The Tournament Scene (Part1)

Well, let me kick off this new site format change with something I recently started doing, competing in local 40k tournaments; more specifically the monthly ones held at Crossroads Games. Every month Crossroads holds a tournament and I’ve attended the one in November and the one for January. I have to say I’ve had a blast at both of them.

The first one was a learning experience to say the least, being my first ever tournament for 40k. I had little time to prepare, me being able to make it was a last minute thing, and so I threw my stuff together and literally grabbed a list I wrote on the way out the door. I got my stuff ready once I arrived and away we went.

To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. We were handed the scenario for our first game and I was given a full page explaining the primary, secondary and tertiary objectives…alright then. I also had a score sheet for each of my games where there’s this system for battle points along with scoring my opponent on things like painting and sportsmanship…well this is all new. So I ended up spending the first two games working out how these tournament games work and the scoring system. My last game was against Evan, someone I had met a few times, and he was very cool about explaining it to me and things started clicking and making more sense.

At the end of the day I went 1-2, not terrible under the circumstances, and I won best sportsmanship! Hey, I may have only won one of the games but I lost smiling and that counts for something!

This last tournament I went in a lot more prepared and knowing how things worked. Amazing how much more fun you can have when you know the lay of the land. This time I went 2-1 and again won best sportsmanship, no complaints here! My loss was against Nate who ended up winning best overall.

The point of this post? First, don’t be afraid to enter local tournaments. Initially I was skeptical about heading down to a local shop to play at all, much less a tournament. I always played with my personal friends and things were very casual. I had heard horror stories about local shops all over the net and didn’t want to be a part of that. At some point I decided to find out for myself what the real deal was and have been gaming down at Crossroads every Wednesday night since. Once I got to know the guys there I entered that first tournament, and you know what, it wasn’t scary at all and everyone was cool to play. I got to play guys I had never met, which is always fun.

The second point of this post will have to come in a later entry, so stay tuned!

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