October Tournament Report

Tournament: So CloseYesterday at the LGS we played an 1,850 tournament. A few months ago I began advocating we remove army composition and this month was our first without it. At the end of the day we were asked what we thought and nobody noticed a difference, that army composition wasn’t in place. That’s the appropriate answer in my opinion.

So, my summary of the day. Here’s the list I was playing, a Speedmek list. My first match was against a Space Wolf player who is still pretty new. His list was: Bjorn and two other Venerable Dreadnoughts, a Rune Priest, and Iron Priest with three Servitors and four Woves, three squads of Grey Hunters with flamer/melta and six Long Fangs with five missiles. We played Attack and Defend with me going second, however I stole the initiative.

I had set up second so I set up a refused flank to my left with him in the center. I basically just moved everything up on that flank with my Kans moving toward the center some to shield the flanking units. He made the critical mistake of splitting up his forces to deal with my flank attack and to try and push me near the center. He also didn’t have nearly enough fire power to cripple my vehicles. In the end I was able to deal with him one unit at a time and on my terms. I took a massacre from the game. I gave him some advice on dealing with fast lists, hopefully it helped him his next two games.

My second game was against ShinyRhino and his biker Marines. I may forget a few things, but he had: Biker Captain, Librarian joined with a plasma Command Squad, Razorback, two full Biker Squads with an Attack Bike each, five Tacts with a Rhino,  two Dreadnoughts with lascannon/heavy flamer, Whirlwind, and two Landspeed Typhoons.

We were playing King of the Hill and he let me go first. I deployed my armored spearhead and raced for the objective, putting two Trukks in range of it with Boyz. The center objective was on a hill and so my other vehicles hid behind it while spreading out some on my left. He had reserved both Biker Squads and the Typhoons so I didn’t want to leave my left flank exposed. He had been able to get his Rhino with five Tacts up on the hill also to contest the center objective.

He began getting his reserves and he decided to attack my left flank, where I had left units for such an occasion. Lots of shooting and fighting involved but he wasn’t able to break the flank. Meanwhile in the center I had eventually managed to get the Tacts out of the Rhino and they were reducing in size quickly. On the last turn I shot down the last Tacts and held the center but he had one turn left to try and dislodge me. At that point I had the two Trukks with Boyz there and one Boyz unit on foot. In the end he wasn’t able to do it, some bad dice rolls didn’t help, and I took a massacre.

The final game was against RippedDragon for some Ork on Ork action. At this point in the day I was 1pt ahead of Ripped and a Tau player (I know you read my blog so I’ll call you by name if you want, just let me know). So, this game was going to decide which of us was going to still be in the running to win the day.

Ripped was playing his standard list, which was: Ghaz, 10 Nobz with a Trukk, two 30-Boyz units, 20 Stormboyz and nine Killa Kans. The mission we were playing was Recovery. Both of us got off the board on turn #1 with an objective each, me using Grots and him using a mob of 30 Boyz. We were also each moving for the objective in the empty table quarters while I also pushed my Battlewagon with Warboss and Meganobz to the center.

My Warboss and Meganobz picked up the objective but were hit by the 20 Stormboyz. Surprisingly my mega armor held up and I took a few wounds and lost one. I did win the combat however and forced a few fearless wounds, reducing him to around 10’ish models.

While the center fight was going on, he was pushing his Trukk with Ghaz and Nobz to my left objective in the empty quarter, trying to intercept my Boyz I sent there. The right objective he was also moving for and I was moving two Trukks to intercept him there.

Two bad things occurred for he here. One, I wasn’t paying enough attention to the 30 Boyz trying to grab the right objective. He was stringing out the unit so they could touch the objective and also be touching the board edge to run off with it, which they did. The problem here was that, as mentioned above, I had send two Trukks for that objective and now they were away from where I needed them. The second bad thing was my Boyz on my left grabbed the objective and were about 4″ from being off the table edge and I rolled my run move…2″. That meant they were about to get run into by Ghaz and some Nobz.

To summarize the rest of the game, I threw everything I could at Ghaz and the Nobz. They had removed my Boyz with the objective and were going to be able to take it themselves. I attacked them with Kanz, ‘ard Boyz and finally Tankbustas, aside from shooting of course. I got him down to Ghaz and two Nobz but he was able to run off the board with the objective to give him a 3-1 lead, a major victory.

It was a great game and very well fought. I keep kicking myself for that one mistake with not seeing his Boyz stung out as they were and diverting forces that way. The thing is when you get to the third round game and both of you are 2-0 so far, well one mistake is all it’s going to take to lose you the game. That being said, it’s the best and closest game I’ve had against Ripped so far, so I’m claiming a morale victory if nothing else.

The day concluded with Ripped winning the tournament, a Ravenwing player (or was it Deathwing?), winning best sportsmanship and myself and ShinyRhino drawing on best painted army. I can’t complain. I lost my only game to the winner of the day and still went home with a draw on best painted. ShinyRhino and I always seem to battle it out on best painted and is one of the reasons I finally made my display board. He does have a really nicely painted Ultramarine force.

Lastly, overall my missions seemed pretty well received but there is some refinement to be done. The Recovery mission I think was the biggest thorn in the side of many. There were some games that were over by turn #2 or #3, which isn’t what anyone wants in a tournament. I don’t think my missions are terrible but they also aren’t play tested in hundreds and thousands of games, as the missions are at larger events. This was the first real chance to push the missions to their limits and unfortunately Recovery left a sour taste in the mouth of some.

  • What a cool write up! I like a quick, easy read as much as I like the long ones with pictures. Thanks!

    • Thanks. It’s longer than I usually do for report summaries, glad you read it all :) I used to write turn by turn reports but usually it’s not worth doing. Every single roll of a dice isn’t captivating in a report, so I try and focus on critical moments and overall strategies.

      • Anonymous

        Ripped gave me a verbal report on the day. Sounds like an awesome time with 16 players at the event. Sorry I missed it!

  • Evanthenoob

    Hey Thor,

    It’s Evan (the Tau Player) and it was a cool tournament. I liked the feel of the missions although I did kind of go up against the perfect storm in mission 3 against the ravenwing player. He had 4 of the objectives turn 1 and in a spectacular display of cover saves and general bad dice rolling on my part, I wasn’t able to kill two attack bikes with 5 railguns, 10 (mostly rapid firing) plasma rifles, 9 missile pods, a bunch of pulse weapons, and charging ~ 15 kroot at one of them. Therefore, our game was over top of turn 2.

    Overall, I felt the missions favored faster armies or armies that could bring a ton of models on the board. I beat up on an Ork player round one and absolutely destroyed air cav IG in round 2. Going 2nd in game three cost me the game.

    Still I had fun and the turnout was great. I really prefer the no-comp events as I think it’ll be a better way for the newer players to get better. Artificially limiting what you can take to a game dumbs down play (IMHO) as you no longer have to worry about some of the true power-houses of 40k. I think I took 3rd in painting (as usual) and ended up 4th or 5th in battle points.

    Next month, I think I’ll be in a better position to challenge ShinyRhino and Your’s monopoly in the painting department.

    • Dave was supposed to have painting be judged overall, like picking your top 3, not just scoring who you played, like we did last month. He messed up though when adjusting the usual score sheets. I usually rank you, Todd, and another (depending who shows), as my top 3.

      The thing with the missions too is that we played all 3 of those in one day. Meaning, going forward they’ll get recycled with all the others we have so we shouldn’t have 3 missions that favor a particular style in one day like that.

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