Tournament Report: Kill Team

Kill Team - Ruined CityEvery few months we run a quick Kill Team tournament at my FLGS. There’s always a good showing and last night we had 16 of us for it. The last time we did this I ran five Chaos Terminators and got smoked in all three games. This time I opted for seven Plague Marines with two plasma guns. I gave one plasma gun infiltrate, one relentless and a bolter guy slow and purposeful.

The first match was against Dark Eldar running a bunch of beasts, two Beastmasters and, I think, three Blood Brides. I infiltrated my plasma gunner behind a wall near where he deployed all clumped up. I deployed the rest of my army mostly hidden but close enough to get into rapid fire range if needed.

I lost my infiltrating plasma gunner quickly and in forgetting that beasts charge 12″ I quickly found my entire army in combat in a few turns. DE had a hell of time getting wounds on me and making them stick with feel no pain saving me countless times. Eventually I was able to drag him down in the combats, free up a few to charge into other combats and on his second LD check he failed and ran with one model left.

Second match was against Necrons running five Wraiths, if I recall the number right. He had two whip coils, again if I recall correctly, and one had the pistol weapon they can get. I deployed as far back as I could and him as close as he could. They came at me and I had one round of solid rapid-firing but only downed one Wraith. I got stuck in combat but my rolling was abysmal on getting wounds or making armor and feel no pain saves. In the end he wiped me out completely.

Final game was against Tyranids. This particular player raised a lot of questions as he was running Death Leaper and six Spore Mines. First question was whether the Spore Mines counted as models for the purposes of the LD check. It was ruled they didn’t, which meant Death Leaper had to die to win. Additionally, Death Leaper has his ability to pop up and disappear into reserves. The first two games he did just that and then later it was ruled he could not disappear into reserves.

In our game I setup all clustered into one corner. I allowed him to pop up Death Leaper on the first turn without being deployed normally. The Spore Mines we also allowed to enter as they normally do and I lost two Plague Marines to it. Death Leaper came up, ate a plasma gunner but my return fire only managed one wound on him. He came at another Plague Marine but he stuck around. I then charged two Plague Marines into that and lost two. The one already locked stuck around and managed to get a wound on him, leaving him with one wound remaining. He tried to hit and run out by failed it which meant he’d win combat on his turn, which he did. My one last Plague Marine, a plasma gunner, rapid fired and he failed one of the two cover saves to give me the win.

One of my better showings at Kill Team as I typically do horrible. The person who won was the Necron player from my 2nd match with the Wraith Wing and the second place player was Eldar with a bunch of Wraithguard.

I’ve lamented before that Kill Team is not my favorite. It’s just too easily exploited and we’ve agreed next time to finally check out Killzone. We’ve chatted about it a few times before but I think now everyone is sick of dealing with the countless issues of Kill Team.

  • Todd Bolduc

    “Play it to break it” is how I’d describe the tone of KT at the shop ;)

    • No argument here.

      I’ve gone through the Killzone rules and I like what I see. There wasn’t anything, at first glance, that stood out to me as being broken. It really was written with a fluffy cinematic battle in mind. No doubt some of the more skilled players will find ways to cheese it up but it even then I see it being minor compared to the all-out cheese that’s going on now by the majority.

      • Todd Bolduc

        I’m reading through the rules right now, and they seem very cool and totally cinematic. Kinda makes you want to run out and build special models just for this.

        • I agree. I’d likely never do it though if for no other reason than I’m never finished with a normal army and so have no spare time for a side project like that. Some day maybe.

  • hippie

    Let’s just say you WON’T see any of the lists from last night in Killzone.  80pts max, no unique, limits to 2+ armour and 3++, etc.  I’m kind of excited to play it.

    • Ditto. I wouldn’t mind trying it out next week.

    • Anonymous

      if it exists, you can break it.  just wait…. :(

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