September Team Tournament Wrap-up

Tournament: Sad PandaThis was the second team tournament I’ve done and like the last time I had a good time. It’s nice to have someone to confer with and discuss strategy as you play. Of course there’s the interesting pairings that occur too that make for fun games.

I was partnered up with a Chaos player, the one mention in my last Lessons Learned article. I was playing my Marines with this list:

Librarian w/terminator armor, storm bolter, force weapon (force dome & avenger)

Terminators x 5 w/cyclone missile launcher

Tactical Squad x 10 w/melta, lascannon + Sarge w/power sword + Rhino w/extra armor
Tactical Squad x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta + Sarge w/power sword + Rhino w/extra armor

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad x 5 w/missiles x 2, lascannon x 1

His list was:

Daemon Prince w/mark of nurgle, wings, warptime

Dreadnought w/multi-melta

Berzerkers x 10 + Champion + Rhino w/dual bolters

Heavy Support
Predators x 2 w/tri-las, havoc launcher, daemonic possession

I might not have the Chaos wargear 100% correct. Anyway, seemed a good pairing. The basic plan was that I’d handle most of the serious shooting while he ate things.

The first game was against RippedDragon playing his Orks and a Space Wolf player. The mission was my Warp Flux mission. Ripped set up his Lootas and Big Mek with shokk attack gun centrally and put down mobs of 30 Boyz on either side of that. The Space Wolf player also split his army to support each mob of Boyz. We then set up with a heavy left flank, trying to dodge the central fire power. That set up cost us.

The objective scattered to our right, away from pretty much our entire army. We wanted to take the center of the board to divide up their army and deal with two halves but the Wolf Lord on his Thunderwolf, accompanied by 10 Fenrisian Wolves, managed to tear up the Chaos Dreadnought and open up the center, which he promptly drove through wreaking havoc. We now had our army divided a bit and despite inflicting heavy casualties to the Orks, we just weren’t able to get anywhere. The objective scattered again, staying on the right but closer to our deployment yet we couldn’t unseat them from it and claim it. We took a massacre loss.

The second game was against Dave, store employee, who was playing to even the team count so nobody had to have a bye. He was playing two Chaos lists with a mix of Berszrkers, Noise Marines, Thousand Sons, Oblits, Kharn and a Daemon Prince (I’m probably forgetting something). This mission was another of mine, The Long Haul.

We had set up midfield with our Rhinos and kept our long range fire power back to cover objectives and make use of two fire lanes he’d have to advance up. We took one objective early and fought to hold it, mostly my partner engaging the opposition’s nasty units in assault with my Librarian’s null zone and hood making things easier for us.

I was pushing my Termies to the second objective to clear it for my other Tact squad when they took some losses from shooting and were about to be dual charged from Berzerkers and Oblits. I used combat tactics and chose to fail my morale test, falling back out of range of the charge. I regrouped and moved my Termies forward again and roasted a bunch of Berzerkers with avenger and took some more with bolter and storm bolter fire. I then charged in and the Champion was the only thing left alive.

The enemy had a Landraider parked on the objective my Termies were at, after clearing the Berzerkers, and despite our best efforts we weren’t able to remove it and let my Tacts claim it so we took a major win.

The third and final game was against an Imperial Guard and Space Marine team. The IG player has two Valkyries with Vets in one and Straken with Command Squad in the other. He also had Marbo and a Storm Trooper squad. The Marine had Hammernators in a Landraider, a Tact squad joined by a Master of the Forge using a conversion beamer, Rifleman Dread and a multi-melta Speeder. We used another of my missions, Target Priority.

The game was an uphill battle from the start. My teammate lost his Daemon Prince on turn #1 to give them a quick 5pts. We spent a ton of fire power on the Valkyries for a majority of the game, only managing to down one of them, and then things went to assault. In the end they pulled through the big assault, killing off my Librarian and Termies, Berzerkers and my Tact squad to give them a massacre win.

It was a rough day but still fun. I was happy with my list, though my Devs rolled horribly the entire day. Everyone enjoyed my missions and I got some good feedback on them. I also took home the score sheets from the day so I could go over them and see how scoring went on the missions and evaluate if any adjustments need to be made.

Next month is going to be 1,850 as a normal tournament, so singles. I’ll end up using my Orks as I can’t put down enough painted Marines for it This will also be the first tournament where we remove comp scoring so it should be interesting to see what happens there.

  • Is a painted army a personal requirement or a league one? (Just curious)

    • Personal one. We vote on best painted army so I like to give myself a chance at that. I missed it by one vote too.

      • Spiffy! BTW- I like your batrep. Very clear on the what and why (and btw, you shooting while he eats things is a pretty good plan). Sorry it didn’t work so well for you, but it seems like you enjoyed the process and came away with some good lessons.

        • Thanks. I’m a fan of summary battle reports. I just find it’s not worth the time and effort to give a complete play by play. If done right, picking out the key elements and turning points can give you the battle flow without bogging you down in details.

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