Tournament Report: Chaos Climbs to the Top

Chaos LordTournaments burn me out. I enjoy them, don’t get me wrong, but after one I’m hardly in a condition to write-up cool reports. That being said, I didn’t do one for the previous month so something is better than nothing, right?

Huh, well this is actually longer than I thought now that I’ve written it all up.

I played Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines. This list I brought along was this, which is a big deviation from my normal list. I threw in Berzerkers because I wanted to give them a chance; not having used them since early in 6th. I swapped in the Forgefiend over my Maulerfiend. I love the Mauler in concept but I have not gotten him to work reliably. With some spare points I tossed in the Predator, something I have not used with Chaos at all. It was between that and the Helbrute and the Predator seems the better buy for the points, at least in the role I needed. Oh, and the hades on the Heldrake is something I only tried once prior.

First match was against a mono-Nurgle Daemon list. My knowledge of the new Daemons is lacking but with his mono-build it wasn’t too hard to pick up at least what he had. We played my Special Ops mission where you select your own primary, secondary and tertiary missions from a list of five. This was where I boned myself. I selected missions that revolved around my movement, which is something I normally do a lot of, but against a tide of Nurgle I played it defensive gun-line style. He did the same, taking missions needing to move, and that’s what he did all game, slowly clamber across the board. The result was me not accomplishing much of anything. The entire game was very uneventful. Between the both of us we only managed three kill points, just three. I took a loss here of 20-11.

My second match was against a Chaos player who was recently getting back into the hobby. The primary in the mission was kill points, secondary objectives and tertiary table quarters. His list was pretty tame with two CSM squads, two full Cultists squads, Daemon Prince, Oblit squad and two Heldrakes.

The game started out with him aggressively moving up but he started his Prince gliding so I unloaded and put three wounds on the Prince turn #1. I advanced to meet him mid-field and downed the Prince on turn #2. He had a strung out Cultist squad near the center who I charged with Zerkers, mauled and then swept. My Lord and Spawn moved right of center to attack some CSM and cleared those out and proceeded to the right more. My Lord, Spawn got mowed down, got a charge off against a full CSM squad. I proceed to roll the Daemon weapon and get a 1. Great, I have one wound left and I fail this and I’m dead, but I made the 4++. My Lord decided to become a Spawn though. He only had that one wound left so it wasn’t terrible.

His Heldrakes flew all around the board during the game but ultimately had very little impact. By the end of the game I had destroyed everything except for one Heldrake and a Cultist squad to take a 29-4 victory.

Final game was against a Space Wolf with Imperial Guard list; someone I play often. He had two Vet squads, two Grey Hunter squads, Long Fangs, Psyker Battle squad, Primaris Psyker, Rune Priest and two Vendettas and of course Chimeras and Rhinos (think that’s it). Second game in a row against dual-flyers. I knew it would be interesting. The mission primary was objectives, secondary victory points and tertiary destroying all troops & HQs.

Chaos vs Space Wolves and Imperial GuardThis was easily the best game of the day, though my opponent may see it otherwise. A lot happened in this game. The game opening had me lose my Zerker Rhino and 4 Zerkers in the explosion. I also lost almost half a CSM squad in my backfield. My return was similar, taking out a Rhino (though only 1 guy with it), and charging my Lord and Spawn at another to drop that.

The first few turns went this way with a pretty even exchange but with him taking a slight lead. My faster units got smoked pretty early to leave us exchanging fire for the rest of the game. Then my opponents dice turned on him. His Psyker Battle squad went to cast and rolled double 6’s. He then lost 3 from that. He failed his morale and then ran just far enough to be off the board. In this same turn his Vet squad got pinned from the Chimera my Heldrake exploded.

At this point I had capture two objectives and him none. He began moving out for objectives and succeeded in taking two of them but his string of bad luck continued. My Predator shot down the four Grey Hunters with one objective but his Vet squad near them took it up after. He had another Vet squad in his back field, four models, holding an objective. My Heldrake vector struck the squad and I got 4 hits. Good, with luck I’ll kill all four. Of course I rolled a 1 in there and only killed three. He rolled morale and failed; the game ended.

Looking at the game would indicate differently but I did take a 29-4 victory. The game revolved around a few key dice rolls but the dice went in my favor. While he had some terrible rolls, like that Psyker Battle squad, I had a unit of CSM get shot at all game long (the one that lost almost half at the start), and remain alive with one model by the end and after six game turns.

For the day I actually placed 2nd. I have not placed in almost three years. I win painting competitions, not tournaments, so I was pleasantly surprised. As for my experiments, I learned a lot. Zerkers I will likely not take again unless I’m putting down a horde of them on foot. They only impacted one game and in that game they didn’t do anything another unit of mine couldn’t have. Forgefiend was consistent for the day. He didn’t do anything amazing but he was useful, which puts him way ahead of the Maulerfiend. Heldrake with hades worked out well for me. With being able to fire 360 degrees off the base it’s easy to get rear arcs on vehicles. You vector strike one and then gun down another, which is something my normal lists need, more anti-vehicle. The Predator was about like I recall from Predators, meh. It was pivotal in my last game but like the Zerkers, it wasn’t something another unit couldn’t have done either. That being said, it lived through all of my games which is a feat in its own so I’m not writing it off either.

  • JustHippie

    Congrats! Nice to see Chaos forces doing well. Kind of funny that the Heldrake is showing up sporting the Hades lately, glad it worked out well for you. Nothing worse than changing things up last minute and having it blow up in your face.

    • The change to how it shoots really puts the hades on-par with the baleflamer, in it’s respective role anyway. Generally I have anti-infantry covered in the form of assault and though it’s nice to have a weapon that can wipe an entire squad at once, it’s not needed. My Lord does the same thing, takes out an entire squad, so a more support oriented Heldrake seemed to fit right in.

  • Epaminondas

    congrats! 2nd is quite respectable.

  • Congrats man! It must feel good to be getting a handle on the army. I know you’ve been going through some growing pains with them for a bit.

    That case of chronic recurring spawnism is still plaguing your lord I see. Maybe he need to find a new group of friends who will have a better influence on him.

    • While I agree that the company he keeps may be responsible, from a gaming standpoint it’s really just the best spot for him. He did also turn into a Prince the first game but he did so early on when he was perfectly fine. That result hurt me as the Prince lacks the volume of attacks the Lord has. I just can’t win with the boon rolls…

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