On The Road To The 2013 Bay Area Open GT – Part Two – RECON

HOWL! The Hunt Is On!

Douglas of Wolfbrothers here to keep you focused in the New Year on what is most important: Competitive Warhammer 40k! Here in Reno/Sparks Nevada that means preparing for the brutal tabletops of the 2013 Bay Area Open GT the first weekend of March – less than two months away!

Easily the most Hardcore 40k Event on this side of the USA, rivaled only by such Great Events as Adepticon and NOVA. This Unmistakable epicenter of West Coast 40k will be filled with the Best Generals in the Land – The Wolfbrothers will be there in force to enjoy the seemingly endless days of 40k Murder on the tabletops. The Hunt is ON!

Do Your Homework!

Internets Reconnaissance

The Wolfbrothers aren’t the only bunch of Rowdy Folks getting ready for this Grand Tournament:

Our Honor Brothers and Rival Club in Sacramento – The Sac City Punishers are fired up and gathering for a fight.

Jy2 with his Hive Fleet Pandora and the rest of the dakkadakka cloud are in full prep mode.

11th Company Podcast discusses the Event in Episode 144

The Frontline Gaming staff keeps us in the loop daily with blog, podcast, and video updates like this BAO Prep match Battle Report featuring CSM vs Necrons.

What are you doing to prepare for the Big Fight? Are you Ready? Before I get into nailing down what lists are looking good for me actually play these are some of the final metagame questions I am pondering, and I am sure I am not the only one!

Fortifications DO Hit Back!

Bunkers/Bunker Busters

As the entirety of the New Game is embraced we are seeing new Unit, List and Mission archetypes impact the battlefield in big ways. Fortification obstacles are almost surely to be encountered at the BAO and combined with Mission and List matchups can become more and more “useful.”  We will have to be ready to deal with Bastions, the Fortress, or even Skyshields. For my sake the Dark Eldar generally don’t have a problem dropping a Fortification – but they turn into Impassable terrain and the Skyshield can’t even be destroyed.  These are major opportunities and possible obstacles that cannot be ignored.

Crack That Sucker!
Whats He Doing With That Thing?


Jump Infantry especially the scoring troop variety are invaluable if not too squishy or overpriced or under used.  Besides being able to get places fast, they can get up on battlements and impassable terrain (like a destroyed Fortress wall.) With the ability to Deep Strike and sometimes other deployment buffs, Jumpys are a lethal must have for most armies and troops with the added mobility really excel in the multiple book mission BAO format.  Beasts and Calvary of different sizes and shapes are really part of this category because they can get places and then usually kill things, and are almost always a Fast Attack Choice – which become scoring units in The Scouring Mission type, that happens to be paired with Purge The Alien (kill points.)  All great reasons to invest in these types of “fast” units.




Chances are your opponent will have at least one or more barrage weapons to blast at you with. Will you need to artillery to answer artillery? In some cases the answer might be yes given the right matchup and mission. Whats too much and what is not enough? With Forgeworld and Allies everyone will have access to pretty mean indirect firepower. With mission combos you can count on, Heavy Artillery units increase in value and utility: Not only can they shoot at stuff while hiding behind your Fortress and the rest of your army, they can score objectives too!

Big Threat?
Pew Pew Pew!


The original gangster of obviously broken sixth edition: Flyers. Will you be sporting a whole airforce or just a sprinkle of soaring monsters? Can you get by without much or any dedicated Anti-air? Flyers of all shapes and sizes are incredibly useful and powerful but the place will probably be swimming in Skyfire and Interceptor. Even at 1750pts Forgeworld and Allies open up both sides of the equation to everyone. Vendettas, Stormravens, Night Scythes Oh My! Quad guns, Sabre Platforms, and Hyperios Defense Batteries! The list goes on and on: We are guaranteed quite the all-out turkey shoot – where are the points used best?


Death To The Enemies of The Wolfbrothers

The first month of hardcore playtesting has flown on by with the holidays.  I’ve personally played my way through the Dark Eldar Tantalus, Eldar Warp Hunters, and good amount of Eldar/Dark Eldar Harliestar madness. Everything is in at the BAO and its open season in the grimdark universe. People sometimes say we Wolfbrothers are easily distracted by anything Warhammer40k. The reality is that we are diehard focused on 40k and are very difficultly pried away by anything else!  In the next month and next installment I will play through and detail some final Lists and variants going into the last action packed preparation weeks leading up to the Main Event!

Know that for the Wolf, there is Nothing but the Joy of the Hunt!

Its Poisoning Time!


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