Terrain Repair & Daemonic Slaughter

Chaos Daemon PrinceLast night at the LGS was our first week of terrain repair. In November, details coming soon, we’ll be hosting the shop’s first ever annual 40K tournament. We do monthly tournaments but this one will be larger, have more prizes and a different format than our monthly events. In order to get ready for the event we’re repairing terrain and building some new stuff. Since we’re looking to put down 15 tables worth of stuff it’s a fair amount of work but last night we made some solid progress.

Once we wrapped that up for the night I got in a 1,500 game with my Chaos Marines. I was facing Daemons from a player I play a fair amount, only this time I wouldn’t have a Librarian and null zone.

The list I was running with was this:

* Daemon Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, warptime and bolt of change
* Daemon Prince w/wings, mark of Tzeentch, warptime and bolt of change
* Plague Marines x 6 w/melta x 2 + Champ w/meltabombs (was floating points), power sword, combi-flamer + Rhino w/havoc launcher
* Plague Marines x 6 w/plasma x 2 + Champ w/power sword, combi-melta + Rhino w/havoc launcher
* Berzerkers x 10 + Champ w/power fist + Rhino w/havoc launcher
* Oblits x 2
* Oblits x 1

The mission was capture and control with pitched battle. I gave first turn to the Daemons and then deployed full on the left flank, right next to where I placed my objective. He placed his objective about 48″ away behind a building on his left, my right.

He got his preferred half and dropped in without much to do. I maneuvered the Princes forward with the Berzerkers and my shooting was horrendous. Next turn the rest of his army arrives except for the Plague Bearers. The Skulltaker with Bloodcrushers advance to the center, backed by Horrors and a Prince of Slaanesh. One of my Princes is dragged forward with pavane, takes a few wounds from shooting and then is charged by the Crushers. My Prince downs Skulltaker but is destroyed by the Crushers after. I had another terrible round of shooting, though I did put a few wounds on the Crushers. My Zerkers had gotten out and along with my last Prince charged the Crushers. I barely managed to take down the Crushers and only lost 1-2 Zerkers in return.

The game continued very much in a give and take fashion. My Zerkers were roasted by Flamers, leaving me a few, and charged by his Prince and Seekers who promptly disposed of them. The Soul Grinder charged my Oblits, took one down, but I managed to explode the Grinder.

My Prince charged the Seekers and took down a few. The Keeper (think it was the Keeper and not another Prince), charges my tied up Prince but I continue to make all my saves and drag down the Seekers and put a few fearless wounds on him. That combat continues, I take a wound from combat and then a fearless wound. The Keeper hits & runs out and makes his way towards my objective while my Prince heads towards his.

With the board center clear and my only way to reaching his objective being my Prince, who only has one wound left, I maneuver to defend my objective. I lost a Rhino but in the next few turns I manage to shoot down a Prince, Flamers and thin down Plague Bearers and then destroy the Bearers in combat with my lone Oblit. My Prince was charged by Daemonettes defending their objective and taken out. The game ended on turn #6 in a tie.

It was a fun game with a ton of back and forth throughout. My shooting during the game was just terrible but I was making armor and invulnerable saves like a champ, so it worked out. My opponent didn’t have amazing shooting either but he got the shooting that counted, like Flamers taking out most of the Berzerkers and then a Plague Marine squad, plus immobilizing two of my three Rhinos. So the dice balanced out between us and we both blunted the others efforts to advance.

I’m continuing to enjoy learning Chaos and this list is closer to the type of list I want to run. There’s still a ton of stuff to test out and try though before I commit to any major purchases.

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