Tournament Preperation: Disheartened

SadThis Saturday is The Standish Standoff at my FLGS. A 32 player 1,850 40K hobby-centric tournament. In the weeks leading up to it I’ve been painting furiously and getting in some play testing. Suffice to say the painting has gone a lot better than the gaming. I’ll preface this by saying this article is mostly me pissing and moaning and I blame nobody for not wanting to read it.

Long story short, I have been getting my ass handed to me for a good long while now. Take last night against Tyranids; by the game’s end I had one model left on the table. In the past few weeks I’ve been tabled more times than I had previously in a year. I could claim it’s what I’m playing, and to an extent there’s some truth to that, but I can’t help but wonder. To explain, I’m playing a very limited Chaos force because leading up to this tournament I knew I had to work with what I had and what I could get painted. It’s not my ideal list even based on what I own but I knew I could get it ready and yesterday I finished off the last bits. So, I made the right call in that regard. That being said, there’s only so much you can blame on your list.

To give some insight into just how poorly I’m doing. Since 6th edition hit my record with Chaos is 7 wins and 17 losses. That’s not all preparation for this Saturday either, so it goes to further the fact it’s not this particular list that’s doing me in. I’d be lying if I said getting my ass routinely kicked for the past four months hasn’t affected me. I have never been the best player at my FLGS but I’ve always held my own and at least won more than I’ve lost. The transition into 6th has been my undoing. It’s easy for me to see that I’m not 100% comfortable with it yet and while I’m still feeling around in the dark, everyone else has latched onto it and grown beyond me.

Last week I wasn’t able to make it to my FLGS’ weekly 40K night, I had plans, but at the same time it was relieving. I didn’t have to bend over and let someone shove their foot up my ass for a week. I’ve had rough patches in the past but never once before had I found not being able to play 40K as a relief. Going last night had me wondering who would be handing me another ass-kicking instead of being focused on practicing with my list for Saturday. This is also why I’ve put up so few articles lately. I still love the game but it doesn’t love me right now and that makes it hard to find the motivation to put time into articles.

A bit ago I started a series here called My Road to Redemption and I really need to mentally invest more into it than I have. I haven’t even been taking my advice to myself seriously because I’ve been so disheartened with the game lately. I really do need to step back and basically start over because playing 40K as I am now is obviously not working. I want to look forward to playing every week again. I want to enjoy this new Chaos codex. I don’t need to have an amazing record for that either, or even a better record period. I just need to feel confident again.

To that end I’m building up my Chaos force. I held off on building up my Chaos army previously because at the time there was a new codex coming and I wanted to make informed purchases. Before that it was waiting on 6th edition and the impact that would have. Now 6th is here, the new codex it out and there’s nothing holding back my army expansion. It’s time to go from playing what I have to playing what I want. It may not improve my record but at the very least it will be playing lists I enjoy and built from the ground up instead of lists working with what I have.

At the moment, though I’m looking forward to The Standoff this Saturday, I’m also looking forward to it being over; as much as I hate to say that. The Standoff will be the last tournament where I field what I have to and after will be a new beginning for me…I hope.

  • JustHippie

    Chaos Codex isn’t nearly as powerful as Grey Knights or Necrons so it will be a tricky army to get a good record with. You should plan to make “The List” you want for next Wednesday and proxy stuff or borrow units from the group to do so. That should really help pull you out of the rut.

    Standoff fortunately will be a really well balanced event. We all did a good job with the comp system and there will be no Air Forces and minimal Spammed units.

    • That’s the plan and why I bought those bikes on Wednesday, to finally start working the list I want to play. I really like the codex, especially since it’s well done and balanced. It’s the same reason I enjoy Space Marines. Now I need to invest and get myself where I want to be with them.

      No argument about The Standoff and the nature of it. However, not everyone is in the boat I am of working with a limited collection and can instead put down better lists that are still a good comp. I know as they’ve been kicking my ass for weeks.

      • JustHippie

        The Nid list you played last night is a tough nut to crack period. Add in his 12 Uber good dice he rolls over and over again and it’s even harder to deal with. His first list had 2 Flyrants and 2 squads of Hive Guard so at least this rendition is a bit more varied.

        • Every list I’ve played has been tough, that’s what I’m saying. Each week I get my ass kicked and each week it’s a “tough” list. I’m tired of getting my ass kicked by tough lists.

          • Khorne inquisitor

            I will be playing my mono-khorne silliness next week if want to play me there. Well mono khorne or mix khorne slaanesh. Looking to revamp my daemons and get away from green and allies as I feel that I have become addicted to them in sorts and want to get back to the assaulty nature of khorne more :)

            • What size you thinking? Next tournament is Dec. @ 1,500. I’d like to run a bit bigger than that though so I can squeeze in more stuff to play test with. After The Standoff it’s time to figure out my game plan so I got a lot to try out.

              • Khorne Inquisitor

                Ditto to wanting bigger. There are some combos like full seeker cavaclades and big squads of seekers I’d like to try as well as different combinations. I am fine with as big as you want to go. For me it’s trying out my khorne and slaanesh in sixth.

  • Douglas Bevard III

    Get a pineapple. Free up a day from paint and family. Watch Surfs up. Not even joking friend!

    • A pineapple? hah

  • TheRhino

    The limited collection is a major factor. You’re essentially knocking yourself down to “newbie” level when you can’t play with what you want, and have to make do with what you have.
    It’s one of the reasons my bike lists don’t do all that well. I run them based on the armaments and loadouts that I currently have, because I don’t feel like investing more cash into additional models that make the ones I own obsolete. So, instead of running packs of MSU melta and plasma bike squads with attached attack bikes, I run my flamer/plasma/melta squads and suffer a little for it.
    Those with the money and means always adapt faster to a rules or edition change, as they don’t tend to have as much of an emotional attachment to the models like you or I have. Putting Captain Equion on the shelf so I can run something else that’s “better” hurts my heart. Shelving your Princes that you put 20 hours of work each into does the same for you, right?

    • Not being able to run dual Princes from Chaos as I once did does make me sad. I mean, sure I still can but they really aren’t worth it any longer and that sucks. I can run them as Daemons’ Princes but it’s not the same and that has its own setbacks as well. Same with my Greater Daemon as well. He’s pretty well shelved at this stage.

      So yes, all that work into those models that will barely see the light of day blows. It’s what always scares me with a new codex. You can’t wait to see what new goodies you got but you also know part of your collection will become antiquated.

  • stealthystealth

    Thor, keep in mind that you approach the game in a way that is going to deliver more L than W. This being said its one of the reasons that you looked at as one of the leaders within the community. You exemplify a good 40k player. Top in class painted army, check. Knows rules, check. Everyone likes playing Thor, check. Not for an easy win but because its always an enjoyable game.

    You know how to play the game and if you want more wins you will build for it or accept the results. I like playing 18 orbital bombardments from time to time. Even tho I know it supper hard to win with its just fun.

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