Tournament Practice

Last night we managed to get in a practice team game for the upcoming tournament. We rolled for random partners and I got Jeremy, an Ork player. We faced off against Dave who was fielding his Witch Hunters and Big Nate who was playing Space Wolves. The short of it is that Jeremy and I took a major win. We played an old ‘ard Boyz mission, Drawn and Quartered, where you deploy using Spearhead and place an objective in the two quarters not deployed in. I moved a unit of Warriors with Lord and Immortals to the closer objective to secure it. I left my Destroyers hanging back and a unit of Warriors to back up an Ork unit of Shoota Boyz that were playing mid-field support. The Orks were able to blow through the two units of podded Grey Hunters to secure one objective and I walked to the other where I was able to stand my ground and unleash lots of gauss fire. In the end they managed to contest the objective I was holding with one Sister who refused to die but the Orks held theirs securely. The only thing left of their army at the end was that one Sister, 5-6 Long Fangs with a Rune Priest attached.

It was a brutal game. I know come the tournament I need to get a teammate who has a capable assault force just as I had last night. Necrons don’t stand up well in assault since 5th came out, though there are a few exceptional units. I don’t like the idea of relying on a random partner to cover my weakness but it’s a risk I’m willing to take and have to since I don’t own any of the assault oriented Necron units. I keep putting off building up my Necrons until I know what they plan to do with them in the new codex; that and Necrons on eBay are few and far between.

Anyway, I was pleased with the results last night. I got an ideal partner and was able to do what my list was designed to do. I previously posted my list and it’s the same except I gave my Lord a warscythe and altered his wargear. I’ll post the final list a bit later. I figured the warscythe was something I could do to give me something of an assault punch and make people reconsider charging the unit. Not that he’ll scare them off and they won’t bother but they’ll probably think about it a bit more. I also gave him support oriented wargear, mostly anyway. He now has solar pulse, gaze of flame, phylactery and the res orb. Solar pulse in case someone is determined to shoot the unit off an objective, gaze of flame to help reduce the pain of being assaulted, res orb is obvious and phylactery for the potential to stand up with all three wounds, which he did last night.

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