Traitor Legions – My First Experience with World Eaters

So, we Chaos players now have our Traitor Legions, and it’s a glorious thing. I haven’t really sat down and digested everything yet, there’s just so many possibilities with the supplement, but I did dive right in with World Eaters. I’ve looked over all the Legions, but my love for close combat has won out initially.

I’m not planning on reviewing Traitor Legions. Reviews aren’t exactly my thing, and I’m not the most competitively oriented person to truly evaluate it. However, I thought I’d share my experiences after my first game using the World Eaters’ rules

The Fundamentals

There’s a few big things that has drawn me to the World Eaters’ rules. As I said above, I love close combat, and one thing that the rules for World Eaters do is make that a priority.

The preliminary stuff is there can be no Unique units other than Kharn. Psykers aren’t allowed. All units must take the Mark of Khorne if able, and no other Marks are allowed. Veterans of the Long War is given freely to any unit that can take it, and Princes must be Khorne.

Berzerker Horde  Khorne Berzerkers become Troops choices, which is not surprising.
The Blessing of Khorne – All units with VotLW (Veterans of the Long War) get Adamantium Will.
The Butcher’s Nails – All units with VotLW gain Fearless and Furious Charge.

So, you have to buy Mark of Khorne, but get VotLW for free. However, in buying Mark of Khorne, you not only gain those benefits (Rage, and Counter-attack), but gain the additional bonuses of Fearless, and Furious Charge. That can make even a basic Chaos Marine respectable in close combat. I love it.


World Eaters Butcherhorde

This is what makes the World Eaters so appealing to me, this detachment. In particular, the Command Benefits.

Blood Mad – After both sides have deployed (including Infiltrators), all non-vehicle units in the Detachment can move 2D6″. Also, all non-vehicle units, and Walkers, can re-roll charges.

Basically, it’s a better Scout move with the ability to charge after making it. You can now possibly get turn #1 charges off. Having the ability to re-roll charges is no small thing either, and this is what I like about these rules. These rules do what you would expect them to do; they make a close combat oriented army more capable of getting into close combat. Sure, the army is better at close combat with Mark of Khorne and The Butcher’s Nails, but they can actually get into combat! See, it doesn’t matter how good your army is at close combat if you can never make it. I was impressed with this. It’s exactly what the Legion needed.

World Eaters List

I have played one game so far with the World Eaters, and this was the list I brought.

Disciples of Twilight (World Eaters: Butcherhorde) – 2,000pts

HatersChaos Warband

  • Soulgore – Chaos Lord: Bolt Pistol, Axe of Blind Fury, Sigil of Corruption, Juggernaut of Khorne, Mark of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Veterans of the Long War, Gift of Mutation
  • Gorgons – Terminators (3): Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
    • Terminator: Combi-melta, Power Maul
    • Terminator: Combi-bolter, Power Fist
    • Champion: Combi-bolter, Power Axe
  • Vengeance – Chaos Space Marines (5): Plasmagun x 1, Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
    • Champion: Melta Bombs
    • Rhino
  • Redemption – Chaos Space Marines (5): Melta Gun x 1, Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
    • Champion: Melta Bombs
    • Rhino
  • Bikers (8): Meltagun x 2, Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
    • Champion: Lightning Claw, Melta Bomb
  • Hellscream – Helbrute: Multi-melta, Power Fist
  • Havocs (6): Autocannon x 1, Missile Launcher x 3, Mark of Khorne, Veterans of the Long War
    • Champion: Melta Bombs

Lord of the Legion

  • Ghostwrath – Daemon Prince: Veterans of the Long War, Daemon of Khorne, Power Armor, Wings, The Berserker Glaive

Lord of the Legion

  • Darktide – Daemon Prince: Veterans of the Long War, Daemon of Khorne, Power Armor, Wings, Gorefather

Cult of Destruction

  • Grimtech – Warpsmith: Veterans of the Long War, Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Mark of Khorne, Aura of Dark Glory, Melta Bombs
  • Obliterators (2): Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne
  • Obliterators (1): Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne
  • Obliterators (1): Veterans of the Long War, Mark of Khorne

The idea was to have some scary threats for the free movement, namely the Bikes with Lord, and two Princes. All three units would be capable of a turn #1 charge. I also didn’t want to neglect having some fire power to bust open transports, and generally deal with armor. So, I grabbed the small unit of Havocs, and the small Cult of Destruction. Having small units in general is a lot less scary when it’s all Fearless.

The Berserker Glaive is a Daemon Weapon that’s +2 strength, and AP3. The AP3 becomes AP2 on a Monstrous Creature. It also grants Feel No Pain, and It Will Not Die. The bearer loses Independent Character.

The idea there was simple. A Prince with a lot of attacks (potentially 12) that are S9 on the charge.

Then there’s the Gorefather. That one has Armorbane, 6’s to-wound are Instant Death, and it’s +2 strength, AP2. It’s also Unwieldy, but Monstrous Creatures ignore that.

So, another Prince that’s S9 on the charge, and coupled with Armorbane, gives him the ability to tear apart a Knight.

Soulgore had his usual weapon of choice, Axe of Blind Fury. So, I had three scary close combat threats with the potential to charge units on turn #1.

The Game

I played against Dark Angels for the game. My opponent was Scott. He’s getting back into the game after a hiatus. Despite that, he’s a solid player, and he had a good list.

I used Blood Mad to advance everything I could. My movements ranged from 10″ to 2″. I used that movement to cover central objectives, and got one of my Princes (Ghostwrath), into combat on the first turn.

Basically, I flooded the center of the board with threats. I was able to fold both the left and right flank, and then worked on the center afterwards.

My Lord (Soulgore), and Prince (Ghostwrath), did most of the heavy lifting. My other Prince (Darktide), was gunned down early on. However, the army as a whole functioned well, and it wasn’t just those two models winning me the game.

Having Fearless everywhere let me stand my ground when shot at. It prevented me from being run down in the combats I lost. Fearless did its job. After so long of needing an icon for Fearless (expensive, and removable), it was damn nice to not worry about any of it.

Veterans of the Long War everywhere was a godsend as well. VotLW was something I routinely took on a lot of units anyway, but getting it for free is even better. Between Rage, Furious Charge, and Hatred, most combats were won by my units handily.

If it’s not obvious yet, I won the game. We called it on turn #5 with a score of 15-4, my favor.

Scott’s rolling was horrendous. He charged 10 Assault Marines with a Chaplain into 1 Obliterator with one wound left. His hits and wounds weren’t great, and what got through I saved. That was just one example of many instances where his dice just crapped all over him.

That aside, I still feel that I would have won the game, but the margin of victory would have been a lot smaller.

Game Gallery

I took a lot of shots, so I may as well dump them in here! Scroll below for my final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

I was extremely happy with how the list performed, and how the rules for World Eaters really pushed the close combat phase. It’s exactly what I’ve been after for my Chaos Marines for so damn long. It’s nice to see a close combat focused army able to stand a chance, and have Chaos Marines feel like Chaos Marines. I tip my hat to Games Workshop.

Anyone else trying out Traitor Legions? What are your thoughts so far?

The cover art is by Razvedka.

  • Berman

    World Eaters look like a super fun Legion to play from the new book. I’ve always wanted to make Kharne marines work. At a team event in the past I played Kharne a land raider some chaos marines with mark of khorne and a hell turkey. I might have to do up a World Eater army now.

    • It would be well worth it. Besides, you need a whole new army to paint, right? ;)

      • Berman

        Funnily enough, all I would need to build it is a rhino, and three bikers. I could even likely have those if I kit bashed the space marine version into chaos.

        • Got a list in mind then?

  • Looks like a great fun list and glad to new rules help. Twas a good write up, thanks for that.

    • The rules might actually put CSM on par with some of the good codices. Not top-tier, but moved out of bottom tier at least.

  • I’m planning on doing writeups at least for my Alpha Legion and Emperor’s Children. Haven’t had a chance to put them on the table yet, but the book has me totally stoked.

    • I look forward to it. I can’t wait to see what fellow CSM players come up with for the other Legions.

  • World Eaters is one of the stand-out Legions in the book. They look really strong, and more importantly fun to play!

    I’ll continue to ignore the need for tactical acumen and do a breakdown of the book after Christmas. The book opens up so many new ways to play CSM. The Core-Auxiliary-Command (CAC) detachments are really full of character and good rules.

    • I agree that it’s one of the stronger ones, at least at a glance. I really haven’t absorbed all the other ones yet. I honed in on it because it suits how I play, but I do also like Iron Warriors.

      Working different Legions together will also be big. Say, Iron Warriors to dealing with vehicles, and World Eaters to deal with the guys inside. My army is all painted the same though, so breaking out into different Legions (in the same game) wouldn’t work for me, but for those with a diversely painted collection, it’s fair game.

  • Nice! A CSM assault army that actually works sounds like a dream come true for you!

    • Oh, very much so. The nice part with Legions is there’s now something for everyone.

  • Interesting. From the summary I read about the book, everyone got something interesting and fluffy. Except maybe the poor Night Lords, though they’ve never been fleshed out as anything more than “scary,” so I guess theirs fits.

    Have you explored what changes you’ll have to make to deal with drop pod heavy lists? Faster lists that can kite you around, or multiple flyers? Does the free move outweigh the denial of transports for those units in the face of potential thermal cannons, d-templates, etc?

    • Yeah, Night Lords are OK, but no big winners there. It’s too bad. I like the vibe of the Legion.

      I haven’t done much beyond put together a list honestly. So far though, the movement isn’t being used on dudes with rides. Units like Bikes, Princes, and Obliterators, are making use of the movement. CSM still hide in their Rhinos.

      • Do the World Eaters rules make Chaos bikes a viable close combat unit now? Could you move forward with them, Jink any AP3 or better shots, and still move and charge to full effect turn one? Does Furious Charge and Rage provide enough weight to overcome the single allowed power weapon on the unit?

        • Bikes will be at 4 attacks on the charge with S5. Hatred Armies of the Imperium too when that matters. Basically, everything in the list is Berzerker-lite. It doesn’t suddenly make them great at close combat, but they’ll be far better at shifting non-dedicated assault units. I tend to run Soulgore in there with them, so adding in potentially 13 attacks, S7, I5, and AP2.

          Really, it just makes everything capable in close combat, but still reliant on big hitters to move things, IE: Lords, Princes, etc.

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