Quick Re-cap: Final 5th Edition Tournament

Explosion: TournamentThis past weekend was my final tournament in 5th edition. We were playing 2K and I brought along my Chaos Marines. I was hoping to go out with a bang, and I suppose I did…

First game was against Daemons. The game itself was good and relatively close for a while but things just fell apart for me. Assaults I was counting on failed, my shooting was pretty dismal, the list goes on. In the end I lost this one 32 – 1.

Second game was against Lukas’ Necrons. This was the best game of the day. The opening went horrible for me. Over two turns I had lost both 3-man Obliterator squads, mostly due to the Doom Scythe. One Dreadnought was wrecked and another immobilized. I thought the game was over, however I was able to regroup and push into his deployment zone. The tables tipped in my favor as I began taking out vehicles, mostly with close combat and a lot of luck. The game continued to turn #7 where a bad roll on my part, my Skull Champion whiffing all his attacks when I only needed to land one wound, lost me the game. It was a well fought game and came down to a dice roll, the way I like to see it. He won 19 – 13.

Final game, also against Necrons. This one played out much like the first game where I was banking on assaults that never panned out for me, or cleared out way too late. For the record, I’m talking about assaults that should have succeeded, not desperate assaults. In the most pivotal turn I had a string of bad rolls. Plague Marines only needing to move approximately 8″ to reach combat, but being in area terrain, rolled 2’s for movement and then double 1’s for assault range. Another squad of Plague Marines rolling likewise. A Daemon Prince rolling double 6’s on lash and then failing to make a charge due to poor rolls. It was just not meant to be and I lost this one 23 – 8.

At the end of the day I tied for last place. So, I went out with a bang but instead of an explosive result I was the casualty of the explosion.

The last three months have been very tough on my Chaos Marines. In the last three tournaments I’ve faced Necrons in 6 out of 9 games. It would be one thing if I did well against them but unfortunately I do not and I really struggle in these games. Even on 40K nights during the week I’ve had a tough time doing anything but losing. To say it’s discouraging is putting it lightly.

That being said, despite getting pounded all day long on Saturday, there was a silver lining. I did not once make a bonehead mistake, well, at least anything that has since become apparent to me. Making sure I took the advice of a recent commenter, Joseph, I double checked everything I did. I’m sure I probably made some bad moves but I did not do anything blatantly stupid, as I’m prone to. If I can keep that up, slowing down my pace and really thinking everything through, then 6th edition will be a great new beginning.

  • Lukas

    Uhm, the vehicle destruction wasn’t all that lucky. Killing the command barge later on was (with the powerfist champ guy) but the defiler fucking dunked my doom scythe :P . I don’t care what you think, those things are badass and ridiculously lethal.

    • It’s like anything, they need support. Without the Dreads and Princes to draw fire he’s just a fire magnet. Hell, he is even with all that. Look how much you shot it :p

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