Quick Report & Marine List Idea

After the beating I took at Battle for the Burbs I’ve decided to run my Marines for the 1,750 tournament this Saturday at my FLGS. My Orks are still sobbing in their fungus beer. I wanted to test out a list I ran once previous. It has a ton of fire support with some assault elements in the form of Assault Marines, Assault Terminators and Shrike.

So, last night I got in a game against a Tyranid player using this list. I knew it would be a test on two fronts. One, I still don’t know Tyranids all that well. Second, I’d see just how shooty the list could be. We were trying out my Battlefield Superiority mission.

He got first turn and set up the mass of bugs. I set up defensively, castling in my corner and then infiltrated the Assault Termies and Shrike forward. I lost my Predator first turn from the Tyranofex and that was about it. My return fire was ineffective and I tried to get my Assault Termies into a multi-combat to force a ton of fearless wounds on him but my fleet roll was a 1 and I fell short. They were charged next turn by half his army and though they held up through three full rounds of combat, eventually they were overrun.

That one lousy fleet roll likely cost me the game. I wanted to be aggressive, put him on defense, get my Assault Marines in for a second wave assault behind the Termies but it all fell apart on that one roll, sad as that may be. The rest of the game was me trying to deal with the wave of bugs and still grab table quarters. In the end he claimed his quarter and another, which by the mission gave him a minor victory.

It was a great game despite my set back and I’ve decided that when it really counts I won’t be infiltrating my Assault Termies. I’ve tried it a few times now, instead of Assault Marines, and every single time they’ve fallen short on the fleet roll. The other times it wasn’t as devastating but it definitely altered plans. So, infiltrating Assault Marines it is.

The other thing I confirmed, though I’ve long known it but keep trying despite that, is I hate sitting back and shooting. I’m all for an effective shooting phase but the static nature of a typical Vanilla Marine list is what bothers me. I’d rather have more mobile fire power instead of parking tanks, Devs, Tacts in Rhinos, etc. It’s the Speed Freek player in me bleeding into my Marine mindset.

With that in mind, I just tossed together a quick list for Saturday. I just know I’m not interested in running what I did last night. My list last night wasn’t bad by any means, it’s just that it doesn’t excite me. I could probably run that list and do well Saturday but I want to enjoy the list I’m running. So, here’s my rough idea on a list. Bear in mind I just threw it together so it’s not optimized by any means, it’s something that I’d enjoy more than my previous list though.

* Shrike
* Librarian w/termie armor, storm shield (gate of infinity, null zone)

* Assault Termies x 5 w/thunder hammer & storm shield
* Termies x 5 w/storm bolter, power fist & cyclone missile launcher

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta
– Sarge w/melta bombs, combi-melta
– Rhino w/hunter killer

* Scouts x 10 w/sniper rifles, missile launcher x 1
– Telion

* Scouts x 5 w/shotgun x 2, bolt pistol + CCW x 2
– Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamer x 2
– Sarge w/storm shield, power fist

* Land Speeder x 2 w/heavy flamer, multi-melta
* Land Speeder Storm w/heavy flamer

Lots of screwing around with this list and I’m sure the intent is evident, the question is, is it complete crap or is there potential?

  • TheRhino

    The lone Rhino concerns me. Unless you hide it completely out of LOS, it’s a liability. Of course, you know my general opinion on Rhinos…

    • I hear ya. The idea is simple, get it to where I want to park it and call it good. Once I’m where I want to be then I can lose it and deal with it. Much like how I treat my Ork vehicles.

      Eh, just something I’m tossing around as noted above.

  • Dragons Claw

    I’d swap the telion squad for another tac in rhino and the shooty termies for sternguard but i see the alpha strike with support and think you need 3 mobile scoring units

    • Yeah, can’t really disagree. I don’t mind the lack of mobility so much as relying on 10 Snipers to hold a home objective. Shooty Termies would get the Libby with them for gating, so not entirely lacking mobility. What I’m aiming to do is reduce my mech elements without hosing myself on mobility. Everyone is anti-mech heavy around here, so let them fire a lascannon or melta on a Termie. I just can’t seem to get my ideas into a list that isn’t going to entirely suck, and of course use what I actually own.

      • Dragons Claw

        how about a drop pod with deathwind leave the tac squad on the home objective and drop it empty into the middle of your opponnts deployment

  • ming from b&c

    Yeah, your list leaves me flat. I think you will get whacked by every BA player that deep strikes in. Without trying it out its too risky for a tournament event. Go back to what you used Wednesday and improve it. Or wait a few minutes…I’ll be right back…

    • I do have another idea, one that’s a bit more thought out than this one was, though I’m curious what you’ll be back with…

  • ming from b&c


    tacs, 5, razorback
    tacs, 10, rhino
    scouts, 5, tellion, landspeeder storm
    assault terminators, 5
    regular terminators, 5
    assault squad, jump packs, 10
    vanguard, jump packs, 5
    Fill in with power weapon upgrades, hammers, claws, swords, flamers, melta, and plasma. Maybe a hidden beacon. No melta bombs…those things are 1 magnets…

    This list might be better for Saturday, as you may be able to better handle the armies that are running right out to mash you. And it is fluffier. Shrike rolls with lots of jumpers. Librarian stays in the razorback till he has to get out. Shrike stays with the assault marines.

    I’ve had two great games in the last week vs BAs…

    • I don’t have Vanguard, though I can fill in something there. It’s a good list, though not sure why you’d put Telion in a Storm? I have a few other list ideas that I’m screwing with. I’ll toss them up. This list has helped me though, I appreciate it.

    • Alright, so here’s the list idea. The idea is to be in your face with it, no holding back. Basically, play them like Orks.

      * Shrike
      * Cassius (love this guy and want to work him into a list)
      * Command Squad x 5 w/Razorback (close combat load out)
      * Assault Termies x 8 w/TH, SS
      * Tacts x 10 w/Rhino
      * Tacts x 10 w/Rhino
      * Assault Marines x 10
      * Land Speeder x 2

      Cassius joins the Command Squad and it all goes forward. I didn’t list my weapon choices but it’s not completely devoid of anti-armor and anit-infantry so if required I can sit back a bit then move up. Even if this list isn’t perfect, it’s got the idea I’m after, something that’s aggressive without being a one-trick pony, IE: drop pods.

      • Dragons Claw

        I like this list and would love to hear how cassius and the command squad get on i assume that where he’s going persnally i would change the land speeders for a dakka pred or a vindi (i know vindi arn’t considered the best but if you flank the sides with the rhino’s and push up you can dominate the centre ground) as this will help make your opponents taget priority much more difficult

        • I’m also a fan of Vindis despite tending to be one-hit wonders. You have a point on target priority, however at 1,750 I just really can’t squeeze it in, at least with the upgrades I like having on it. I could probably scratch enough points for it if I had to though. However, the Speeders bring must needed melta to my list.

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  • ming from b&c

    Heard yu was third, of course honoring my third company Ultramarines, and I appreciate the honor and sentiment LOL! Look forward to a toruney batt rep soon. Ski season kept me away from the event, but that snow is melting fast! 2000 points in April?

    • Hopefully I’ll have the report up today. Yep, 2K for April but the date is still up in the air.

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