So the fight for the Icarus Platform has ended and now it’s time to move the violence to the planet surface!  If you missed the battle scenario and report for Episode I of the Campaign you can find it here at  The Crimson Fist heroes above were defeated by the fallen Eldar of the Rancid Blade.  Before that, here on Creative Twilight, was my intro to how I wanted to run the Campaign.

And so, the next installment of how to play out this 3-part battle.  Again, this was originally written for 5th edition 40K and I have tried to adapt it, but my understanding of 6th edition is pretty basic at this point…

Episode II:  The Hyperion Surface

Indications found on the planet surface and the charts and files aboard Icarus indicate an archeological site that seemed to be of great importance.  It’s likely this site was the focus of the Hyperion’s inhabitants before they mysteriously disappeared.  With both sides now vying for the secrets of Hyperion, this dig site becomes the next bloody battlefield.

Some rules are based on the results of the last game.  The winners of Part I are the Victor, while the losers are referred to as the Defeated.  If Part I was a tie, these rules don’t apply.

Points:  1750

Veteran’s Rewards:  Don’t forget to grant one unit from Part I a Universal Special Rule to mark their experience.

The Board:  Ruins scattered among the sands, with one central temple in the middle.  There should be terrain–ruins, abandoned equipment, camp sites–but not necessarily a whole lot of it, as this is a remote desert site.  If possible the central temple site should be a large piece of either flat scenery or a ruins.  You may use the Archeotech Artefacts rules if you like.

Deployment:  Use the Vanguard Strike deployment.  The Victors deploy first but the Defeated will get the first turn (see below).   rolling to see who picks their zone.   An army may deploy as many units as they like and may keep whatever they like in reserve.

Units:  This is open desert and so accessible to all units and vehicles (unlike the orbital station).  Remember the Campaign Rules that dictate how you can augment your force for this battle.

First Turn: As the Victors are searching the site and feel secure in their advantage, they are not expecting the enemy anytime soon.  Therefore, the Defeated get the first turn (unless the Victor can Steal the Initiative).  If Part I was a tie, roll off.

Victory:  This is a Kill Point game, one for each unit wiped out (or otherwise removed from play), with Varied Game Length.  In addition, at the middle/height of the central temple is a single objective marker.  This is a Mysterious Objective and he who controls it at the end of the game receives a bonus of 3 Victory Points.  The Secondary Objectives in the 40k rulebook do not apply in this game.

Special Rules:

Watch Your Step:  The central temple, be it a platform or ruin, counts as Dangerous Terrain for all units.  Those unlucky few who discover why will find the floor an unpredictable puzzle that allows them to fall to their deaths into the deep underworld below.  This makes claiming the bonus 3 VPs a dangerous mission…

Victor Special Rules:

Orbital Bombardment:  Once in the game, the Victors can turn the huge railguns aboard the Icarus Platform against their enemies below.  This is exactly as the Orbital Bombardment detailed for space marine chapter masters.  Designate one HQ model to have the firing command.  Once per game, if they did not move in the Move phase, they can call down a S10 AP1 large blast Ordnance Barrage with unlimited range, though if it scatters it goes the full 2D6 (BS doesn’t help).  Should the HQ with command die before it fires, one other HQ model may attempt to get control with a Ld test.  If failed, the weapon is lost.  (Note that if you have more HQs only one may try to get control—more than one on the comm line would just confuse the gunners above).

Orbital Interference:  When the Defeated Deepstrike or come in from reserve there is a greater chance for deviation from their course due to the Platform’s countermeaures.  The Victor may ask any Defeated Deepstriking unit to reroll the scatter dice when they come in.  Additionally, even units walking or flying in from reserve may have to change course—place a marker for where the lead model is planned to end up and roll the scatter die plus 1D6.  If a hit is scored move as planned.  If it scatters deviate those D6″.

Defeated Special Rules:

            Surprise Attack:  As above, the Defeated get the first turn (unless the Victors steal it).

            Desert Power:  Speeding across the open sands to reach the temple site in time, the Defeated’s faster moving units build up momentum.  Non-walker vehicles, bikes, jetbikes, cavalry, and beasts may make Scout moves before the first turn (or chose to Outflank as if they had the Scout special rule, subject to Interference as above).

* * *

 For the last Episode of the Hyperion Campaign join me at Brinks Chaos Theory (my home blog) in the near future.  Now I’m off to play a round myself!

J. D. Brink (guest blogger)

Brink’s Chaos Theory

Fugitives of Purgatory

  • Very well done. I like it.

    • Thanks. It’s fun to come up with storylines. Bending rules to make it work is the tricky part. Check out the last installment on my homepage — that goes plain wild.

    • Thanks. I like making up story lines that connect. The tricky part is bending rules to pull it off. Check out the last installment on my home blog — that one goes plain wild.

      • I know very well how hard it can be to create something fun and thematic without create huge unfair advantages. You seem to be doing it very well.

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