Road to Glory Campaign: Conclusion

Road to GloryLast week I didn’t get up a Road to Glory report but it was a thorough spanking and wasn’t a ton to go over. I was tabled by turn five by a great Tyranid player. That made this Wednesday night the final game and the way the campaign works it was the game that decided it all. Despite being thrashed consistently every week, the Imperium could still win the campaign.

We opted to play this as a team game with 2K a player, so 4K vs 4K. We randomized partners and opponents. It was an annihilation mission, complete annihilation (go until nothing is left), with a twist. The twist was table jumping. If you won then any of your stuff that was mobile and above 50% starting strength could move on to another table to help out using reserves.

I was paired off with RippedDragon and his Blood Angels. We were facing Eldar and Daemons. The Xenos got to choose deployment type, spearhead, and if night fighting was in effect the ENTIRE game, which they chose to do. We won the roll and gave them first turn so we could hammer into the Daemons on arrival.

The game was long, so very long, but it can be summarized pretty easily. We deployed castled up, being mech heavy. The plan was really to shoot the hell out of stuff. Our first turn I charged Termies at a wounded Avatar and Keeper, having re-rolls to-hit with my Chaplain I figured it would work out. Ripped charged Blood Crushers with his Death Company Dreadnought and fared much better than I did. He won his combat, taking down around half the squad. I, however, lost all my Terminators (go storm shields!), and Cassius hung out to be removed next turn.

That botched combat set the pace. Our front line as now wide open and the enemy kept advancing and pouring through the gap left from my Termies. In the end we just could not push them back and regain any ground and were wiped out. Near the end a Tau player jumped on to aid the Eldar and Daemons. It wasn’t required but did make their work go quicker.

It was a tough game and two things determined the game. One, the loss of the Terminators in turn one. The second, the Keeper made an ungodly amount of saves…I mean an obscene amount. Really to our own detriment, we focused fired the living shit out of that thing, on average doing about 15-20 wounds a turn to it for around a solid four turns before it decided to lay down and die. The fact he turned my Librarian into a Spawn didn’t help our cause in the least.

As for the rest of the night, the Xenos won. They won every game and kept piling onto other tables and just steamrolled the Imperium, which was fitting since that’s really how the entire campaign went. Throughout the campaign the Imperium did not win a single week. We took a few games here an there but never a week.

Regardless, it was a fun campaign and the turnouts were awesome, averaging 20-players a week. I believe this is maybe the second campaign that I’ve played to completion at the LGS, others having stalled out early or before conclusion. I look forward to whatever campaign we do next, probably early winter if we have the bodies.

  • ming from b&c

    Sorry to hear about your loss.  We held out as long as we could…

    • Yeah, we were hoping to stall as long as possible and have your team come aid us but it wasn’t in the cards.

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