Tau/Orks = TORKSThe past few months I have been playing Tau with Ork allies. I refer to this army as the TORKS. This all started with the 2nd Standish Standoff and the change to Sixth Ed.

The First Standoff had forced me to create what I consider a complete army. Competitive, Thematic Play, Fully Painted and Flocked.

Going into 6th I wanted to return to my first army the Tau. However after one game I was really missing the lack of hand to hand. I also kept playing around with ideas that I had with Orks revolving around Mega Nobs and Grottsnick.

List Building: Its important to understand how I like to play 40k currently. I like to grind out a win. This list is not a gun barrel that you point at an opponent and table them. The list is durable, wins games in the movement phase and mistakes are hard to recover from.

Here is the Core @ 1500 pts

Shas le: TL Fusion Blaster, Plasma Gun, Multi Tracker and Gun Drone.

3 Stealth Suits: Targeting Arrays

5 Drone Turrets : Missile Pods *Forge World*

8 man Fire Warrior Team: Devil Fish, D-Pods & Sensory Spins.

8 man Fire Warrior Team: Devil Fish, D-Pods & Sensory Spins.
1 Tetra *Forge World*
Hammer Head: Plasma Cannon *Forge World* D-Pods Multi Tracker and Target Lock
Ork Allies
4 Mega Nobz: Cybork Trukk with Ram, Painted Red.
11 Shoota Boyz: Nob Upgrade, Power Klaw, Boss Poll and Trukk with Ram
10 Gretchin.


@ 1750 I would add another Fire Warrior team and a Broadside

@ 1850 add a second Broadside


So looking at this list you may say. Its full of vehicles and nothing really sticks out as a big threat.  Here is the win loss with this list 15 and 6. If thats how you measure things. Also it has Forge World Models however they are not necessary.

Here is what sticks out to me. 2+ or 3+ across the board either thru armor or cover. Also The amount of AV does help against small arms fire.

Grotsnick and the Mega Nobz work as a Vacuums up the opposing player creating distraction and forcing them to deal with him. The Trukk gives speed to deliver the package and board control.

The Devil Fish are pricy however they are tuff armor 12 with a 3+ / 2+ cover save is great as long as you make your save :) The 18 inch move in a turn makes them worth it. Plus the drones are use full for keeping the Doc’s Trukk on track should it kereen away from the enemy. Actually the drones are useful for lots of different tasks.

The Stealth Suits are expensive but having a 2+ cover save on the Shas le is nice.

The Drone Turrets make a nice defense line, 10 str 7 shots and hard to kill.


Well this is dragging, if you have any questions place below. Here are some photos of the army and the boards at XRG. I will try and write up some battle reviews




  • It’s definitely not a list you look at and think, “Shit, that’s nasty,” but it plays out very well for you. That’s the thing in my experience, play what you enjoy and what works for you, not what the net says you should play. You could play a netlist and do terrible because you don’t enjoy it. But if you enjoy a list then you’ll always find a way to make it work and be competitive, even if it’s not ‘competitive’ by the standards of others.

  • JustHippie

    After playing against that list I wonder about a couple units.

    1- Do you ever find yourself using that PK in the Shoota squad in the trukk? Maybe you can dump that for something else if not.

    2- How do the devilfish hold up on average? I didn’t kill either one so I wonder if that is the norm?

    3- Do you think infiltrating Kroot would be more handy(versatile) than the gretchin?

    It is a fun list to play against for sure and seems to have many tricks up its sleeve.

    • stealthystealth

      The PK Nob is new for the tournament.. That unit is to give me a little versatility. In the game against you it put out some shots then ran for the back to gain an objective. However against Thor the week before I wish I would of had him to chase down his loan biker.

      The Devilfish generally live the thing that they fear is mass str 8+ fire however thats the same thing that my Mega Nobz fear so its one or the other

      Kroot are more than Boyz per point the Gretchin are my cheapest option for scoring objectives and bubble wrap. At 1850 I may think about making the gretchin a shoota boy squad.

  • It’s a cool looking army though. I’d like to see some good pictures of the whole army lines up, and maybe some closeups on on the more interesting models.

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