Space Marines: A Rough 2,000pt Shrike List

ShrikeYesterday I was thinking out loud about some of my thoughts on a Marine list and my need to find something interesting. One of the special characters I mentioned was Shrike and so I’ve since created a rough idea of a list with Shrike. Now, personally I’m a big fan of risky lists. Playing a list that has minimal risks in it bores me, IE: standing back and shooting all day long. However, I also don’t want a glass cannon either. I don’t mind if the list is a bit one-dimensional as long as it doesn’t evaporate if things go awry. With that in mind here is my rough idea of a list with Shrike:

* Shrike

* Assault Termies x 5 w/storm shield + thunder hammers x 5
* Sternguard x 8 w/combi-melta x 2, melta x 1
— Sarge w/melta bombs (wound abuse)
— Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon
* Irconclad Dread w/hunter killer missiles x 2, seismic hammer w/melta, DCCW w/heavy flamer
— Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, multi-melta
— Sarge w/power fist
— Rhino w/hunter kill missile, storm bolter
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, lascannon
— Sarge w/power sword
— Rhino w/hunter kill missile, storm bolter

Fast Attack
* Assault Squad x 10 w/flamers x 2
— Sarge w/power fist
* Land Speeder w/heavy bolter, typhoon missile launcher

Heavy Support
* Predator w/extra armor, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
* Devs x 5 w/missiles x 3, lascannon x 1
— Drop Pod w/storm bolter & locator beacon

You probably guessed I’m aiming for an alpha strike style list. It’s not full on alpha strike but hopefully enough damage potential is there and it’s not wasteful. So, to explain a bit. The idea is that Shrike can infiltrate the Assault Squad forward so that when two pods land I can support them. I could also infiltrate up the Assault Termies, whichever I feel will be most beneficial. If the enemy is heavily mech then it makes more sense to move up the Termies and the Assault Squad comes in later for cleanup. The rest of the list is basically fire support for the strike.

Now, if my opponent decides to reserve most of his stuff then I can fire an empty pod and also the Sternguard, who will take up a defensive position. I could choose to outflank the Assault Squad with Shrike, depending on circumstances. Hell, if terrain permits I could still infiltrate forward the Assault Squad or Termies and hide, waiting on the last pod to move up. This is obviously a weakness with a list using pods and deep strikers, facing someone reserving, but I’m hoping I have enough fire support to hold up until my units do arrive.

I’m sure more veteran Marine players could give me some pointers and tell me if this completely sucks; I’d love to hear advice.

  • Anonymous

    Just some stray observations.

    1. How many points is this? It looks like 1750.
    2. It’s really battle-forcey. It lacks focus and I think would get picked apart piecemeal.
    3. Only 2 troop choices is a big problem. If its a 1750 list I’d add a 5 man vanilla tac squad with a razorback. If its 2000, add two.
    4. Make the Terminators 10x. 10 infiltrating, fleeting terminators with TH/SS is very very scary. Its about the scariest thing Shrike can do.
    5. Your second tac squad should change the lascannon to a multi-melta.

    • 1. 2,000 – I did mean to mention that
      2. I can’t disagree. That’s why it’s the rough list, getting the basics set up. I wouldn’t play it in this format.
      3. I’ve been trying, and doing well, with adhering to the approach of two Tact Squads for objectives while the rest of the army simply contests or denies others. I don’t much care if I own 4 objectives or 1, as long as it’s more than my opponent. More troops gives you more chances at it but it does also come at the cost of a less “elite” or deadly army.

      That being said, I wouldn’t mind adding in 5-man but I doubt I’d put in two 5-mans. Eh, who knows.
      4. Only problem there is only having 5 with the right weapons. I need to get more storm shields and thunder hammers.
      5. I would if I owned another.

      The stuff I don’t have is easy enough to proxy for a casual game but I figured I’d try and play what I do own so when it comes to a tournament I don’t need to swap things around to be WYSIWYG and play a list I’m not as familiar with.

      I appreciate the feedback. This is the sort of stuff I need to hear. Making Marine lists has always eluded me a bit and I really need to get better at it.

    • Was just quickly toying around with the list to try and focus it. I won’t re-post it all but the changes would be:Remove: PredatorChange: Land Speeder Typhoon to MM/HFAdd: 5 close combat Scouts with a StormThe Speeder could use pods to drop and slag armor and the Scouts in the Storm would be able to focus on supporting the pods and general disruption. Course it does give me another troop too. If nothing else it further focuses the list in alpha striking and general aggressiveness.

  • I would personally do without the power sword on the sergeant. You’ll do a lot more damage to the enemy if you invest in combi-weapons rather than a PW. I’d even go so far as to argue that the power fist on the other tac squad should be replaced with a combi- you need a consistent way to pop tanks, and combi-meltas go a long way toward accomplishing that. A fist is nice if you’re fighting a character, but with 2 swings vs. a char with a 4++, you’re still only killing him 25% of the time, assuming he *can* be insta-deathed. Lets face it: if the tacs are in combat, either A) they got charged, and will lose combat regardless of the presence of a fist/pw, or B) they did the charging, in which case they’ll win combat regardless of the presence of a fist/pw.

    Just a few thoughts. I’ve been playing around with the idea of Shrike lately, making an assault squad get the alpha strike. Not sure how viable it is, but the idea of it is certainly fun :)

    • I really, really, really need to get combi-weapons. The problem is I don’t have any and I really try to play as WYSIWYG as possible. That’s the only reason those Sarges don’t have them.

      I agree about power fists. It’s mostly there as a threat and also to hopefully alleviate being bogged down by a Dreadnought or MC. Sometimes being in combat is unavoidable. Same thing with the power sword, just in case, but again, I agree about combi-weapons.

      Yeah, the alpha strike style list is new to me and will no doubt require much tweaking, but I’m excited to try it out none-the-less.

      • For combi-weapons, I honestly don’t work hard at all to make them, and they look fine. All I do is cut the end off the weapon I want (melta or flamer, though I’m sure it would work with plasma) and cut the tip off a bolter. Make sure the parts you’re gluing are both flat, and just glue the tip of the weapon onto the end of the other. It still has a pretty distinctly bolter feel to it, but also makes it obvious that you have a combi-weapon as well, which is accentuated by it being a sergeant who holds it.

        Are there cooler/more representative ways to do it? Yes
        Is there a realistically easier way? Not really.

        WYSIWYG is great, and I always adhere to it myself, but until GW makes combi-weapons more accessible, I’ll stick with my cheap/easy solution. /shrug

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