Quick Battle Report: Master & Apprentice

Master & ApprenticeI mentioned the other week this cool thing we’ve been doing at my FLGS, Master & Apprentice. I wasn’t able to make last week where I was going to apprentice to learn Dark Eldar but last night I made it down and taught an apprentice Chaos.

I don’t have a big Chaos collection and what I own, I’d like to think, is pretty competitive. Here’s the list I wrote for the person to try: . I wanted to give him a taste of the distinctly Chaos things. Really the only other thing I’d like to have had him try was the Greater Daemon but that model is being painted and I wasn’t about to play with an unsealed metal model.

The other apprentice was playing Tau. He had a distinct scheme in mind that his master created that revolved around a ton of drones. The list featured no less than 39 drones, no tanks, just drones and suits, oh and two small Fire Warrior teams.

As for the game itself, it was a slaughter, no offense to the Tau apprentice. They played capture and control with spearhead deployment. The Tau player deployed pretty far forward, skirting that 12″ dead zone. Naturally Chaos deployed as far forward as possible. Long story short, Tau really had one round of shooting before being smashed by Berzerkers and Daemon Princes. The Lash Prince later moved on to pull Fire Warriors off their objective and destroy them while a squad of Plague Marines sat on their own. They called the game after turn #5 despite rolling another turn.

Of course the point of what we were doing was teaching and letting people learn an army they’re interested in and that was definitely accomplished for both players. The person I was teaching really enjoyed the Chaos list I brought. He was very happy with the Plague Marines, can’t blame him, I always am too. There was no doubt he was enjoying lashing things around too and was thinking of the various uses of the power. Obliterators were another unit that seemed to catch his favor as well.

Despite the heavy loss the Tau apprentice had enjoyed himself too. He knew he was after a style of list to try out that wasn’t truly competitive but it was something he wanted to see. Him and his teacher were discussing throughout the game better ways to go about that type of list and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it again with more punch to it.

I didn’t get in a game myself but I still had a good time teaching and felt as if I had played anyway. This type of thing is definitely something I could see doing again.

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