Test List: 2K of Fate’s Angels

Fate's Angels - Test ListApril will be a 2K tournament at my FLGS and even though it’s a good five weeks out, I’m already working on some lists. The last tournament really infused me with enthusiasm I haven’t had with my Marines in quite some time. Always loved the genetically enhanced super soldiers but until recently I was just unsure what I wanted to do with them.

So, this list idea is built off of what I took for the 1,750 this month. It’s an aggressive list that is not meant to sit back and shoot, though it can a bit of needed, it’s not the strong point of the list.

* Command Squad
– Company Champ w/combat shield, power sword
– Vet w/company standard, power sword
– Vet w/power fist
– Vet w/storm shield, chainsword
– Apothecary

* Assault Termies x 8 w/storm shield, thunder hammer

* Tacts x 10 w/flamer, missile + Sarge w/combi-melta + Rhino
* Tacts x 10 w/melta, multi-melta + Sarge w/combi-flamer + Rhino
* Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles

Fast Attack
Assault Marines x 10 w/flamer x 1 + Sarge w/storm shield, power fist

Heavy Support
Predator w/extra armor, autocannon, lascannon sponsons
* Vindicator w/extra armor
* Land Raider Redeemer w/extra armor

The Command Squad jumps in the Redeemer, probably obvious.

  • Dragons Claw

    have you thought about putting your command squad on bikes they could keep up with shrike then although i still dont know for the life of me why they cant have jump packs. Looks like a solid list although i might be tempted by another troop choice or 2nd hq at 2000 points

    • Unfortunately I don’t have bikes to put the Command Squad on. The troops are pretty minimal at 2K. I’m relying a bit on my offense drawing heat off my troops. I could get another HQ but that means losing fire support and I’m pretty light on that as it is.

      I figure I’ll test it out tonight and evaluate from there.

  • Anonymous

    Like the list. My Tau would certainly hate it. It borders on Marine horde, but still retains alot of mobility. I would recommend droping an assault marine or two and maybe an assault terminator for a librarian. It would help with the anti-psyker, and could give you some null zone goodness and another power.

    Just a thought.

    • I ran it last night and long story short it does need some tweaking. I’m happy with the core choices, just some refinement required. A Librarian is very likely too. Faced BA last night and not being able to hood all their craziness was a kick in the ass.

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  • TheRhino

    Myone concern is the lack of weapons that can reliably bother AV13+. The lascannons on the Predator are it for long-range fire. The meltaguns on that one tac squad can’t be relied upon to make it to melta range.
    Russ tanks and Land Raiders will be a huge problem for you, both to reach with melta intact, and to shoot from long range.

    • I agree and I realized it last night.

      I have a few more test lists, just haven’t posted them as I want to refine them more fist. Let me explain my goal. I want an aggressive list and I’m realizing I can do that without relying on assault for it all. What I want though is to not have a big static fire base, it isn’t my style. I want my support to move with the army, not hang back. Speeders seem ideal for this role and I’m also considering Attack Bikes, things that can move fast and fire while keeping pace.

    • As an example, here’s something I’m tossing around:

      * Shrike
      * Librarian w/TDA, SS
      * Assault Termies x 7 w/TH, SS
      * Tacts x 10 w/plasma gun, las + Sarge w/melta bombs, c-melta + Rhino w/HK
      * Tacts x 10 w/melta, MM + Sarge w/c-flamer + Rhino w/HK
      * Scouts x 5 w/sniper rifles, heavy bolter
      * Assault Squad x 10 w/flamer x 1 + Sarge w/SS, fist
      * Speeder x 2 w/heavy flamer, MM
      * Attack Bike Squad x 3 w/tl-bolters, MM
      * Land Raider Crusader w/armor, MM, tl-assault cannon, hurricane bolter sponsons

      The Scouts are the only non-mobile unit. The list packs 9 meltas across 5 units (3 of which can move 12″ and fire it), and most units, not all equally, can deal with AV11 at least.

      • TheRhino

        It’s definitely a tough balance. Inthis list, you’re uber-short on AV, and now also short on anti-infantry fire. You might consider scout sergeants armed with combimeltas and/or powerfists/meltabombs if you want the forward-moving anti-tank.
        I know you’re relying onmodels you own, but a Scout-heavy Shrike list is actually pretty flexible.

        • I’ve been debating Scout Bikers for vehicle duty. Makes more sense than via-Storm to me. At least the bikers are T5 to deal with retaliation, and can boost out if they live, where Scouts jumping out of a storm are easier to kill and can lose their ride. Plus, they offer more tactically, the bikers.

          • TheRhino

            Scout Biekrs are very underrated. The only thing they’d lose inyour list is the ability to auto-fail Morale tests from shooting losses (and there will be shooting losses), which gives them the chance to bug out before being assaulted against a jittery opponent.
            They also don’t get the benefits of Fleet, but that’s minor when they have a 12″ move and a 6″ charge.

            • I’m weighing some options. I’m working out some lists that do not have Shrike but are still aggressive. Shrike and aggression aren’t mutually-exclusive. Of course, I do want to use the model since he’s 75% done being painted, so he may be used as an ASM Sarge if I don’t use him as an HQ.

      • Anonymous

        A quick thought – The Crusader is a HUGE fire magnet since it’s the only heavy armor and it’s carrying your most dangerous unit.

        If you dropped it, gave the Librarian Gate of infinity and then loaded up your tac and scout sergeants with teleport homers, you could basically teleport around quickly. By my calculations, dropping the crusader and adding three teleport homers would grant net you 230 points with which to play.

        Dreadnoughts with drop pods, vindicators, preds, or dropping sternguard could nicely fill those points. Not really a marine player but a single LR at 2000 points doesn’t scare me.

        • Damn near any LR is a magnet. I’m trying to work the list to present enough threats to draw heat off the LR, hence me saying I want a more mobile army, more stuff to bring forward with it.

          I’ve tried the gating Libby with beacons and it was alright. It relies on pods mostly for the beacons, Scouts if present, and can be gimmicky. Then someone assaults you and singles out the Libby and you’re done.

          Yeah, the single LR isn’t a scare tactic by any means, not by itself. What it does do for me though is let the occupants have an assault threat range of 21-26″ (fleet). I could potentially charge someone out of it on turn #1 if I was feeling ballsy. The idea was it would pair as a threat for the infiltrating ASM in the sense there’s two things bearing in real quickly.

  • How about something along these lines. More balanced, I hope, than my previous ideas:

    * Libby w/TDA, SS
    * Assault Termies x 5 w/SS, TH
    * Land Raider Redeemer w/armor, MM (ride for the above)
    * Tacts x 10 w/plasma, las + Sarge w/c-melta + Rhino w/HK
    * Tacts x 10 w/melta, MM + Sarge w/c-flamer + Rhino w/HK
    * Scouts x 8 w/sniper rifles, missile launcher + Telion
    * Assault Squad x 10 w/flamer x 2 + Sarge w/fist
    * Speeders x 2 w/typhoon missile launcher
    * Scout Bikers x 5 w/cluster mines, AGL x 3 + Sarge w/c-melta, fist
    * Predator w/armor, HK, autocannon, lascannon sponsons

    It can still be aggressive but doesn’t rely on it. Scout Bikers hunt armor or take on easy infantry targets. Sniper Scouts could infiltrate and BS6 a missile shot into some side armor, if worthwhile, just an idea. Tacts would probably play mid-field and Redeemer is used aggressively. May give the Libby gate just in case I lose the Redeemer early since this list doesn’t have fleet. The ASM go from 1st turn face pounding w/Shrike to counter-attack in this list.

    Not a fully tuned list, just laying out some ideas for feedback. I could swap Sniper Scouts for CC Scouts in a Storm and gear for either infantry duty or vehicle duty too.

    • ming from b&c

      You gotta have a force multiplier in there to survive.

      Command Squad, razorback
      TDA/SS Libby
      5 Assault terms
      LR Redeemer
      10Tac Squad, MM/FL, PW, rhino
      2 Cyclone Speeders
      5 Scout Bikes
      5 assault marines FL, PF or turn into command squad weapons and another speeder, or speeder and dread.

      • Definitely something to consider and far better than what I put above. That list above was what I ran Wednesday and it failed miserably. I’m going back to basics a bit with a list I want to try next week. I may put up the list before then or I may not. We’ll see…

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