Team Tournament Necron List

NecronWell, here’s my most likely final Necron list for the coming team tournament.


Lord w/resurrection orb, solar pulse, phylactery, gaze of flame, chronometron and warscythe

Immortals x 8

Warriors x 10
Warriors x 10

Fast Attack
Destroyers x 4

That weighs in at 994 points. As I was saying in the previous post, I decided to make my Lord a support character. Resurrection orb is a given in any list. Solar pulse will help me fend off shots aimed at the unit. Phylactery lets me possibly stand back up with all wounds, especially since I have a rez orb. He supports the army better if he’s alive :) Gaze of flame to reduce the attacks I get if assaulted and give that -1 LD penalty, which only matters if I manage to win combat. I just added in chronometron to further help me out if assaulted since it will let me roll 2d6 and pick the highest for breaking off from combat or sweeping, again another buffer for assault. Warscythe is obviously for smashing things in assault, not much explanation needed there. My weakness is assault with this list and the easiest thing to do is choose wargear that helps me there. Well, easier than buying units I don’t yet have and assembling and painting them in just over a week.

Everything I’m putting down in this list is a “Necron”, so my phase out number is 25. Since I have a teammate and a large number of “Necrons”, I don’t imagine I’ll be getting phased out. I’ll also be most likely playing defensive support, ideally anyway, and they’d have to focus on me to the exclusion of my teammate to stand a chance of phasing me out, which would in turn mean my teammate is rampaging unmolested.

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