Standish Standoff: My Final List

Disciples of Twilight GameI have gone through a lot of lists getting ready for the Standish Standoff this November at my FLGS. My biggest problem has ultimately been that I like making lists. Making lists is just part of the hobby for me. Every week I play 40K I play a different list. The core often remains the same but the rest is altered based on what I feel like doing that week. My list ADD has made it tough to decide on a list and I have needed to decide so I can get the right units/models painted up in time.

This past Saturday I played in a 1,750 tournament, which is the size for the Standish Standoff. It was the perfect opportunity to do some play testing and I had drafted up a list a few days prior. The list changes were the result of my previous three games and what I learned I needed from those games.

The list I’m talking about is this one: In the comp system being used I’ll take a 10pt hit for two flying monstrous creatures, otherwise there’s no other penalties for the list. This is something I kept struggling with in making a list, the comp score. In all the previous tournaments like this I’ve run perfect comp. I do well on sportsmanship and painting so I end up with solid soft scores but generally get smoked on the tables and those soft scores don’t close the gap enough to matter. My thought with this list is I take a 10pt hit out of the gate but should, hopefully, make it up on the tables and have a better standing at the end of the day than I have in the past. Sometimes you have to try something different.

As for the list, the intent I believe is obvious; get in someone’s face fast with enough stuff that they can’t kill it all. My previous lists had fast elements but not with enough saturation to work reliably. I decided to pull out my fire support elements so I could invest more in speed saturation. Basically, do one thing well instead of diversifying. This will undoubtedly leave me with some really tough match-ups but also some match-ups where this shines. As an aside, I enjoy the list. I absolutely love Daemon Princes and big guys in general for Chaos. It’s those models that first drew me to Chaos and epitomize Chaos for me. So, even with a bad match-up where the list struggles I’ll still have fun because I enjoy the list. I’d so much rather take this avenue than run a list I don’t care about just because it’s more competitive.

To bring this back around, on Saturday the list did well. My first game was a pretty crushing defeat against Space Marines. I had a good start but things crumbled on me fast. I think I could have pulled out something close to a draw, or at least closed the gap a bit, but time was not on our side this game and the clock ran out after turn #3. My next game was the reverse of the prior with me taking a solid victory. This put me about the middle of the pack and my last game against the person in first place at the time. I then won the last game and at the end of the day took 2nd place.

Really the only reason I pulled off 2nd place after getting so few points the first game was the small attendance we had. With such a small pool of players it was easier to come off a big loss and move up because with so few players and not repeating match-ups it made for some unusual pairings. It was nice to take 2nd place, don’t get me wrong, but I was more interested in how my list did, less my placement. Even had I not placed I would still have been pleased with my list. Going 2-1 for the day is better than I’ve done in a while, months honestly. My big take-away from the day was finally having a list I enjoyed and performed well and now it’s on to finishing it on the hobby-front.

  • Warren Falconer

    That list looks nasty. There aren’t a ton of models on the board but nothing in there is really easy to deal with, I like it a lot.

    • Thanks.

      I did the math and it’s 88 wounds in there. So, not many models but lots of multi-wounders and those models are T5 or T6. It’s a fun list to run as well, at least for me.

  • I like it. It looks fast, hard hitting, and tough to kill! It fits your play style and will look great on the board too.

    • You know, even in the game I lost I wasn’t tabled. Sounds odd to say but considering damn near every loss of mine lately has resulted in me being tabled, it’s a significant change!

      The look of 3 Princes on the field (well, one Greater Daemons), is fun. It’s the same when I face Tyranids, I expect to see a lot of big models lumbering down the field. Big models are just fun.

  • JustHippie

    I really like this list(except the Letters). I think I’d try giving the Heavy support prince an Exalted reward and try out the Grimoire or even some of the other Exalted gifts like Riftbringer or Warp tether. Being able to make those Hounds have a 3++ for that first turn can REALLY make a HUGE difference in whether they do nothing or make combat. If it fails just run them behind a piece of LoS blocking terrain. The key is using the Grimoire BEFORE moving the fast unit since you don’t want to get them in a bad situation with a 6++. Also remember you can use it on enemy Daemons with NO roll at all and just pick a unit within 24″ and -1 to their invul save.

    • I’ll buy some Daemonettes soon but I won’t have them ready for the Standoff though. I’ve considered the greater reward but I’m just afraid I’ll roll that 1-2 on the grimoire and then, as you said, need to hide a unit when I’m relying on all my fast units moving up and assaulting. If one of those fast units is hanging back from a bad grimoire then it hurts the rest of my list. It’s just a chance I really don’t want to take.

      The other rewards I need to look into more.

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