The Road to the Standish Standoff: Pondering some changes

Hello all,

I was travelling for work last week so I didn’t find much time to work on the army.  I’ve started on the first of five Ratling Snipers.  Some will start as relatively simple conversions while others will require major repositioning.  All of them will have a healthy amount of green stuff by the time they are done.  It is a unit that has a lot of character opportunity so they should be a lot of fun to work on.  By next week I should have enough progress to warrant some pictures.

As I discussed last week I decided to drop the lascannon from the PCS in favor of two more grenade launchers (4 total) so they can be more mobile and support the Penal Batallion.  Since the CCS will spend most of its time supporting the blob I am seriously considering swapping their two plasma guns for a lascannon.  Between these two changes I can free up 20 points.  I also dropped the kannon from my allied battlewagon since I rarely get anything useful out of it.  That leaves me with this list.  I’ve got about 30 points to spare and I’d like to squeeze in a third Chimera for the PCS to ride in.

I haven’t built a Commissar model for the infantry blob yet and I’m not sure if I need one at this point.  The re-roll isn’t necessary if I have the CCS nearby with the Regimental Standard.  Leadership 9 and Stubborn are still handy but if I drop him I’ll have enough points to put the PCS in a Chimera.  I’ve got some other places in the army I could squeeze these points from though so he’s not 100% out yet.

I’m also considering changes to the Sentinel squadron.  I’m currently planning on 3 Armored Sentinels with Autocannons.  In the few games I’ve managed to play with them (proxied at this point) they have done well enough.  I want to keep them for the utility they bring and because I think Rebel Grot Sentinels will look really cool.  But I’m wondering if I should go a slightly different direction with them.  I could drop the unit to two and give them plasma cannons.  This would be one less model to build, 30 points cheaper, and give me some more AP2.  I’m very tempted by this option in part just because plasma is cool!  I could also swap them for scout sentinels to gain Scout and Move Through Cover.  I would drop to AV10 and open topped but save 60 points on this option.  I could even give them camo netting and still save 30 points.

So I’m looking at dropping the Commissar, dropping one Armored Sentinel while upgrading the remaining to Plasma Cannons, or downgrading to Scout Sentinels so I can add a Chimera.  Another option would be to drop the Commissar and one Armored Sentinel and throw in a Devildog instead of another Chimera.  That one is tempting because I don’t see a lot of Devildogs around here and it’s the lowest modeling option.  I’ll need to figure this out before I finish the snipers since it will determine what I start working on next!

McQuay UDH-193

  • TheRhino

    Gets Hot weapons on a 2 hull point platform would make me nervous.

    • You aren’t wrong to feel that way. It’s about a 1 in 12 chance each time you fire (factoring the 4+ save) so with two of them firing away for a full game it’s likely to burn off a hull point. Alone that’s not too big a deal but we all know that tends to happen at the wrong time.

      If they were cheaper I wouldn’t worry about it. But for around 30 points more than two Armored Sentinels I could have a Leman Russ with 14/13/11 dropping three plasma blasts that don’t get hot! I’m really drawn to the plasma sentinels but I’m willing to admit it’s not necessarily the best choice.

      • JD Brink

        That triple plasma blast tank has got to be death! you could kill whole squads of marines at a time with that easily. only down side is it would attract a lot of firepower too and you might only get 1 or 2 turns with it before it gets glanced to death… but maybe that’s the bitter defiler lord in me who never gets the chance to play with his big toy cuz it gets killed by turn 2 every game… damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

        • It’s tempting to try out. With 14/13/11 armor it will be tough for most armies to take down quickly and at the least it will soak a lot of firepower from your other units. It can also be taken in a squadron of up to three Leman Russ tanks of any variant.

  • JustHippie

    I think the armoured sentinels are a great tarpit unit. Ask Thor how those Spawn like them? Any fearless guys that can’t hurt them are stuck all game for cheap points.
    Open topped scout are good for one shot wonders out of reserve but they just get exploded to easily.

    • I do like the Armored Sentinels, they can put up with a surprising amount of punishment for light walkers. I think I might be happier with them as a unit of two than three. For me there seems to a line between pricy and cheap somewhere between the 120 and 180 point levels.

      Scouts are more of a throwaway unit. Three of them can put out a decent amount of fire power for 120 points. With 6 hull points they can soak more firepower than you might guess but they’re still cheap enough to sacrifice gladly. They are utter crap in assault though.

      At the moment I’m leaning toward dropping the Commissar and one Armored Sentinel. Then I need to decide if I want to build a Devil Dog or take a comp hit and add a second Basilisk.

  • JD Brink

    I have never played IG but have dreamed up IG lists many times and just reading this makes me want some! I’d run penals and lots of infantry and sentinels and rough riders and tanks and Da Dogg ogre bodyguard and CLN Straken… oh my!

    But all that’s not helping you at all. I can’t speak from experience on IG, and i don’t envy your decisions. the armor on the walkers will certainly make them last, but there’s something to be said for scouting or outflanking with some firepower too. does the netting give them cover saves? that might be nice for survival. i think a unit of 3 would give you longer survivability and more firepower — for the points might be better than 2. 2 might be more of a one hit wonder unit. i also think maybe i’d run 2 autocannons and 1 plas, letting the ACs take the hits with the plas in the back — still good firepower but reserve the big gun.

    just my 2 cents, which is worth more like 1.25 cents…

    • 2 Armored sentinels are probably more durable than three scouts in most situations thanks to AV 12 vs. AV10. Camo netting gives them +1 to cover saves, which helps but is an option for both units at the same points cost. So 2 armored sentinels with camo would be 10 points cheaper than three scouts with camo.

      I was thinking about the 2 autocannon + 1 plasma cannon option. The only autocannon target I can think of that the plasma cannon isn’t as good against would be flyers/FMC. And the autocannons should be at least decent against anything you’d want to hit with plasma.

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