Rok Da Vote: Painting Poll Closed

PaintingLast month I tossed up a poll asking how often you paint and the results are in.

[poll id=”21″]

I find the results pretty surprising to be honest. I figured more votes would lean towards not painting often but I was very wrong!

With 32% of the vote are those that paint once a week. Right behind that at 28% are the people who paint a few times a week (my vote). So, 60% of the voters paint every week. That’s the one that surprises me since it seems the general consensus I often see is that most people barely paint. However, obviously not the entire base of 40K players visit this blog and it would seem that we attract a pretty hobby oriented readership.

Then the vote bounces to 17% rarely every paint, IE: every few months. This is the answer I figured would get more votes than it did. Of course I’m glad to see it didn’t.

Right behind that at 15% are the votes for people who paint daily. At one point this would have been my answer but not so much these days. I’d love to manage it daily and I commend those who do.

We also have 6% saying they paint once a month and lastly, as it should be, at 2% is the one person who said he/she never paints.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Boo to the person who doesn’t paint. Most of us have been that person fielding a grey army, but it’s always disappointing to face an army of all plastic versus against your army of painted minis. :(

    • The person could be sending off his/her army to be commission painted too.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Fair ‘nuf

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