Tournament Rundown: Devastation

Ass KickingThis past Saturday was a 1,500 40K tournament at my FLGS. It was a food drive and so you brought in canned goods and non-perishables to get in-game abilities like re-rolls, +1 strength, etc. I played Disciples of Twilight, my Chaos Marines, using this list: Last week I explained the idea behind the list.

First game was against Blood Angels. The same player TheRhino played that day. It was a game where little went as planned. I had my five Spawn take a charge from 10 ASM with a Priest and hold up very well. I threw my five Nurgle Bikers into the mix because I’ve learned Spawn are great at holding up units, not so much at breaking through them, and I had to make four armor saves and failed every single one to leave the Champion. Between some bad luck, and really some bad planning on my part, I took a loss of 19-15.

Second game was against Ultramarines. The game had a lot of back and forth and we both shared some bad luck. Five Tactical Marines holding up my five Spawn really threw a wrench in my plans and I wasn’t able to cross the table as fast as I wanted. I was also down to 1-2 models in my scoring units by the game’s final rounds. Ultimately the game came down to one dice roll. I had his five Tacticals in combat and won, he failed his morale and then…I caught him. Had I not caught him I’d have gained 3 more points, and him 3 less, for an even draw. Instead he took the win here with 20 – 14.

Now, I had lost both games at this point but they were both great and very close. Then I face Lukas‘ Necron silliness. In short, unit of Wraiths with D-Lord, unit of Wasp-things (Forge World), with D-Lord, 2 x five Warriors. Allied in were some Grey Hunters with Rune Priest and Thunder Cav. Think that covers it.

So, I have the initiative seized, one less turn of firing on him, and we’re in combat on turn #1. Despite charging, it was not a combat on my terms, it was a necessity and one he dictated to me. You all know how that goes. He basically just rolled my army while I flanked out my Maulerfiend and Bikers to try to claim a center objective, my deployment was lost, but that was denied to me as well. The game ended with me taking a loss of 32 – 0.

I walked away 0-3 for the day, which makes me sad. I have had a rough go in 6th all along. Initially struggling with an outdated codex and then trudging along with an army built for another edition, another codex, and trying to build it up into something fitting my play style. All through that I have still done reasonably well, considering, at tournaments. Wednesday night games, 40K night at my FLGS, never seemed to go very well but I was holding up in tournaments. Going 0-3 for the day was like a huge kick in the nuts and a big step backwards; especially since the list I played was intentional and not built out of necessity. This edition of the game continues to plague me; no fault of the edition though.

  • Douglas Bevard III

    Did you watch Surfs Up or what?

    • My results would indicate no, wouldn’t it? :P

  • The best you could’ve possibly hoped for was 2-1 (after all, you can’t expect to beat the boys in blue). Sorry to hear that it didn’t go well. Sounds like you could’ve used more canned foods. Did you bring any? That to me, is the most interesting part of this tourney. I wonder how the ratio of donations did to people’s success rates…?

    • Ultramarine players…

      I brought more stuff than anyone actually, though it was more about getting stuff out of our cupboards than it was gaining an advantage. I used the bonuses pretty often except that last game. I just lost interest in that last game, honestly. Necrons are the only army I hate playing against. Stupidly, but I did it none-the-less, I gave up on the last game on turn #1.

      • Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why you brought the canned foods, but that you did is great. How much did the event earn? Seems like a great idea for a food drive, and I’m sure the receiving charity was thrilled with the result.

        Sorry that you’re bad at 40k. Try painting your Orkses BLOO!


        • From the 40K tourney it was around 140 items donated. The shop has been doing it all month long too for all their tournaments.

      • khorneinquisitor

        wow, space wolves and necrons with forgeworld melta wraiths. Yeah, I can see why, sounds not so fun to play against. I hear you. That said, try branching out perhaps into allies yourself? Thow in some Damon allies such as some nurglings for turn one deep striking to bog down big nasty units. For just over 100 points and 27 wounds, 9 nurglings have the habit of tying up those death stars for a while.

        • Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I’ve thought about IG to get some cheap bodies on the field and packing heavy weapons. Daemons I need to think about some more; as in what direction. I already have some, so it’s a cheaper investment once I figure out what I’m doing.

          • khorneinquisitor

            You can borrow mine if you need. I have a fair amount of most every daemon except seekers and screamers which Steve has a ton of. I suggest Nurgle though. They are tough as a coffin nail and offers that tarpit to bog down those units that need to be. Now that multi-charges are easy now, picture assaulting that wraith squad with a blog of nurglings. Yeah, he’d chew through it but it would take at least three or four phases of breathing room for you to maneuver. Things like thunder cav can actually get cut down by them.

            You could also run the masque. Put her and another unit or two. Turn one you drop her, pavane a unit or two, and smack with battle cannons or ectoplasma cannons.

            • Thanks.

              I really need to go through the Daemons codex and read up on it. Most of my knowledge if from what I face and the few units I’ve allied with. I need to understand it better to put together something coherent.

              • Khorne Inquisitor

                Yeah, true. You’re sort of in the same situation though again what with rumors of an impending daemons book in early next year. May not want to pick up any daemons.

                If you ever want to use Khorne daemons, I have some painted for ice so they would fit in well with your army. :P

  • Funny. Ultramarine players just try harder.

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