Rok Da Vote: Painting

PaintingI’ve done a fair amount of painting lately, for me at least, and I got curious how often everyone else paints. So, that’s the big topic for the poll, how often do you paint?

[poll id=”21″]

Like everyone else no doubt, how often I paint is pretty variable. For a while there I was spending whatever free time I had playing Blood Bowl on PC. Of course that meant I wasn’t getting any painting done. The past handful of weeks I’ve weened myself off Blood Bowl so I can get my head back into painting because I’d like to get my Chaos army done sooner than later. Maybe before a rumored codex is due out.

Anyway, simple question for an inquiring mind. Oh, and like I was mentioning above with a variable painting schedule, just take the average.

  • I voted “once a month,” though I’m super cyclical.  I figure it probably averages out to that much–or rather, “once every couple of weeks.”

    • You really should change your name to ‘Cyclical’ :P

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