable game.

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