Quick Report: Campaign Week #2

Campaign: Ass KickingAs Luke mentioned recently, we began a campaign at our FLGS. In short it’s very much Battle for Macragge in nature where we square off all Xenos against all Imperial players. Campaigns have always been a high point for the shop and everyone was looking forward to this.

Last week was the first week but I didn’t put up a report. I opted to use Chaos for the campaign and last week I faced Blood Angels. Short story even shorter, I had my opponent tabled by turn #3, may have been turn #4. Between his unfamiliarity with Blood Angels (his second game with them), as well as no knowledge of Chaos and bad dice rolls on his part, there wasn’t much going for him.

Wednesday night was the second week. The Imperial players were defending objectives on their edge representing entrances to a fortress. Xenos players had never-ending wave for troop choices. This game was a swap from the previous week and I got thoroughly stomped. Crossing the table in the face of fire and into the teeth of the enemy did not bode well for me. Amberclad played it well and just dismantled me. It was a recurring theme for Xenos players as a whole that night.

After the ass kicking I got in another game against a Daemon player. Being I play aggressive Chaos and he had Daemons, well you can guess how the game went down. From turn #2 onward, if I recall correctly, the game turned into an orgy of melee. It started with a few units and evolved into damn near our entire armies slugging it out in one huge multi-combat board center. When the smoke cleared I came out on top and was able to contest the only objective he held while I held mine firmly.

This was, as surprising as it may be, the first time I ran dual lash. I have to admit, I like it. Once warptime got nerfed I gave up on my Tzeentch Princes and have been toying around with Nurgle Princes. The Nurgle Princes have been a mixed back overall and it was time to try dual lash. It was a game changer in this match but I’m also aware it was more the exception than the rule where Daemons are all on foot from the start. Even in the mech heavy environment of 5th I still see lash as being viable, it’s just a matter of ensuring you can kill those rides to make lash useful. Plus, at my FLGS mech isn’t as prominent as it may be in other places. As EvantheNoob once said, play your environment.

  • ming from b&c

    I’ve read it all….you figured out how to use the word orgy in a battle report….

    • I used the word orgy because I found it enjoyable. You should see what I call it when it’s not :)

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