Quick Report: New Necrons and Tournament Prep

Necrons CodexOn Wednesday I got to face off against the new Necrons. I brought my 1,850 Marine list I’m using for this Saturday’s tournament. No offense to my opponent, who I know reads my blog, but there’s not a ton to report from the game itself. I threw Terminators with an attached Librarian and Cassius at him, ate some Warriors and a Lord, then got stuck into a damn near endless combat by a counter-charge from Oberon (I spell that right?), and Lychguard. With both our assault units tied up I just went about shooting the hell out of him and when the game ended on turn 7 he was tabled.

That being said, it was cool seeing the new toys and units for Necrons. I spent some time going over the codex too, though not with a thorough eye for potential lists, and I like what I saw. New units, improved units, new weapons and wargear and an all around balanced codex, what’s not to like?

I would really love to revive my Necrons but the practical side of me is holding me back. My Chaos force still has that new car smell and there’s a lot of work left to do with them. I thought about finishing off what I have for Chaos, add in a few things, and then move on to Necrons. The problem though is if rumors are to be believed then by the time I get Chaos to a point I’m happy with them there will be a new codex, which of course I’ll have to buy and then invest in Chaos anew. As cool as the new Necrons are, Chaos has my attention now and a new Chaos codex will seal the deal.

Saturday is our big first ever annual 40K tournament at my FLGS and I think I’m more ready than I’ve been for a tournament. I know my list inside and out, it’s balanced and play-tested. I’m really looking forward to a long day of gaming.

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