The Road to the Norwegian Championship – Battle Report 3

For my list’s third outing, I was back at 1850. It was gonna be a rematch against Ickz (from the first Battle Report), but this time he would bring his Salamanders. I was supposed to bring my two drop pods for him, but even though he reminded me, I forgot to bring them. I did, however, remember to bring coffee and cakes, so we proxied them with cups. From my previous list, there were a few minor changes.

The mission itself was a hybrid of Purge the Alien, Big Guns Never Tire, and Maelstrom (full mission list and FAQ available here).


Objective #1: Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire – 5 Objectives (3 Victory Points each).
Points for Heavy Support choices are scored as per the rulebook.

Objective #2: Maelstrom of War: Tactical Escalation
Including First Blood, Line-breaker and Slay the warlord

Objective #3: Kill-points: max difference 6 points

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

From my previous list, I managed to ditch the plasma pistol with my newest Sorcerer!

The newest Chaos Sorcerer

I have played two other games with the list. One at 2000pt, where I added Eye of Night and Last Memory of the Yuaranthos, against a mechanised IG/Space Wolf/IK list, where my lack of anti-armour saw me pumelled playing the Relic. The second I played against my flatmate’s Tau, which I won, but it was his first time playing Maelstrom.

The Unending Host 1.3 – 1850pt

  • Unending Host (Primary)
    • Arch-Demagogue – Refractor Field
    • Command Squad (7) – Banner of Hate, Krak Grenades, Command Net Vox
    • CCW Platoon – Laspistols/autopistols and CCW
      • Platoon Command Squad (16) – Command Net Vox, 2 Flamers
      • CCW Squad 1 (15) – 2 Flamers
      • CCW Squad 2 (15) – 2 Flamers
    • Ranged Platoon – Lasguns/autoguns
      • Platoon Command Squad (15) – Command Net Vox, Plasmagun
      • Ranged Squad 1 (15) – 2 Plasma Guns
      • Ranged Squad 2 (15) – 2 Plasma Guns
    • Veteran Squad 1 (5) – Deep Strike, Melta gun, Laspistols/autopistols, CCW
    • Veteran Squad 2 (5) – Deep Strike, Melta gun, Laspistols/autopistols, CCW
  • Allied Detachment (CSM)
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Space Marines (15) – 2 Meltaguns, VotLW, MoS, IoE, Power Sword.
  • Cyclopia Cabal
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Sword, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW
    • Chaos Sorcerer – 2 Extra Mastery Levels, Force Stave, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, VotLW

*Ickz posted his list and reasoning in the comments section.

I rolled and got Well-Prepared, while Ickz got Master of Interference. Three of my Sorcerers rolled on Telepathy – “Kranon” (Mental Fortitude, Shrouding, and Hallucination), Fallen Angel (Dominate, Mental Fortitude, Invisibility), and the FW Centurion (Mental Fortitude, Invisibility, and Hallucination), while my Force Stave Sorcerer rolled on Biomancy (Life Leech, Endurance, Haemorrhage).

The Alpha Legion deploy

Ickz’s list included an Infernus Predator, an Ironclad (in a drop pod), Sternguard with a Librarian (who rolled 2 and 5 on the Librarius Psychic Discipline), 2×5 Assault Marines. This list packed a lot of anti-armour, which gave me an edge. However, it’s Salamanders. Flamers everywhere!

Ickz’s Deployment; two five-man Tactical Squads with a Flamer and Combi-Flamer in a Rhino and Razorback and an Infernus Predator

Chaz’s Turn #1

My Warlord Trait allowed me to draw two Objectives, which were Secure Objective 1 and 2, of which the latter was secured. With all his units deployed within vehicles, I just cast Invisibility and waited for the drop pods.

The Renegades surge forward!


Space Marines’ Turn #1

Drawing Behind Enemy Lines, the Salamanders came down in my Deployment Zone. The Librarian tried casting a nasty spell on the CSMs, but was Denied. Their flamers destroyed a ranged unit of Renegades, which would come back, earning Ickz First Blood.

The rest of my forces took the shots on the chin from the rest of his units and all Morale Checks were passed due to my Banner of Hate and Command Net Voxes. His Assault Marines from his Skyhammer detachment then charged my close-combat squad, but my Sergeant slew his Thunder Hammer-wielding Sergeant in a challenge!

As all D3 VP missions are worth 2VP in this scenario, the Salamanders were winning 4-1 with the additional Kill Point.

The Renegade Sergeant is victorious!

The Librarian arrives

Chaz’s Turn #2

Also drawing Behind Enemy lines, I made all of my Reserve Rolls! Figuring out this was a good opportunity for 2 VPs, I had my Renegade Infantry squad came in on the left, next to his Thunderfire Cannon (which was camping Objective 1, which obviously I needed to liberate), while one unit of Veterans had a wee Mishap due to me stupidly deploying the Renegade squad first.

As having 3 units in his Deployment Zone was now impossible, I opted for having one unit come down behind his Predator. The rest of my units advanced, with my two ranged squads turning around to , but Ickz managed to Deny the Witch on my Invisibility roll, and I was in trouble!

Casting Shroud of Deceit on his plasma cannon Devastators, they hammered into their unsuspecting Predator Infernus (Large Blast S8 AP2s are a big no-no in my book), but even though I only needed a 3 to glance, I only rolled 1s and 2s! I was suddenly in a lot of trouble: my very visible CSMs and Sorcerers were perfectly in front of the Predator Infernus! However, I cast Psychic Shriek on his Warlord, rolling a 16 on three dice! This killed most of the squad, leaving the Librarian with only 2 squadmates! I also got Endurance off, so at least I would have a 4+ FnP!

Kill it! Kill it with plasma cunningly disguised as heavy stubbers!

In my shooting phase, my Melta Gun-toting Veteran squad managed to hit, penetrate, and stun the Predator Infernus, forcing it it to take Snap Shots, thus that meant that wouldn’t be bothering me! My CSMs, preparing to charge the Predator, also scored a glance on the Predator, taking it down to a single HP. My Outflanking Renegades by the Thunderfire manage to knock a Wound off the Thunderfire Cannon on the left flank. In my Deployment Zone, one squad of Renegades murder a bunch of Tacticals with plasma and lasgun and autogun fire, but my other squad of ranged Renegades tore into Ickz’s Librarian and what remained of his squad, wiping them out, giving me Slay the Warlord and 2 Kill Points!


My Assault Phase starts off badly, with my CSMs failing a 4″ charge against the Predator (this better not be becoming a habit!). However, the rest of the phase is excellent, and my close combat Renegades come to my central unit’s aid, and they wipe out the Assault Marines, while my squad on the left charge and draw against the Tactical Marines there.

Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys part 2.

Battlefield at the end of my Turn #2.

A succesfull turn, resulting in a total of an extra 6 VPs (2 from Behind Enemy Lines, Slay the Warlord, and 3 Kill Points).

Space Marines’ Turn #2

Drawing Ascendancy and Secure Objective 5, Ickz starts off with his Ironclad coming down next to my CSMs. The visible CSMs now take a beating from Plasma Cannons, Heavy Flamers, Lascannons, Heavy Bolters on the Predator… but I make a lot of good FnP and 3+ rolls. His Assault Marines charge, but are butchered by the CSMs through sheer weight of numbers, and my Sorcerer gains Instant Death from the Boon Table, but no model in his army has more than 1 W left at this point (The Techmarine took a Wound last turn).

Bear in mind this squad is roughly 1150 points and Hatred (Space Marines) and with 5 Power Swords. On my left, the Tacticals win, but fail to break the Renegades. It’s still 7-4 to the Alpha Legion.

The Ironclad serves even in death, and I ain’t talking about tennis!

The Assault Marines go to their doom.

Chaz’s Turn #3

I drew Seize Objective 5 twice and my Veterans Deep Strike. I cast Endurance and Invisibility (In retrospect, Endurance was pointless).

In my shooting phase, my Veterans finally destroy the Predator and my ranged Renegade squad kill off the last of the Tacticals in my Deployment Zone. My CSMs charge the Ironclad, but the only model that can hurt AV13 is my Aspiring Champion with Melta Bombs, which Glance it.

Elsewhere I fail 3 charges (I had opted to not fire the plasmaguns against the Thunderfire Cannon as I wanted to club it to death with rifles and seize Objective 1) while the combat between the Tacticals and close-combat squad on the left continues unabated. In the end, I score 4 VPs from Kill Points and my Warlord setting up a tent and barbecuing in the ruins with Objective 5.

11-4 to the Alpha Legion!

Predators go boom in the night.


Bring it down! In the name of the Primarch!

Space Marines’ Turn #3

He starts with forcing me to discard my Secure Objective 1, but he draws Domination and Secure Objective 1 (which his Thunderfire Cannon is on), which is looking quite difficult at this point. His Tacticals on the right incinerate my Predator-burning Veterans, his Thunderfire Cannon slaughters a bunch of Renegades, but his Plasma Cannons rolled the most extreme roll I’ve ever seen in my life. 7 wounds on my Renegades ends in 7 1s.

In the Assault Phase, my Renegades on the left avenge their comrades and club his last Tacticals to death, earning me another Kill Point.

Unluckiest to Wound roll in history

Chaz’s Turn #4

My turn starts off with drawing Supremacy, Hold the Line, Witch Hunter and Secure Objective 4.

Starting off my Psychic Phase, I roll a Perils of Warp when I cast Endurance, then another 1, but pass both my Leadership Check and FnP. Invisibility goes off without a hitch, and in my shooting phase, the Veterans score a Glancing hit against the Razorback.

The Renegades in my Deployment Zone keep firing their plasma at the Drop Pods, but to no avail. My Renegades fix bayonets and charge the Techmarine, but lose combat and die to a Sweeping Advance (but they’ll be back!), while my CSMs fail to do any damage to the Ironclad, but being Invisible, they tough it out.

My leftmost and central close-combat squads charge the Lascannon Devastators, but the Lascannons kill three from the central squad, reducing it to a single soul, which then proceed to fail their charge. My leftmost squad gets beaten in CC and flees, which means I probably won’t see them anymore.

I end my turn by discarding Witch Hunter, but I got 3 VPs for Supremacy and Objective 4 – 15-7 to Chaos!

The lone flamer

Space Marines’ Turn #4

Ickz starts off his turn by drawing Assassinate and Secure Objective 4 and 6.

His Thunderfire Cannon kills my Warlord’s unit, while his Tacticals incinerate the Veteran squad holding Objective 4. His Drop Pods kill my fleeing Renegades for a Kill Point, allowing them to come back next turn.

In his Assault Phase, my Aspiring Champion finally wrecks the Ironclad. The Salamanders score a whopping 8 VPs (Objective 4, 6, Assassinate, Slay the Warlord, and Kill Points), but killing the Ironclad increased my lead by 1, so 16-15 to Chaos. Game on!

Chaz’s Turn #5

Drawing Kingslayer, Assassinate, Harness the Warp, and Blood & Guts, I think this game is over – I should get all of them.

My Reserves come in on both sides, with my close-combat squad on the left and the ranged squad the Techmarine killed on my right. In my Psychic Phase, my Invisibility goes off with no issue, while my Shroud of Deceit on the Plasma Cannons lead to the death of the Thunderfire Cannon. My Psychic Shriek causes the Plasma Cannon Devastators to flee, while my Renegades’ flamers murder loads of Lascannon Devastators, making them flee as well.

I finally get a glance on one of the Drop Pods, but too little, too late to get them out of Deployment Zone and deny Ickz a Linebreaker unless I’m lucky. In my assault phase, I fail another Charge, so no Blood and Guts for me!

I score 2 from Kingslayer, 1 from Assassinate, 2 from Harness the Warp, and discard Hold the Line, taking it to 21-15… but I forgot to seize Objectives! I better hope the game doesn’t end!

Space Marines’ Turn #5

Ickz draws secure Objective 2, 3, and 4, and For the Emperor (I think it’s seize an Objective the opponent held last turn). His Devastators rally (denying me a lot of points), and the Lascannons snapfire and kill the lone Flamer for a Kill Point. The Tacticals seize Objective 4, and being Objective Secured, that pushes me off.

The Devastators rally!

It is currently 21-21… and it’s time to see if the game ends!

And it does! After we add up points from Big Guns Never Tire and Ickz’ Linebreaker, the Salamanders win the extremely exciting and fun game 29-24!

The game ends 29-24 to the Salamanders in the end! 

Strategy, tactics, and list evaluation

First, I’d like to mention Ickz was really unlucky with his saves and 4+ FnP rolls against my Flamers (Flamers shouldn’t make Salamanders flee), in addition to that Plasma Cannon to Wound roll. I also had that Psychic Shriek roll.

Second, I need to find points for a powerfist on my Aspiring Champion and increase the amount of Flamers and Plasma Guns in each squad, and possibly add some melta bombs to Sergeants or replace Flamers with Melta Guns, in addition to beefing up the squads a little, especially the Command Squad. I have ordered some Flamers, Plasma Guns, and Melta Guns to cease the proxying and add even more of them to the units as well.

Thirdly, Traitor’s Hate Psychic Disciplines may be of use as well, and I’m looking into getting that regardless.

Fourth, I also need to pay attention to my opponent’s objectives and mission objectives. I could have moved the squads in my Deployment Zone to seize the Objectives near my Deployment Zone and just ignored the Drop Pods.

I hope you all enjoy the battle report!

  • Looked like a great game. Honestly, I like ties. I know everyone wants to win, but games that come down to a tie tend to be way more exciting. Every move and every decision matters.

    I like the new powers for CSM. Telepathy remains a great choice for obvious reasons, but there’s some great powers from Traitor’s Hate.

    • Chaz Sexington

      The scoring for the actual championship is slightly different – we missed it at the time, but there’s some divide by three, round up, add some points things going on.

      Getting the new powers is very much on my list – once I hand in the final draft, I’m rewarding myself with Traitor’s Hate! I’ve been thinking about using the displacement power to swap my CSMs with an Outflanking squad of Renegades!

      • Ickz

        The tournament scoring rules says to take the difference (in our case 29-24= 5) divide by two and round up, which makes it 3, then add 10 which gives me 13 points, and you get 20-13=7 points. So 13-7. ;)

  • Great report of what looks like a great game. I really thought you had the game.

    • Chaz Sexington

      That makes two of us! I was so sure once the Devastators were fleeing and most of his army annihilated! It was a great game though, and well done to Ickz for pipping me at the finish line!

  • Ickz

    Like we both pretty much agreed on, it was one of the most exciting games atleast i have played in a long time! It was full of ups and downs in regards to points, and compared to our last game with my Ad-Mech this was alot harder for me, as my list wasnt that good at dealing with hordes (weird, as Sallies usually likes horde opponents :P )
    For my collection of Salamanders I have always tried to be fluffy, casual and go for rule of cool before whats best, so this game was an experiment to see if I could make them somewhat competitive, even without any grav weapons, libby conclaves, bikes or centurions ;)

    The list was basically Skyhammer with two 5-man assault squads, one with 2 flamers and a hammer, the other with 2 flamers and a power sword. Two pods of 5 devastators, one squad with lascannons, the other with plasma cannons.
    Then for a CAD I had 2 pods with 5 sternguard in each, first squad was 3 combi-meltas and 2 meltas. the other was 3 combi-flamers and 2 heavy flamers. One more pod with a Ironclad. Two 5-man tacticals with flamer and combi-flamer, one of them in a rhino, the other in a lascannon razorback. Then of course the predator infernus, TFC and Libby HQ.

    So all in all, 5 pods with 4 of them coming turn 1. 2 assault squads also deep striking and charging turn 1. with some heavier firepower assistance.

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