The Tournament Scene (Part2)

My other point with tournaments was a learning experience. As I said in the last post, this last tournament I went into much more prepared. After the first tournament I began writing up my next army list for my Orks and spent a great deal of time fine tuning it. I combed over the list so many times I lost count and I play tested the hell out of it. Which brings me to my point.

See, for the longest time I couldn’t understand how a player could play the same list over and over. Why would you do that? You’re just going to burn yourself out and get bored. I’ve always been a fan of making a new list each and every game because for me it’s part of the fun and experience.  So what did I do for the tournament I was about to enter? I played the same list over and over.

I learned a few things with that. On the plus side I learned it allowed me to refine the hell out of my list. This unit isn’t performing so let’s remove that and add in this, or I really don’t need the big shoota in this unit so let’s use a rokkit instead. This part I enjoyed because it really made me make some big evaluations I really had not considered previously. The downside was after the tournament, when all was said and done, I was burned out on that list and my Orks in general. Playing that list as much as I had, even with some changes being thrown in as I went, just got dull and I had not fully realized that until after the rush of the tournament had worn off.

Of course I’ll continue to play my Orks but for the next tournament I’ll be fielding my Space Marines to take a break. I’ll also not be playing the hell out of the list. I got in one play test so far and I’ll aim for another and call that good.

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