Reavers Tournament Report: The importance of doing your homework!

Hello all,

I played in a tournament at the flgs this weekend and it was certainly not one of my better showings.  This was an 1850 event with 40k approved Imperial Armor units allowed (the same event Thor posted about on Sunday.)  Forgeworld models were required, no conversions or scratch builds were allowed.  I don’t know much about the units available through IA so I knew I would probably be at an information disadvantage.  Here’s the list I brought for the event:

The first mission was Special Ops and I was facing a writhing worldscape Necron list.  This was the first time I’d faced such a build and only the second time I’ve played against the current Necron codex.  This made it difficult for me to make good decisions on what to target.  He managed to keep Night Fight going for the whole game which cut down quite a bit on my long ranged support, and I took a fair amount of damage from the lightning storm.  I also made a couple of mistakes, such as forgetting that my dread has a searchlight, that could have made quite a difference overall.

The second game was a new mission against Demons.  He was using Hellgore and a multi-legged walker from IA.  He won the roll and gave me first turn.  I tried spreading out across both ends of the table to limit his choice of landing zones but this didn’t turn out to be a great strategy.  I struggled with leadership and lost to Changeling twice as well as having a unit run off the board.  He pavaned three units into his flamers through the course of the game, and chewed up a lot of stuff in close combat.  My highlight for the game was a unit of Grey Hunters managing to tie combat with his Blood Crushers.  Overall I think I would have been much better off filling a third of the table on one end leaving him plenty of room to land in my shooting gallery.

My last game was against an Eldar player who seemed fairly new to the game.  I often found myself reminding him to take his re-rolls for Doom and Guide, and pointing out units he’d forgotten to move before shooting, etc.  He seemed like a nice guy and I don’t mind helping new players out so it didn’t bother me.  I took full points in that game but I don’t feel like I earned it no matter how many pointers I gave him along the way.

The day was a reminder that I suffer quite a bit from a lack of exposure.  Outside the tournaments I’ve only made it to the shop to play once.  Most of the games I play are in my basement against the same three armies: Tyranids, Tau, and occasionally Marines.  I know very little about Necrons or Dark Eldar and suffer for that ignorance when I face them.  I know the Demons a little better but am still a bit fuzzy.  I need to read up on these armies so I have a better idea what does what and how to work against it.  It’s not as good as actually playing against these armies but the more you know about your enemy the better off you will be.  At least I was able to learn quite a bit about both armies from this event so maybe I’ll perform better next time.

I also need to model some searchlights on my models so I don’t forget who has them…


  • BenitoSenence

    It’s tough to get that game exposure to learn about armies, if your planning on attending tournaments the YouTube sites are full of BatReps. If you find good quality you can learn alot. Necrons have been surprising a lot of players but I check sites and one place a player uses them all the time and newer players are posting and showing batreps more frequently. So when I play the good chunk of players at FLGS they don’t surprise me much.
    I know video and article Batreps have been a discussion here before but if you plan on sitting and painting, open up the internet and find some BatReps the next time you will have an idea on units, coaches do it all the time 8)

    • That’s a good idea. Any sites in particular you can recommend?

      • BenitoSenence

        I enjoy miniwargaming as a consistent source, I surf for others but if you subscribe to me channel you can see which sites I have subscribed to. We are also doing batreps too which you can follow

        • Thanks, I’ll check those out!

  • stealthystealth

    also check out the 11th company pod cast. they just release codex review necrons. they actually have several codex review for necrons. but the last 3 are the most current.

    Also worlds end radio did a codex / model review that is pretty good.

    • Thanks, I’ll check those out too!

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