The Road to the Norwegian Championship – Battle Report 2!

For my potential list’s second outing, I was playing 1750pt, so I had to drop a few things, specifically the Rogue Psyker and 5 CSMs, but I added meltaguns to the Veterans. Otherwise, my list was entirely unchanged. However, my opponent had switched lists from what I thought he would bring, and I ended up against Ultramarines rather than White Scars! I wouldn’t have made any difference to my list, mind! My opponent finished second in the Norwegian Championship last year and plays for Norway’s ETC team, so he was definitely skilled and could offer some solid advice as well!

The Unending Host 1.2 – 1750pt

  • Unending Host (Primary)
    • Arch-Demagogue – Refractor Field
    • Command Squad (7) – Banner of Hate, Krak Grenades
    • CCW Platoon – Laspistols/autopistols and CCW
      • Platoon Command Squad (15) – Command Net Vox, Flamer
      • CCW Squad 1 (15) – 2 Flamers
      • CCW Squad 2 (15) – 2 Flamers
    • Ranged Platoon – Lasguns/autoguns
      • Platoon Command Squad (15) – Command Net Vox, Plasmagun
      • Ranged Squad 1 (15) – 2 Plasma Guns
      • Ranged Squad 2 (15) – 2 Plasma Guns
    • Veteran Squad 1 (5) – Deep Strike, melta gun, laspistols/autopistols, CCW
    • Veteran Squad 2 (5) – Deep Strike, melta gun, laspistols/autopistols, CCW
  • Allied Detachment (CSM)
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Plasma Pistol, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Space Marines (15) – Meltaguns x 2, VotLW, MoS, IoE
  • Cyclopia Cabal
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Stave, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW

Against me was a friend who was just back from Invasion (a Norwegian tournament) and brought his Invasion list; Ultramarine GSF with Grav, Tigurius, Culexus (ARRRRGH), 2 Land Speeders with flamers, and Thunderfire Cannons. At Invasion they had used some odd Maelstrom and Eternal War combinations with tertiary missions and objectives that change every turn, but we rolled on the Maelstrom Missions and ended up with Deadlock. This list, combined with the mission is really tough for my list, so it was a fantastic learning opportunity!

For Warlord Traits I got Master of Interference, which I got last time, and I rolled Invisibility on my first Sorcerer rolls along with Dominate and Hallucination, so I experimented with Biomancy on two, ending up with Iron Arm, Warp Speed, and Haemorrhage on the second, then I got Enfeeble, Life Leech, and Endurance. Now that I had my two ultimate spells (Endurance and Invisibility), I took Pyromancy on a lark, ending up with Spontaneous Combustion, Sunburst, and Molten Beam.

I can’t remember his Warlord Traits, but he got Flame Breath, Inferno. We rolled off to see who deployed first and choose table edge, and he ended up deploying first and going first.

The Ultramarines line up. 

I’m getting a strange feeling of déja vu here, Tzeentch.

I lined up to ensure any drop pods (with nasty, tricksy, false grav weaponry) would have to deploy in front of me. Grav weapons can’t melt Renegade Guardsman flesh!

The Alpha Legion and its Renegades deploy!  

Then we shook hands, and like the Alpha Legionnaire I am, I Seized the Initiative! For Alpharius and the Emperor!

Chaz’s Turn #1

Drawing my first 6 Objectives (Harness the Warp, Hungry for Glory, Secure Objective 1 and 6, Overwhelming Firepower, Psychological Warfare), I cast Invisibility, Endurance, and Iron army to eventually net me a single VP from Harness the Warp. I couldn’t cast Shroud of Deceit, as the damnable Culexus was within 12″ of the only possible target, the Thunderfire Cannons. In Norwegian, there is proverb: Wise from injury. Thus, my Renegade Guardsmen opened fire on the Culexus, knocking off 1 of 3 wounds. 1-0 to Chaos!

The Banner of Anarchy (Hate) and the Warlord.

Space Marines’ Turn #1

Drawing cards that meant he had to kill a unit in my Deployment Zone, Behind Enemy Lines, No Mercy, No Respite, and Objectives 1, 2, and 6, things looked really good for the Loyalist lapdogs. Casting Flame Breath, he killed 6 Renegades, then Inferno as I failed to get more than a single 6 on 15 (!) Deny the Witch dice, my Renegades hold with LD 9 and 10! Using his Combat Doctrines to make his ranged weapons twin-linked, I lose 5 CSMs, my Warlord’s squad, and a close-combat squad.  Another close-combat squads starts running after it fails its LD 10 morale check.

A whopping 9-1 to the SMs!

The drop pods hit!

Chaz’s Turn #2

My Veteran platoons arrive, but one mishaps and goes into Ongoing Reserve, while my LD 10 squad fails to rally. In my Psychic Phase, I cast Warp Speed, Invisibility, Psychic Shriek and Sun Burst and I forgot to cast Shroud of Deceit. My lasgun/autogun platoon knocks another Wound off the vile Culexus, while my meltagun-brandishing and krak grenade-throwing Veterans fail to hit the Land Speeder! The close-combat squad directly in front of the Culexus fail a 4″ charge and are now nicely in range of the damnable Thunderfire Cannons.


Space Marines’ Turn #2

Drawing Domination, Harness the Warp, Objective 4, Hold the Line, The Emperor’s Retribution (Push an opponent off an objective), Tigurius kicked things off by failing all his Psychic tests! Always knew he was sub-par!  In the shooting phase, the Land Speeder wipes out the Renegade Veterans while the Culexus and the Assault Marines wipe out the Renegade squad which failed the charge.

The Space Marines seize the centre

Chaz’s Turn #3

My Veterans mishap (again), and my opponent places them on the left. A close-combat Renegade squad turns up as well. In my Psychic Phase, I roll Perils of the Warp twice, roll ones on the result, but save both with FnP. However, I successfully cast Invisibility and Shroud of Deceit on the Thunderfire Cannons. Firing the Thunderfire Cannons at Tigurius and his posse, the shot scatters 12″ and lands between a trio of Space Marine units (the hilltop the Scouts are standing on). In the end, I kill a few Scouts. My Chaos Space Marines charge Tigurius, making the coward flee, but my boys were unable to catch him. 0 VPs to Chaos.

Everyone’s doing the conga!


Space Marines’ Turn #3

The Culexus gets 15 shots this turn due to the proximity of 4 lvl3 Sorcerers and kills my Icon Bearer. He then follows up with a Psychic Grenade and my Fallen Angel Sorcerer rolls a 6! Thinking that might deter him, I confidently roll my LD test (He has 10 due to Veterans of the Long War)… I think you see where this is going. I roll an 11. Buh-bye. The rest of the Chaos Space Marine squad is then annihilated by Grav weaponry, leaving one last Sorcerer. The newly arrived Renegade squad is wiped out by the Scouts and Land Speed, and won’t return as their In Numbers Uncounted roll. The Assault Marines fail to kill the last Sorcerer and the combat continues. The SMs now have 11 VPs.

Well, balls. 

Chaz’s Turn #4

All remaining Renegades re-enter on my left flank. The plasma wrecks a drop pod, giving me a VP from Overwhelming Firepower. My last Sorcerer beats their champion to pulp and gains the Gun Morph boon. 11-4 to the Loyalists.

I wasn’t kidding. Everything arrives (including blu-tac headed plasma gunners) on the left.


Space Marines’ Turn #4

Space Marines draw Psychological Warfare. The reinforcements on my left are engaged by Assault Marines and lose combat by 4, with one squad holding while another flees, netting the SMs another VP. However, the rest of the squads pass. The Sorcerer survives the Culexus and Assault Marines through a miraculous amount of 4++ rolls being made.

The last Sorcerer heroically holds!

Chaz’s Turn #5

The lone Sorcerer finally kicks the bucket under the weight of attacks. I move my Renegades up to try to end some Assault Marines, but fail, and my last non-routed unit is in trouble.

Space Marines’ Turn #5

The Assault Marines plough into the remaining Renegades, wiping them out. Chaos is tabled.

The Forces of Darkness are defeated massively!

Strategy, tactics, and list evaluation

I improved a lot on my Tactical Objective placement from last time. My Warlord got wiped too quickly, so I really need to beef up his squad. I also think the other squads would benefit from bigger numbers.

My Achilles Heel reared its ugly face again. Culexus. Honestly, my plan was solid (murdering him with clubs and lasfire), but failing the 4″ charge in T2 was the problem. If I had killed him then, it would have been an entirely different game – I think my faux-Deathstar would’ve killed their way through the Centurions and then kept massacring their way through his army. I should not have charged the Centurions in T3 though.

Not taking anything away from my opponent, who did everything perfectly, I did have some terrible key dice rolls. Between failing a 4″ charge, Thunderfire Cannon scatter, the inability of my melta, krak, and plasma to hit the Land Speeders, and the awful Reserve Rolls, it really was an uphill struggle. However, my opponent is excellent. He is much better than me, and it showed. I did have a lot of fun, and he offered a lot of kind advice while playing. All in all, bar some errors, I don’t think I could have done much different. Also, a big thank you to Outland in Oslo for keeping open so late!

  • Tough break with that missed charge, but it did seem like an improvement over your last game anyway.

    • Chaz Sexington

      Aye; I don’t think I made that many mistakes, but it was still too many against this opponent! Forgetting to cast Shroud of Deceit being a particular highlight!

      • I always make mistakes in my games. It’s the one guarantee I have in any game I play. I tend to get ahead of myself and forget to do something, like casting powers ;) The impact largely depends on the opponent, and against some people one mistake is one too many. So, I know how you feel.

  • Wow the Chaos gods do not favour you and your dicd at all do they? Cheers for the write up.

    • Chaz Sexington

      Hahaha, I do feel like I’m complaining a bit unduly now! He played a perfect game, I didn’t; I forgot to cast Shroud of Deceit and I made a dumb charge which allowed the Culexus to massacre my boys! I think my dice rolls compounded the problems caused by decisions – I could have scored a lot more points if those Land Speeders had been removed (and I would probably not have been tabled).

      • Fair play to you.

  • jack shrapnel

    Those were some pretty unlucky rolls throughout the entire battle! Other than beefing up the numbers, are you looking at any other changes to your list?

    • Chaz Sexington

      I’m seriously considering Rapier Weapons Batteries. I could opt for a 2nd Invisibility and make them Invisible, laying down S9 AP1 Twin-linked Ordnance fire. It’ll be at the expense of the CSMs and maybe dropping some 4++ to 5++ on the Sorcerers. Otherwise, finding points for more plasmaguns and flamers!

      • My advice, don’t rely on random rolls on powers as part of your list. Powers should enhance a list, not define it – at least any power that isn’t a guarantee.

        • Chaz Sexington

          I have to rely on Telepathy (sadly), with the tools available in the current meta. Between Knights, Wraithknights, Jetbikes, grav, Riptides, Warp Spiders, Stormsurges etc, the models I have “disappear” T2-3 without Invisibility. Preaching to the choir, but the CSMs clock in, without the Sorcerers, at around 450. It’s an expensive delivery method.

          Telepathy is simply always worth it. Even if I don’t score Invisibility more than once, I’ll probably get 2x Shrouded, so I can get a 2+ cover on T7, if I park in ruins. There’s quite a bit that Ignores Cover, but majority T7 should see me through that. Psychic Shriek can be devastating as well, and Mental Fortitude does have a role in this list as well.

          • You can’t go wrong with Telepathy, no argument there. I just hate relying on powers to make something work because so much can go wrong with it.

            • Chaz Sexington

              Oh, I agree in principle – I tried a similar strategy (Helcult and Havocs, allied detachment with Cultists, and maxed Sorcerers) last time, and failed one match miserably when I didn’t get Invisibility. However, 12 levels almost guarantees me Invisibility, so I dare go for it.

              • True enough. You’ve help minimize the random element, which is all you can do.

      • jack shrapnel

        Rapiers are fantastic options for the points. Just plunk them in cover and go to town. I wouldn’t worry about trying to fish a second time for invisibility. too unreliable.

  • I rarely read battle reports but I really enjoyed reading this one. You sure didn’t have luck on your side with those dice rolls. From the army list it looks like a pretty fun army to play, I always liked to play with a lot of psykers in 40k. Looking forward to the next part and good luck :)

    • Chaz Sexington

      That’s great to hear! What aspect do you enjoy?

      The list is fun to play, it’s just a pain to paint up that many models (loads aren’t done yet). I began (ab)using Sorcerers early on with my CSMs; I quickly realised how outmatched I was against grav, jinks, null deployment etc, so I focussed on the CSMs’ strong suit!

      The next part is written and should be up soon too:)

      • I enjoyed it all plus it’s always interesting to see how it’s played in other places.

        • Chaz Sexington

          Now I’m curious! How do Broderfolket play it?

          • Honestly, nowadays I don’t have a clue, I stopped going to tournaments around 3rd edition I think. The only thing I know is that it’s very popular to run them with a comp system.

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