Tournament Report: Shell-Shocktober 2

Shell Shocktober 2On Saturday a group of eight of us from my FLGS loaded up two vehicles and headed down to Watertown, MA for a 24-player tournament being put on by the Dorkamorka club. This was the second Shell-Shocktober they were doing and we always enjoy heading down for their 40K tournaments. Most times we head down we bring along a few new people as well, as in they have never made the trip, and it’s always a great time. They are the club that inspired us to start the Standish Standoff, for those familiar.

This is the list I brought down. It’s a scaled down version of my Standoff list with a slight alteration; my Standoff list doesn’t have the Obliterators. I’ve had good luck with the list in play testing leading up the event. The list is a combination of models I have painted, sort of making them an auto-include since painting mattered, stuff I just enjoy using like the Princes despite not being really competitive, and some competitive options like Nurgle Spawn and Obliterators.

Game #1
Game #1

On to the games a bit. My first game was against Bill, a Tau player from our shop and someone who rode down with us all. We rarely play one another though so I didn’t mind the pairing at all. This was a tough game from the start. I was doing what Chaos does against Tau, closing the distance, and holding up well considering. I then had a brain-lapse and charged a Prince of mine into some Fire Warriors. Don’t get me wrong, that move was intended and not my mistake; my mistake was the Prince I used. See, I had an iron arm Prince and he’s the one that should have charged in. My mistake saw that Prince take a S10 railgun shot to the face from Longstrike nearby in overwatch (supporting fire), and instant death my Prince. After that I couldn’t bring much together and took a big loss.

Game #2
Game #2

Second game was against Orks, a Speedfreek style list. I played Ron, a super nice guy. With both lined up on that deployment line wanting to jump into melee and that’s exactly what we did. He was running some Warbikes down a flank and I sent a Prince to intercept them and destroy the unit. The rest of his force was coming down the center so I meet them there and used the earlier mentioned Prince to surgically strike him in the flank while I held up the rest of the army. The game went largely in my favor and I took a big victory on it.

Final game was against Cody, a Dorka swing player, and he was playing Space Marines. This was the best game of the day. My Princes mostly stayed airborne this game harassing and threatening while the rest of my force advanced at him. I had around 6 Chaos Marines on foot after losing their Rhino and they took out a Land Speeder Storm with Scouts inside. My Marines then charged those Scouts and hilarity ensued. I had to challenge and I lost my Aspiring Champion to a Scout Sarge but he also died in that same challenge. That left 4 Scouts vs 5 Marines and over the course of the next 4 turns I continued to lose that combat and when it concluded he had 2 Scouts left. I lost 6 Marines to 5 Scouts and 2 of them lived! Meanwhile the frequent term that could be heard from my opponent, in fun of course, was, “Fucking Daemons!” I made so many 5++ saves that game that it just became hilarious. The game was close. Neither of us achieved the primary objectives and I had taken only one more secondary objective than him.

My Awards
My trophies.

With the games concluded it was time for awards. The top prize is Best Overall, just what it sounds like, battle points plus soft scores (comp, painting and sportsmanship), and that went to Hippie, one of our own. Next was Best General and that went to Anthony. After that was Best Painted Army and that went to Campbell. Then there was Best Army, a composition of painting, army comp and probably some magical formula for a score, and that went to me. They also did a Dorka Choice which is an all encompassing thing where they feel you represent hobby well, at least that’s my understanding, and that went to TheRhino (another of our ‘crew’). There were three Best Sportsmanship awards: Matt (one of us), Fred (one of theirs), and Warren (another of ours). Lastly was the Golden Squig, best painted model, and I won that with one of my Daemon Princes. The Golden Squig was between myself and Warren with his Space Wolf Scout but I just nudged him out.

It was a great day all around. I always enjoy the trek down there. Loading up a bunch of cars, playing games, drinking beers, grabbing dinner with the crew afterwards and the journey back; it’s just a fun day. They have some pictures of the day over here if you want to check it out.

  • JustHippie

    Great event for sure. I was kinda shocked at how the time went at 1500 pts. I squeezed out 4 turns game 1, 5 turns game 2 and 4 turns game 3. Never did roll to see if the game ended as we just ran out of time. Makes me nervous about the Standoff at 1750 pts and 2 1/2 hr rounds. Hopefully we can add some setup time on top of that.
    Congrats on your well deserved painting awards (mumbles asshole).

    • My first game was 5 rounds, 4 the next and 6 the last. You definitely have a slow army with Daemons, so many rolls for everything. Then add in more models since they got cheaper and there’s not much you can do. Well, unless you went mono-Khorne and kept the rewards to a minimal. As an ally they don’t suck up much extra time, at least how I use them anyway.
      Painting awards is about all I win. You got best overall which is a pretty big deal :p

      • Warren Falconer

        hell even mono khorne went long in one game but we were having a blast and joking around…well at least i was anyway(I imagine the evil nurgle doers were too but I hate to speak for them). but the rolling for all the powers and stuff probably took close to 5-10 minutes when it was all said and done, which is dumb it should take no more than 1 or 2 minutes but for some reason it just always seemed like it did.also congrats on the awards(next time gadget! *shakes fist in the air* next time! )

        • Khorne still has the preliminary rolls for rewards but that’s it. No psychic stuff to roll for, cast during the game, etc. I’ve definitely found the more I play Daemons the faster the setup goes, though I suppose that goes without saying.

          Thanks, regarding awards. There’s still the SS where you no doubt will beat me out of a few there.

      • JustHippie

        I also take quite a bit of time explaining all my units/rules/wargear to folks that have NO idea what they do. Grimoire, Portalglyph, Beguilement, Conjuration, flickering fire, Soporific musk, Disruptive song, Gifts, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like all 3 of my games went to completion and game 2 neither of us had much left standing.
        The extra 250 pts at the Standoff and newer players that are unfamiliar with 6th edition and our tournament missions is what worries me. Hell, I’m not even playing. Nothing worse than having a unit in reserve not come in and a game end due to time. Some match ups just need more time(turns) to actually complete the mission. Jetbike troops have huge advantages over average infantry for instance. Gunline armies need to kill off most of the enemy before even trying to get to objectives.
        When I hear folks are deciding their army based on the time constraint and point level I am concerned.

        • You’re not playing?

          • JustHippie

            Nope, Luke and I will be judging with Bill.

            • It would be awesome if we had more than a few of us in the community willing to help organize and run these events. It really sucks that it’s always down to a select few to do this stuff otherwise this shit wouldn’t happen at all. Selfish gamers really aggravate me.

              • JustHippie

                If I didn’t enjoy judging and hanging out it would bother me more. I get to play every Wed night, 1 monthly every month so basically 7 games per month. I don’t mind sitting out one a year.
                Since I make the trophies I really don’t want them anyway. :P

                • Still though, you shouldn’t have to judge every year because others aren’t stepping up.

                  • In any community you will find the facilitators are far outweighed by the participants, which isn’t really a bad thing. If the majority wanted to run events there wouldn’t be enough participants to support them all. It takes a special combination of time, ability, and desire to organize/judge/etc.

                    Personally, I would love to take a more active role in some of these events but I can’t even find the time to participate in many of them. If you added up the time I’ve spent attending tournaments/events in the past year it probably wouldn’t be enough to judge an event, let alone organize one. While I greatly appreciate the efforts of those of you who make these events possible, I don’t consider myself selfish for being a mere participant. Without the participant you wouldn’t have an event to organize.

                    It would be great if we had more people with a capacity to support them but for now I’m just glad we have the ones we have now.

                    • True, not everyone who doesn’t contribute is selfish. I did make a broad statement there. However, I know there are more who could contribute than do and it’s those I was calling selfish.

              • TheRhino

                I’ll likely pitch in for the spring event. I’m mostly in this one for the painting competition. I tagged out after the first Standoff, but will likely have time in the spring, I hope.

                • The story I began would do well in your hands for spring. It’s also a much easier event to organize, assuming things stick pretty much the same. The time consumption, for last year anyway, was in play testing the missions. I would say 90% of our effort prepping was in play testing.

  • Congrats on the awards! It sounds like you had some decent games overall.

    The Dorka events sound like a blast. One of these days I’m hoping to attend one myself!

    • Thanks.

      It’s always a good time going down there. It’s a bit of an adventure but that’s part of what makes it enjoyable.

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