September Team Tournament List Update (Updated Again)

I posted my first list regarding the upcoming team tournament and got to play a practice game last night. The list I played last night was a bit different than the one previously posted, pretty close though but I had the Land Speeder deep striking in with a multi-melta, making use of locator beacons on Pods.

Long story short, time for a revision. The core choices I had I felt worked well, the two Tact Squads, Devs, and the Librarian, but the rest needs tweaking. In the hopes of creating better synergy and a more survivable list, this is the idea:

Librarian w/terminator armor, storm bolter, force weapon (force dome & avenger)

Terminators x 5 w/assault cannon cyclone missile launcher

Tactical Squad x 10 w/melta, lascannon + Sarge w/teleport homer, power sword + Rhino w/extra armor
Tactical Squad x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta + Sarge w/teleport homer, power sword + Rhino w/extra armor

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad x 5 w/missiles x 2, lascannon x 1

Minor changes with big impact. The Librarian got termie armor and deep strikes in with Termies. This means I won’t need to combat squad Tacts to get him into a ride, which was greatly reducing the effectiveness of that unit. I figure even if my Termies take longer to arrive than I’d like then I still have a solid fire base on the table that should pair well with any partner.

I rearranged the guns on the Tacts a bit so I can just bunker those guys up and fire out. At least now, without having to combat squad for the Libby, if my Rhino gets taken out I still have a big enough unit to handle themselves. Combat squads can be effective but with only having 1K to work with, and not knowing what my teammate will have, it’s just safer being able to run them as a full squad if needed and not being forced to combat squad.

I threw teleport homers with the Tact Squads for obvious reasons. I plan to have the Tacts secure the mid-field and landing Termies near them for more fire support will be useful. I’m wondering though…if the Libby has gate of infinity then can the teleport homer be used to position the Termies via-gate? I know you can with locator beacons. If I can then it would be a consideration since I could drop the Termies offensively and if things go ass upĀ  I could re-deploy. After reading some good info from VT2 on 3++ is the new black, I’m going to try keeping my Termies on foot at the start of the game and advancing to the mid-field with my Tacts. I’m not opposed to deep striking but I have found it’s not the best option in a tournament when you can’t be 100% sure they’ll even make it to the table before time is up. So, I replaced teleport homers with extra armor on the Rhinos. If I’m going to use the Rhinos as a firing platform I may as well ensure it can do that. Plus, I had 30pts floating without homers.

So that’s the plan. I ran something very close to this in the two week tournament we ran earlier this month, which was also 1K, and it did pretty well. So, this is mostly a refined version of what I ran then. Tips, advice, criticism are all welcomed.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. It will be hardy. BUT, think about the minimum troop choices for this is 1. If you convert one tac squad to something nasty and mobile, might be valuable. Definitely go with gate, and maybe the libby power that makes you high I. A Libby needs to get those cc swings in and have a chance to get the force weapon to work.

    • The trick for me at this point is using painted models. I’ve thought about how to work a list with just one Tact Squad but I’ve very little that’s painted I can use in their place. I could put down a Command Squad but that also means swapping the Libby for a Captain.

      Speaking of the Libby, it looks like teleport homers don’t work with gate. As for making use of the force weapon, that’s tricky. It would mean, to be viable, I’d need to upgrade to epistolary. That makes him, in termie armor, 175pts base. If he’s not an epistolary then he’d have to choose to not use a power charging in to use the force weapon ability. All things considered I’d rather fry something with avenger on the charge than gear for a very, very rare occurrence of getting off the force weapon. In over 40 games I’ve only used the force weapon once.

  • Here’s a variant list I’d been tossing around. It’s a bit gimmicky at 1K but with the right partner it could do well I think.

    – Khan
    – Command Squad + Razorback w/tl-heavy bolter
    * Champion
    * Apothecary
    * Vet w/storm shield, powerfist
    * Vet w/standard, power sword
    * Vet w/plasma pistol, chainsword

    – Tacts x 10 w/melta, multi-melta + Sarge w/power sword + Rhino
    – Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles, camo cloaks
    – Devs x 10 w/missiles x 2, lascannons x 2

    The general idea is to combat squad the Devs so I can split missle and lascannon fire and direct it as needed. Scouts are cheap scoring unit that will entrench themselves. Tacts grab mid-field to use the multi-melta and can be escorted by Khan and Command Squad. Or, if warranted, I can outflank Khan and Command Squad. Khan gives furious charge so my Command Squad will swing before most things and be wounding on 3’s. They won’t be able to tackle Death Company or anything but still give me a FNP unit with a punch.

    So, that’s my ‘crazy’ list where the posted one is the more balanced one.

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