Necrons vs Sisters of Battle

necronsThis Wednesday was the second week of the campaign with my Necrons, the idea was that the Xenos invaders were attempted to gain access to the imperial fortress. So, as you might guess the mission is incredibly difficult for xenos players. Three objectives are placed on the Imperials board edge, and as long as they hold more than the xenos player, they win. This allowed the imperials to just throw units at the xenos, forcing you to slow down and deal with them.

I ran the list I posted last week:

  • ScytheBarge -195
  • Cryptek w/solar pulse -55
  • Zahndrekh -185
  • Cryptek w/solar pulse -55
  • 8 Warriors in Ark -219
  • 8 Warriors -104
  • 3 Scarabs (w/ FNP) -45
  • 3 Scarabs (w/ Furious Charge) -45
  • 3 Scarabs -45
  • 3 Spyders, 1 claw, 1 shadowloom -175 (x2)
  • Monolith -200

I’m noticing a reoccurring theme with the Scarab Farm, that I overrun my opponent with attacks and bodies. It’s a brutal build, does devastatingly high amounts of damage, and refuses to die easily. Unless there are flamers present.

Which is why I was extremely worried when I looked at the sisters of battle. As every single one of his troop units, had a heavy flamer in them. Celestines sword is a heavy flamer. One of his Immolaters had a twinlinked heavy flamer, and the pentient engine has two heavy flamers. His overall list was Celestine, Jacobus w/ 3(ish) death cultists and two crusaders, 2 small sister units in multimelta scouting immolaters of death, jacobus was riding in the heavy flamer one, two rhinos, one had the sister unit in it, the other was empty as the squad wasup on the hill claiming an objective. And Two Exorcists. Bleh.

The game mainly consisted of me trying to push forward while deal with all the highest target threats (i.e multimeltas, death cultists). Turn 5 he was in the winning position with 1 objective to my zero, my fnp scarabs had just eaten an exorcist and were easily in charge range of his scoring sisters unit. Luckily turn 6 happened, allowing me to move Zahndrekhs warrior unit (now on foot) into scoring range of the objective, while the scarabs charged then, pulling them away from contest range, and then devouring them.

Turn 1: Darkness

Immolaters scouted forward (18″ cause of stupid road) , they attempted to kill monolith and ghost ark, had this worked I would basically have been fucked. The exorcists tried as well, but he could only shake/stun my tanks, which I ignored due to Living Metal. I pump the sacrificial scarab squad up to nine, and the entire Canoptek Brick advances forward, Command Barge flies over the closer Immolater and wrecks it, forcing the squad out, into Zahndrekhs rapid firing ark/unit (total of 26 gauss flayers shots, 3 Staff of Light shots, and 1 eldritch lance, sooooooo much firepower). The sacrificial scarab unit managed to multi charge immolater and a rhino (jacobus’s immolater was too far to risk failed charge, and there was already a couple other mistakes we had made ruling-wise).

Turn 2: Rapid Fire Range

He unloaded the other sisters in rhino into cover, taking up fire positions, the pentient engine and celestine move into position to murder the sacrificial scarabs. Exorcist A kills Command Barge (fuck) , and exorcist B shoots at Ghost ark, exploding it and killing one warrior. Celestine heavy flamers the scarab unit, killing 2 bases, and putting two wounds on another. he doesn’t shoot any more at them, knowing he’d deny himself the charge, the sisters were then out of range of anything else. Jacobus & Co. move off to try and cut off my warriors slow/steady advance forward towards the objectives. And to murder my Overlord along the way. Celestine and engine (mainly engine) kill the whole scarab unit before I get to swing. My turn. I pump 6 bases into FNP scarabs, canoptek brick advances, fnp scarabs go towards the sisters in cover, spyders circle around celestine and pentient engine, just in case they don’t die to shooting. Monolith tries to crack Jacobs ride, but scatters off the hull. Zahndrekhs unit fires, the lance manages to hit pen and wreck it. The other warrior squad was too far away to shoot them out in the open. Spyders swarm over the pentient engine, he brings all three down to 1 wound but they all still get to swing (wound abuse weeeeww!) and they proceed to tear it apart. fnp and now furious charging scarabs (cause of Zahndrekh) hit the sisters squad and kill I think a little less than half the unit on the charge, he loses combat but sticks. Spyders consolidate into scarab making range.

Turn 3: Kill more things

His exorcists are now completely unhindered, due to searchlights it wasn’t much of a problem anyway. (Searchlights are massivley dumb by the way, considering this is solar pulse incurred night fight, meaning I make the sky so bright you can hardly see, soooooo you shine your stupid flashlight at my unit and suddenly the blinding light isn’t so blinding? No.) The first unloads into the Overlord who makes his 4+ cover saves, the second one goes for the monolith. Which laughs it off. Jacobus & Co. assault Overlord, Celestine assaults scarabs w/ fnp hoping to bail out the troops. Jacobus & Co. kill Overlord, Overlord got to swing first cause of terrain tried to instant death jacob, but he made both his invulns. Overlord stands up within 3″ towards the scoring sister squad on the cliff. Celestine kills maybe one base? I kill 2 sisters, and make all my fearless saves/the wounds the sister squad did (FNP is amazing). My turn, I pump up the furious charge scarab unit, move it into position to kill celestine, the less damaged spyder unit stays to add support to the fnp squad next round, the other squad move over to charge the two man sister squad (the one from the first immolater) . Zahndrekhs unit stay put, other warriors step forward, and EVERYTHING fires into the death cultists. 32 Gauss Flayer shots, 3 Staff of Light shots, 2 Eldritch Lances, and a Particle Whip later, Jacobus, 1 death cultist, and 1 crusader are left alive… The overlord moves and charges the sister squad on the cliff, he manages to deal 3 wounds to me, I fail one 2+ armor and fall down, and stay down (insert sadface). Spyders manage to only tie combat with the sisters, as one had a power weapon and dealt one wound to a spyder, and I only killed one sister (out of 6 attacks..). Charging scarab squad manages ONE WOUND on celestine, which is all it took, cause now she doesn’t have an armor save!! And the fnp squad ate more sisters.

Turn 4: The Turning Point

This turn, aside from Turn 6, was the biggest factor in the whole game. His shooting does almost nothing, Jacobus & the two charge and manage to sweep a warrior squad (warriors finished off the cultist and crusader though) . Due to never ending wave they came back during my turn. celestine died! cause she had to make roughly a dozen 4+ invulns. my scarabs killed enough sisters to force a lead at like -4 so he failed, I swept, consolidated, strung back to keep one within 6 of the spyders. Zahndrekh hands the FNP squad furious charge as well, his unit moves forward and runs, new warriors squad walks on the table just to be portaled forward and rapid fire jacobus down. base furious charge unit charges a rhino and explodes it. Fnp unit charges and surrounds the rhino that has a small sister squad, and wreck it! Killing the inside sisters in the process.


He moves one of the exorcists forward to try and block Zahndrekhs unit, the sisters on the hill shoot at them, and all of them managed to either make their armor or repair roll. At that was it, Celestine got up and charged into the Furious charge scarabs, doing not enough damage to matter, and she made all her 2+ armor saves. My fnp scarabs move up the hill, spyders dumped into furious charge unit, to make sure celestine can’t go anywhere. Zahndrekhs unit moved and shot at the exorcist, immobilizing it, the other warrior unit shot into the sisters, and the monolith fired as well. Scarabs charged the other exorcist and turn it into a wreck.

I roll the d6, the single dice roll, that will determine this games outcome. I have a 2/3 chance of getting what I need, but usually when the odds are in my favor the dice go sour, but not today. The number comes up, and I rolled a 5!!! TURN 6.

Turn 6: Sealing the Deal

his sisters shoot at FnP scarabs, and only manage to kill one base since I was benefiting from 3+ cover and FnP. Celestine kills more scarabs, I make more during my turn. Zahndrekhs unit moves and runs to the objective, other warriors and monolith shoot at sisters, FnP scarabs charge and completely murder the sisters. And the game ends there, me with one objective him with none.

The Scarab Farm is just completely brutal, and it devastates 9 out of 10 armies. The only real cure to it is flaming those scarabs early which is quite difficult to pull off. Afterward I assigned a vet point the the Furious charge scarabs, and Zahndrekh’s warriors (since they won me the game) the furious scarabs gained preferred enemy :P and Zahndrekhs warriors gained Move Through Cover (hoping for scout, but this makes more sense since they were moving through terrain, THE ENTIRE GAME). Next week is a 750 teams battle which will be very different and hopefully enjoyable.

  • Andrewbruch

    I too hate when the fluff does not mesh with the rules of the game…wait, why does your search light cancel my solar flare…oh right because it does.

  • Cancer

    how did zahndrek give you feel no pain?

    he can only give “counter attack, furious charge, hit and run, night vision/acute senses, stealth , or tank hunter”

    and that only last for one turn, so only one unit of yours will ever again an aditional special rule at any given time.

    unless it was part of some pre agreed campaign thing that i missed?

    search lights are stupid… but same with all of the acute senses and night fighting would be equally as blinded as there eyes are better for the dark… not the ultra light… but i guess it is a blance thing. ward could of wrote it as a new rule that works like night fighting and therefore would of been unefected by such things… but chose not to…. so i assume balance.

    • therhino

      The campaign allows people to grant Veteran Skills to survving units after each battle.

    • Lukas

      Yea, the week before I won so I got to give 2 units a veteran ability, you roll on a chart in the back of the big rule book, one unit got fnp the other furious charge.

  • Von

    One in three chance of not losing, eh?

    Nice report.

  • stealthystealth

    Wow what a great battle report! The game seemed pretty epic and close. You really captured the feeling of the game. 

  • Turner

    Excellent report!  Very explicit and detailed ” Exorcist A kills Command Barge (F#$@)”  I had to stop myself from standing up out of my chair and shouting… but yeah  Very very awesome!

    • Lukas

       If it hadn’t died! The game would have been much less close, AND I could have given it a vet point, which would have been awesome. Armor 14 Front and Side :D

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