Road to Glory Campaign – Week #2 Report

As we continue the summer campaign we move into week #2. Another incredible showing at the LGS too with 22 players. We rarely reach that many for monthly tournaments.

Last night I got paired off against new Necron player. We were playing a 1,250 game that was capture and control with dawn of war deployment (god how I hate dawn of war). Since I lost most of my stuff last week I was able to mostly rebuild the list from the ground up. Last night I took:

* Fate Lord Monthu (aka: Shrike)
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, multi-melta + Sarge w/c-flamer, power sword + Rhino w/hunter killer missile
* Scouts x 5 w/bolt pistol + CCW x 2, shotgun x 2 + Sarge w/melta bombs, power sword (fearless from last week)
* Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles x 4, missile launcher x 1 + Telion
* Storm w/heavy flamer
* Speeder x 2 w/heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher
* ASM x 9 + Sarge w/storm shield, power fist
* Predator w/autocannon, lascannon sponsons

My opponent won the roll and gave me first turn. I took the edge with the least amount of terrain since I planned to charge into him anyway and there was a huge wall obstructing a lot of his view. I put my objective in the open centrally in my zone and he put his to my left pretty well open.

I deployed my sniper Scouts to my left on a building, outflanked the Storm w/Scouts and the rest to arrive on turn #1. He deployed 10 Warriors on that big wall I mentioned and 10 more behind that wall with the Lord. Game on.

I moved in from the center and the left flank and shooting got me nowhere. He walked everything on much the way I entered but with 4 Destroyers coming on my right flank. I did lose a few ASM from his shooting. I continued to advance my ASM to the Warriors on the wall and my shooting failed me again. I wanted to multi-charge both Warriors but a bad run roll denied me that so my ASM charged the Warriors on the wall. I won combat but the Warriors stuck around. He then portaled those Warriors through the Monolith out of combat. The Destroyers shot at my Tact Rhino sitting on my objective and shook it. My ASM got shot in the face a lot and I was left with just Monthu who was then charged by 3 Wraiths. The Wraiths only did 1 wound to me and I took down a Wraith in return.

My shooting phase finally decided to aid me and I downed the Destroyers. Monthu, with some amazing luck (which he continues to have since being painted), survived the Wraiths and took the last 2 out. He consolidated behind the big wall he was on. My opponent began walking his smaller Warrior Squad to his objective, behind his Monolith that was now sitting on it. The large Warrior Squad took up firing positions on the big wall. My Tacts lost their Rhino and a few Scouts went down.

My Storm finally showed up this turn and arrived on the left near the Immortals. The Storm and Scouts shot down, I believe, 2 Immortals. Monthu charged into the smaller Warrior Squad with the Lord and the Scouts charged the Immortals. Monthu downed the Lord but was taken out in return by the Warriors (go figure!). They consolidated near his objective. My Scouts destroyed the Immortals and consolidated closer to his objective.

Things are a bit fuzzy at this point. His Lord got back up. My Scouts charged the diminished Warriors with Lord, removed the Lord and force the unit to flee and consolidated onto his objective, still with the Monolith sitting on it. His WBB rolls allow his fleeing unit to regroup and his Lord gets up again (damn mechanized robots!). My Scouts were shredded in shooting, opening his objective, however the game ended before that unit could get to his objective and I held my own.

A win to me but the Imperials lost again this week, only wining 4 games to 6 for the Xenos. So going forward we will be the defender in the missions. Oh, I rolled my veteran abilities and my Predator got ignores shaken and my Tact Squad got counter-attack. My fearless Scouts died and in turn lost their ability from last week.

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