Ork Tournament List and Quick Report

Waaagh! - TournamentMarch 12th is a tournament in Watertown, Massachusetts being held by the Dorkamorka group called Battle for the Burbs. It’s a 1,750 tournament with 30 players, the biggest tournament I’ve attended. The event is heavily comped, I’ll save you all from the details, and I’ll be bringing along my Orks for it. I’ve devised a few lists but I think I’ll end up going with this one. It’s a bit different than my usual lists but still the same style.

* Big Mek w/’eavy armor, cybork body, kustom force field, choppa

* Lootas x 9

* Slugga Boyz x 12 w/big shoota x 1
– Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, slugga, power klaw
– Trukk w/ram, boarding plank, big shoota

* Slugga Boyz x 12
– Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, slugga, power klaw
– Trukk w/ram, boarding plank, big shoota

* ‘ard Boyz x 12 w/slugga, choppa
– Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, slugga, power klaw
– Trukk w/ram, boarding plank, big shoota

* Shoota Boyz x 19
– Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, slugga, big choppa

Fast Attack
* Wartrakks x 3 w/TL-rokkits x 3
* Deffkoptas x 3 w/TL-rokkits x 3, buzzsaw x 1
* Warbikers x 5
– Nob w/bosspole, big choppa

Heavy Support
* Kanz x 3 w/grotzooka x 3
* Battlewagon w/deff rolla, armor plates, red paint, big shoota (Big Mek and Shoota Boyz’ ride)
* Looted Wagon w/ram, armor plates, big shoota, boomgun

A pretty typical Speedmek list for me. I opted to not use a hammer unit like Nobz for a few reasons. One is because of the comp environment. A big unit of wound-abused Nobz would not bode well for a comp score here. Also, I don’t use them in every list anyway, usually preferring having more bodies and vehicles instead. This list has 73 bodies and 11 vehicles/armor, about where I like to be at this point level.

Last night I got to play a Necron player at the shop and this is the list I brought. We played one of the missions for the tournament. It had a modified dawn of war deployment with the primary mission being claiming objectives (two, one in each deployment zone), secondary being table quarters, tertiary was eliminating the enemy’s fast attack or elite choices and a quaternary of destroying all troops (I believe that was it).

I won the roll and gave him first turn. He set up, spreading out a bit from center to my right. I only put down Lootas on my objective (modified dawn of war), and opted to roll everything else in. For some reason I decided to try and steal the initiative and got the roll. I moved in pretty centrally in range of my KFF and put one Trukk of Boyz on the objective in my zone. I had some good shooting with rokkits and the boomgun and downed a handful of Warriors. His retaliation was minimal.

I kept the central advance going, downed some more Warriors and his return fire was largely ineffective. I tank shocked the Deceiver with my Battlewagon and the deff rolla put three wounds on him. I got some Boyz into assault with Warriors on my left, who won combat but the Warriors held.

Next turn I tank shocked the Deceiver again and the deff rolla took him out. From here I sprang more assaults and had him tied up across the board. I kept winning combat but he kept making WBB rolls and using the Monolith to portal through the failures, always keeping himself just above phase out. The game was well in my hands at this point but we played a full six rounds with me taking a victory. I managed to claim both objectives, held more quarters, removed his fast attack choice but didn’t remove all his troops, so I took the first three missions.

The player is still a new’ish player and Necrons are not his first army. He’s not a bad player but he routinely makes the mistake against my Orks, with either of his armies, of spreading himself out too thin. By doing so I’m able to charge a flank easy, drive a wedge down the middle, or any number of ways of separating his army and dealing with it in pieces. I keep offering him advice on it and I’m sure he’ll catch on.

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