Tau Seek to Enlighten Chaos – 1,650 Battle Report

I’ve jumped back over to my Khorne Daemonkin the past few weeks. After having played Chaos Daemons at a tournament, something urged me to give KDK another shot. I had not played them for about 6 months until last week. I was anxious to see if I could do better than last I played.

Lately I’ve run very top-heavy lists, so I took that approach with my Khorne Daemonkin list. Plus, it would be very different from what I had done, which was not working.

Disciples of Twilight (Khorne Daemonkin) – 1,650


  • Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, The Blood-forged Armor
  • Darktide (Daemon Prince) – Daemonic Flight, Warp-forged Armor, Goredrinker


  • Cultists (8) – CCW, Autopistol
  • Cultists (9) – Autoguns, Heavy Stubber
    • Champion – CCW, Shotgun

Fast Attack

  • Bikers (5) – Meltagun x 2
    • Champion – Melta Bombs, Lightning Claw
  • Bikers (3) – Plasma Gun x 2
    • Champion – Melta Bombs
  • Rhino

Heavy Support

  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils
  • Maulerfiend – Lasher Tendrils

Lord of War

  • Knight – Heavy Stubber x 2, Rapid-fire Battle Cannon, Foe-reaper Chainsword, Daemon Knight of Khorne, Dirge Caster

The Game

I played against Bill and his Tau. I’d give you a rundown on his list, but I’m lazy ;)

I got to set up first, and I deployed pretty heavily on my right to use terrain to shield myself. Bill’s deployment was pretty evenly spread out. He also kept all the suits in Reserve to Deep Strike in. The formation he had for them gave them +1BS on the turn they deep struck in.

Chaos Deployment
I forgot to get a shot of Bill’s deployment.

Thor’s Turn #1

My first turn was to advance everything. I had pulled cards for two objectives I could get. My only shooting was my Knight, who scored two hits, but the Devilfish jinked both of them. Points: 2-0 my lead.

Bill’s Turn #1

Bill advanced up a bit. The Breacher Team jumped out of their Devilish and nuked my Bikes on my right, who had grabbed an objective. I think it was killing those Bikes that netted him a point. Points: 2-1 my lead.

Thor’s Turn #2

I knew Bill’s suits would be in this turn – guarantee from the formation, so I continued to advance but kept my units together. I had pulled lousy cards, so I just wanted to smash stuff. My Knight shot at a Devilfish again and shook it. Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince), tried to charge the Breacher Team and he failed. Both of the Maulerfiends charged a Devilfish and smashed it. My 3-man Bikers charged into a Drone – the other destroyed in shooting, and killed it off. No points scored. Points: 2-1 my lead.


Bill’s Turn #2

The suits arrived by Deep Strike and circled my Knight, and they were all packing Fusion Blasters and Plasma. The Riptide had a mishap and I got to place it. I put it back in his corner so it was out of melta range, but close enough for me to get at it later with the Knight. Bill’s detachment/formation let him choose a target for a Killing Blow. That gave him re-rolls for wounds/armor penetration, if I recall right. All those suits unloaded into my Knight, but Chaos was with me and it only took 4 hull points. Meanwhile, the Breacher Team unloaded into Ghostwrath and put two wounds on him.

Tau Surround the Knight

Bill had scored two points for something this turn. Points: 2-3, Bill’s lead.

Thor’s Turn #3

Having weathered the Tau’s one chance to cripple me, I was feeling confident. I setup charges with everything I could. Ghostwrath left the Breachers behind to go for Fire Warriors. He took a wound on the charge to Overwatch, killed off 2 Fire Warriors, and then died. Yep, the Fire Warriors beat my warlord Daemon Prince in close combat.

Darktide (Daemon Prince), got himself into 2 Crisis Suits, and handily removed them. My Knight had charged Fire Warriors, and the 3 that remained failed morale and ran. One Maulerfiend failed his charge into a Devilish, while the other charged 2 Crisis Suits and whiffed. However, Bill opted for Our Weapons are Useless and got run down.

I picked up a point that turn. Points: 3-4, Bill’s lead.

Bill’s Turn #3

Bill tried to kill off the Knight again, but he only put 1 hull point on it – 1 left. The rest of his shooting was just as ineffective, however he had drawn some good cards. Points: 3-6 Bill’s lead.

Thor’s Turn #4


I summoned a Blood Thirster with all the points I had saved. The rest of the army continued to press the Tau into close combat. The Tau warlord was destroyed, the Knight took out the Riptide, and the last Crisis Suit team was running. I scored all my cards, plus his warlord. Points: 7-6, my lead.

Chaos Smash

Bill’s Turn #4

I’m drawing a blank on what Bill had done this turn. What I do recall was he scored some serious points. He had two cards valued at D3, and a single point card. He rolled well. Points: 7-11.

Time got to us and we had to call the game. Bill also got Line-breaker for a final score of 7-12, his win.


That was probably the most fun game I’ve had against Tau. Normally I get my ass shot off the board by turn #3. Likewise, normally once I reach Tau (if I ever do), it’s game over for them. However, they hung in and outscored me. I had the field, and I had numbers, but the cards just weren’t going my way.

The detachment/formations Bill ran was really good. One let the Fire Warrior re-roll hits against enemy units within 3″ of an objective. In a game that revolves around objectives, that’s damn amazing. Also, the Killing Blow thing is pretty great too. Getting re-rolls to wound/pen is awesome. I managed to do well with my saves though, mitigating a lot of it.

This was probably the only game where the Blood Tithe really didn’t come into play. The buildup of points was slow. By the time I could have gotten Feel No Pain – my go-to choice, it wasn’t really worth getting considering what I had left alive. I had walkers and Princes, and one Prince already had FNP from his artefact. So, I kept saving it, and jumped up to the full 8pts from 4pts in a turn. The Thirster didn’t get to play though since time ran out on us :(

I have to say, taking a Daemon Knight – instead of a Renegade Knight, has always proven worth it. It’s pricey, coming in at 430pts for Khorne (plus the Direge Caster), but having a 5+ invulnerable, and the Ion Shield, is so worth the investment. Khorne gives the Knight D3 attacks on the charge instead of +1, and re-rolls the D3 for Stomp. I really like it.

Anyway, it was a great game, and I’ve enjoyed playing KDK again these past few weeks. It has its problems as an army, but I’ve always had fun playing them.


  • Great stuff there, close until the end and a shame about time getting called before the thirster got to play.
    What is the deal with Demon Knights please

    • Yeah, I waited 4 turns to get the Thirster, and then he just gets to hang out. It wouldn’t have changed the game any, I checked what my next cards would have been, but still it’s fun to use him.

      What do you mean what’s the deal with the Knight?

      • I just don’t know what demon knights are :)

        • Possessed Knight Titans. Pretty awesome really.

          • Where could I find this amazing rules? Not asking for the Tzeentch one at all…

              • Thanks Thor. Something to mull over.

                • Also, since it’s not blatantly clear with that, the Knight gets the Daemon of X rule from the Chaos Daemon codex, PLUS the rule listed for Daemon Knight of X. So, Tzeentch Knights re-roll saves of 1, and re-rolls 1’s to hit. And of course they are Daemons, so a 5++.

                  • Ohhh so really survivable with a Tzeentch knight then? Cool.

                    • Oh yeah. Tzeentch is my favorite setup on him. Of course, KDK has to do Khorne, which is still great for being offensive.

  • Facing Tau is always fun – a bit of a struggle for sure but you always end learning new ways that they can break the game with all their special rules.
    “You know I can reroll this with a +2 for the new roll.”
    “Huh? Yeah, sure.”
    “And I get ignore cover and maybe instant death too, let me check. Yeah ID too.”
    “Ok, just tell me how many models to pick up …”

    But if you can suffer that shooting and reach CC the table is truly turned. So much fun. Love facing tau.

    • God, it’s so true. Bill was telling me his formation benefits, and all I could do was nod and think, “Damn. What don’t they get with this?”

      The games do tend to be fun, as long as that balance is struck between shooting and close combat. It sucks when you just get shot off the board and never make close combat. Also, it sucks if you get them in close combat on turn #2, and the Tau never have a chance. But when it’s balanced, and you see that game go from desperate to possible, it’s awesome.

  • thebiggoldfish

    Doesn’t matter what list you have how nasty it is etc if the cards don’t go your way it’s game over and then turns into a battle to try and table your opponent to win that way lol

    I’m just putting the last few tau models together I’ve had for a while looking forward to using them for the first time.

    Great write up I can never remember what went on in a battle I always forget….. Except the end result which is normally me loosing to some spectacularly bad dice rolling.

    • That’s why I take pictures. Definitely helps jog the memory :)

  • Chaz Sexington

    Good effort! My last effort against a Tau list saw me obliterated T4, admittedly with Legiones Astartes against the core of a tournament list! My mate ran AdMech with a full Baronial Court iirc and was tabled T3 against roughly the same list – if Tau go first their T1 firepower with Stormsurges, triptides, and crisis suits is overwhelming!

    Do you have the doggies for a Gorepack?

    • That’s how my typical games go against Tau, or Eldar for that matter. It’s hardly ever a good fight, but it’s great when it is.

      I do have the Hounds for the Gorepack. There just wasn’t any room in this list for them. I was more aiming for heavy hitters with this. That being said, I just never have a lot of luck with Hounds either. KDK can’t really boost them up as well as Daemons. Not that Daemons have direct boosts for the Hounds outside of Loci, which KDK have, but KDK can’t jack up Heralds like Daemons can. And really, it’s the Heralds that make Hounds effective in my experience.

  • iapedus

    Great write up Thor, looked like an awesome game. Your opponent bought a very friendly Tau list too – no broadsides, stormsurges, ghostkeels an only one riptide – well done to him for doing so.

    As a Tau payer myself I have found this is now the only way to have fun playing with or against Tau, and some of the new formations can make for very fluffy Tau lists that will not just blow opponent away in the first to turns (which, contrary to popular opinion, most Tau players do not enjoy either!).

    • Bill does tend to bring much more interesting Tau lists than your average Tau player. There’s another guy at the shop who brings all that nasty stuff you’d expect out of Tau, but thankfully I haven’t faced his list yet. We all want to win – that’s reality, but a close game is far more fun than getting nuked off the board.

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