October 1,850 Tournament – Ork List

Ork List - Waaagh!For the tournament this coming weekend I’ve decided to run one of my tested Ork lists. I was originally hoping to use my Marines but in wanting to field only painted units, well that leaves me with a poor Marine list. So, with little time to experiment I’m using the below list.

* Big Mek w/cybork body, kustom force field, choppa (joins Meganobz)
* Warboss w/cybork body, mega armor, attack squig, bosspole (joins Meganobz)

* Tankbustas x 10 w/rokkits x 7, tankhammers x 2, bomb squigs x 3 + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw (rides in Looted Wagon)

* Slugga Boyz x 12 + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw + Trukk w/ram, boarding plank
* Slugga Boyz x 12 + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw + Trukk w/ram, boarding plank
* ‘ard Slugga Boyz x 12 + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, power klaw + Trukk w/ram, boarding plank
* Shoota Boyz x 12 + Nob w/’eavy armor, bosspole, big choppa + Trukk w/ram
* Meganobz x 3 w/kombi-skorcha, kombi-rokkit + Battlewagon w/deff rolla, armor plates, big shoota
* Grots x 11 + Slaver

Fast Attack
* Wartrakks x 3 w/twin-linked rokkits

Heavy Support
* Killa Kanz x 3 w/grotzookas
* Looted Wagon w/ram, armor plates, rokkit x 1 (Tankbustas’ ride)
* Looted Wagon w/’ard case, ram, armor plates, big shoota x 1, boomgun

Total: 1849

This is a typical list for me and I’ve had very good success with this type of list. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Vehicles: 13
Bodies: 74

That’s a fair amount of vehicles. Sure, most of it’s AV10 and open-topped but most things stay in range of the KFF for that 4+ cover save. It honestly takes more fire power than you’d think to cut down all those flimsy vehicles. The body count is small by Ork standards at this point level but it’s still a reasonable amount of bodies, especially when considering they need to be removed from their rides, well except for the Grots.

One of the keys to the list is having six scoring units. Troops are so damn cheap with Orks and when you’re running a fast list you really need to load them up. The other key is armor saturation. As noted above, most of it falls apart when you look at it but there is a lot of it and most transports are fast to get to the choppy choppy all the quicker.

I run my Kanz one of two ways. One is to use them as a distraction to draw fire off my transports. The other is as a second wave in assault. The Boyz hit the lines and are followed in by the Kanz.

The Boomwagon tends to do well with so much armor on the table. Shots aimed its way means less shots at the Boyz screaming across the table in Trukks, so generally it’s ignored for a while unless an opportunity presents itself for my opponent. Once the Boyz hit the line I’ll see heavy weapons leveled its way but by that point I’m where I want to be anyway.

The Tankbustas tend to be my hidden gem. With good positioning you can unload the rokkits one way and bomb squigs another. The amount of times I’ve managed to take out two, sometimes three if their Wagon rokkit gets lucky, different armored targets is high. I also use these guys for tearing apart Dreadnoughts in assault, to keep those Dreads from tarpitting my Boyz, which they do very efficiently.

Meganobz I like in small doses like this. I also take regular Nobz, more so than Meganobz, but three Meganobz is a cheap mini-hammer unit, at least when joined by a mega armored Warboss. The unit can be hit or miss but it’s a threat and it’s cheap.

The rest of the list is pretty self-explanatory I think.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I played vs this list once. The 3++ site has been running a series of articles on the Orcs, just plain awesome.

    • I’ve been meaning to read that series but haven’t yet. Almost every series someone does on the Ork codex says the same stuff, no offense to 3++ either as I like the site. Generally it boils down to Boyz are cheap, lots of Boyz, oh and Nobz too! Trukks suck, Looted Wagons suck, Battle Wagons are mediocre, etc, etc, etc.

  • Thanks for explaining why you did it the way you did and what you like about it. I love watching Orks- they’re so…… FUN! Good luck!

    • Thanks. Tournament is this Saturday and really looking forward to it.

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