Quick Report: More Standoff Practice

Standoff - Blood Angels Motivational PosterAfter another night of working on terrain as we prepare for The Standish Standoff, I got in a practice game for the event. Last week I also got in a practice game but I decided to completely overhaul my list. My previous list was more assault oriented, utilizing Fate Lord Monthu (aka: Shrike), and the list I brought last night was a much more balanced list. As with last week I’m not giving out my list. I’d hate for all the players at my FLGS to decide to build lists to counter mine ;)

I played against Blood Angels and we played Defensive Onslaught. He had an Assault Marine heavy list backed by two squads of Devastators and a small squad of Vanguard Veterans. It was a fluffy list idea he was toying with for The Standoff.

I won the roll and gave him first turn. His Devs were set up in buildings with everything else to drop in. I deployed a parking lot of vehicles and withered the first turn of fire. I took some shots on his Devs but most everything popped smoke as well as moved a bit to make sure all my rear armor was covered.

Second turn he got everything but the Vanguard. He shook my Vindicator and his Devs immobilized my Speeder. I unloaded on him with shooting but between armor saves and feel no pain not much stuck. I also charged Assault Terminators at an ASM squad who had a Chaplain and Librarian. Things went horribly wrong and five Terminators fell, however I had taken out six of his unit and hung in.

Despite the initial punch in the face the Terminators received they eventually went on to win combat and the lone Marine ran. I was left with two squads of ASM to deal with and spent the next few turns pouring fire into them. Those ASM squads took out a combat squad of Tacts and my Dev squad as expected but had slowly succumbed to my volume of fire.

The Vanguard arrived on turn four but by then it was really too late. Two of the five Vanguard died to landing in dangerous terrain and were mowed down in the next two turns of fire. I wasn’t without casualties in all this though and when the game ended I was left with a full Tact Squad, a Land Raider and a Razorback while he still had his Dev Squads hanging back in his deployment. I had managed to capture one objective, won out on victory points (we didn’t calculate it but it was apparent), destroyed all his troops and took a table quarter which in the tournament would have given me 31pts to 0pts.

I was very happy with how my list played out and it’s likely what I’ll be bringing for the tournament next week. As much as I enjoy playing with Monthu (Shrike), the lists I build to incorporate him tend to either do really well or fall flat. It really relies on good match ups and I could balance those lists out more but I need to buy more stuff and time isn’t on my side to do that in a week and get everything ready.

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