Road to Glory Campaign: Week #1 Report

Road to Glory PaddleI hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, well, those in the US anyway. Of course, hopefully everyone else had a great weekend too. My wife and I went on a mini-vacation and just got back last night. Now it’s back to the grind.

Last week at the LGS we started a campaign; the Road to Glory campaign in the big rule book. We’ve paired off sides as Imperial vs Xenos and are using the veteran skills in the BRB. Also, we’re playing it escalation style with each week getting larger in point values and ‘static’ lists. Meaning, what units you field you’ll continue to field as-is, no changes to the unit at all unless the unit is destroyed or reduced below 50%. At that point you can swap the unit out or do whatever you want with them. It was a suggestion of mine as I thought it would add some interest making people really consider what they field. Plus, it lends well to a campaign in the story sense.

The first week was a 750 game. I decided to field this:

* Librarian w/TDA, storm shield (null zone, might of ancients)
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, plasma cannon + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/HK
* Scouts x 5 w/shotguns x 2, CCW + bolt pistol x 2 + Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword
* Land Speeder Storm w/assault cannon (was floating points)
* Land Speeder x 2 w/heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher

The Librarian seems at odds with the list, and indeed he is, but since we’re building onto lists (as noted above), I needed to put him down in the setup I need him in later on in the campaign. My other HQ will be Monthu (aka: Shrike), but he was too expensive at this level and I had no worthwhile place to put him.

As for the games, I got spanked. My first game was against Dark Eldar, my second time ever facing them in a 1v1 game. We were playing dawn of war deployment with seize ground. He had some good rounds of shooting that destroyed my mobility and in turn any chance I had of reaching objectives. I was tabled by turn 5’ish.

I did play a second game against someone who didn’t have an opponent while the rest of us played earlier. Same scenario and this time against Eldar. This game played out much the same as the previous, though I did reach one objective, however he held two of them.

I did have my Scout Squad live so they rolled up fearless on the veteran skills table. We weren’t going to count my second game as far as veteran skills go but since I had nothing left after the first game, so nothing to give a skill to, we decided to let me use the second game as my game that counted for vet skills.

This week is going to be a 1,250 game and since I lost everything but my Scouts in the game that counted, I have a pretty open slate for the list I bring.

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