Quick Report: Another Team Tournament Practice

Last night we got in another practice game for the upcoming team tournament at Crossroad Games. The tournament will be 1,250 per-player and has a restricted forge organization: 1 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-3 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack, 0-1 Heavy Support. You can double up one of the 0-1 slots. Oh, and it’s random partners.

We rolled off and I was paired with an IG player. Opposite us was a Space Wolf player and an Ork player, a father and son team. We rolled off with spearhead deployment for seize ground, getting three objectives. We placed our two objectives in our deployment zone in area terrain, far left and center our long edge, and they placed theirs on a building, central their long edge.

Our plan was simple, sit back and shoot the shit out of everything. Because of the terrain they had to funnel through a choke point to come to us, so naturally most of our fire power was aimed at that. We also sent some of our units to the left flank to cover a choke point there and work on thinning out whatever they sent to hold that objective in their zone.

The first few rounds were pretty silent on both our parts. Most of our shots that found their mark on vehicles were subsequently nulled by cover saves. We had both objectives in our zone secure and were content to sit on them. They stretched out a mob of 30 Boyz to reach their objective while keeping a majority of those Boyz in area terrain to claim cover. Tricksy Orkses!

The game ran a full seven rounds, and we needed it. We had put a good dent in their army as they advanced up but they were getting desperately close to one of our objectives and we didn’t have enough to hold it against the rush of Meganobz and some Grey Hunters. My IG partner had an amazing round of shooting and took out the Grey Hunter Rhino and then dropped three battle cannon shots on their heads and took out the unit completely. The Meganobz were finally cleared out with some focus firing and we kept that forward objective secure while also holding the other objective of ours. They managed to claim the one they placed, ending in a 2-1 win for me and my partner.

That was a hell of a game. I’m not used to playing so defensively and sitting back and shooting. I was getting nervous as they inched close and closer, knowing full well any assault on us would end in their favor. I think I know how Tau feel now! In the end though we pulled it off because of one important factor, we played as a team. The entire time we conferred and worked out our plan, from the simple target priority sequences to sacrificing an IG squad to the mob of Boyz holding an objective just to pull them out of area terrain and into a better position to be shot. Our opponents though operated way too much as two single forces. The Space Wolves were largely silent for most of the game, sitting back in Rhinos behind the Orks as they advanced up. It allowed us to deal with one army at a time and was their undoing.

The tournament is in a few more weeks and that will be the last practice game I likely get in. Next week we’re starting his huge campaign at the shop that promises to be fun.

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  • Anonymous

    That battle looked like a lot of fun. We played a a similar team battle next door. Lesson for the day – storm ravens are harder to kill than they look.

    After you left, Josef and I got in a 2500 point battle Tau vs. Crons. It was awesome despite some rules being played incorrectly (he Veiled his Pariahs into the middle of my army along with a lord w/nightmare shroud). If Pariahs could veil they’d be awesome.

    • You know, it’s honestly amazing the stuff he either doesn’t know or gets completely wrong with Necrons. It’s the only damn army he plays, how can he get the rules wrong?

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